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ZetaTalk: Shift Mechanism
Note: written Aug 15, 1996

We are not allowed to describe in great detail the means by which we shift densities. Humans on their own could not arrive at the means, but beyond this lack of capacity entities currently in their 3rd Density existence would be unable to deal with density shifting without creating disasters, as the Philadelphia Experiment demonstrates. Thus, where humans may at this time understand some of the factors, and have documented the results in places such as the Bermuda Triangle where density shifting occurs naturally, they do not have enough pieces of the puzzle to even begin to see the picture. In this explanation of the means by which we shift densities, therefore, we will give only a general description and be vague at certain points.

Density shifting occurs in nature, and on some worlds or under certain circumstances occurs frequently. Your world, Earth, experiences this only intermittently at breaks in the Earth's crust where byproducts of the compression in the Earth's core escape. These places on occasion find themselves in a flood of these byproducts, and temporary shifting occurs. On worlds where density shifting occurs frequently 3rd Density existence is not possible. These are dead worlds. Life dies when part of an organism is affected but the other parts are not. At best, one cell organisms survive.

Deliberate density shifting is an adaptation of what occurs naturally. Rather than a complicated affair, it is remarkably simple. The complexity lies not in effecting the shift, but in managing the perimeter. As we have explained, the subject of a shift can be as selective as a DNA construct or as general as everything within a defined area. How we select or define what is to be shifted will not be described further. Once deliberately shifted, the subject of a shift remains in the target density until shifted back. It does not drift, due to our attention to the perimeter during the select and define process. In shifting large areas, such as will occur when your world goes through its Transformation, the same mechanism is used. If one wishes to wash a tiny area one uses a tiny hose with a pin-point nozzle at the end and uses a steady hand or allows the directed flow to be under the control of a computer, a steadier hand. If one wishes to wash a large area, such as when hosing out a fire, one does not concern oneself with precision as much as maintaining the volume and force of the flow.

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