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ZetaTalk: Politics
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Those who go into politics, like those who go into upper management, want to be able to wheel and deal, to be able to have cards that they can play, and are anxious to come out on the top of the pile. They are not concerned, no matter what they say, about the average citizen because the average citizen cannot give them backing. This has always been the case throughout human history, and is a heavy factor in all 3rd Density cultures. Politics is a way of disguising the lust for power over others. When one says politics, they hope this lust will not be noticed, and some other motive, such as the general welfare or leadership in troubled times, will be assumed. Few are so misled. Nevertheless, politicians are not deflated when exposed, nor put off by the frank disgust of those they purport to serve. Those who wish to be on top will use sales techniques, bribery, a loud mouth, wheeling and dealing and making partnerships or whatever it takes.

Early leadership goes to those of a massive or powerful build. There is no mystique here, as the caveman image of a massive giant with a club says all. In a confrontation between tribes, the giants with their clubs rumbled forward, and whomever survived the bludgeoning wins. Not much has changed. Politicians in the main are men, large and ruthless, who show an early propensity to destroy their opponents without conscience. There are, of course, exceptions, but these are few and far apart. When it suited the strong tribal leaders to group, then qualities other than brute strength counted. Nevertheless, the motive was for the self - the leaders of the tribe seeing the tribe as an extension of the self. Now the ability to negotiate gained in importance, to trade off something of little value for another thing sought. But have the motives changed? Not at all. So politics is basically a way of having tribal wars and conflicts over resources in a polite, bloodless way.

Politics steps in when bloody battles would be counterproductive, but politics is discarded when frank war will win the prize more readily. One should not be fooled simply because the claws of the politicians are retracted. They are still there, and the hunger is still there. This will be the case on Earth, during the Transformation, as long as 3rd Density cultures remain on Earth. Depending upon what part of the Earth one lives in, who the neighbors are, there may be a rapid transition during the Transformation to a different type of politics. The Council of Worlds is elected by true elections, not by an electorate arrangement which is a percolating-up method that can be controlled, not by a method whereby only those the power structure has already chosen are presented to you as candidates, but by a true election such that the type of individual that all desire to see as candidates and all admire are in administrative positions. Our administration goes smoothly because they are highly respected, often directly elected by the individuals that they are governing.

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