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ZetaTalk: UFO's in Africa
Note: written on Mar 15, 1996

Africa has a unique experience with regard to UFO sightings, as this continent is targeted by aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation who hope to get a foothold on the Earth during the Transformation, where they would otherwise lose out entirely on a world scheduled to become a home for the Service-to-Others. Sightings in Africa, therefore, are not as elsewhere where they are a gentle nudge toward the Awakening. Sightings in Africa are not meant to intrigue, to set the curious to asking questions or the casual observer to pondering. They are, rather, within the bounds of the restraints imposed on ambassadors from the Service-to-Self by the Council of Worlds, meant to intimidate. Thus, where sightings elsewhere are most often observed by adults, recent sightings in Africa have been experienced by impressionable children.

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