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Jul 6 NOON in Virginia : 10 minutes LATE [1L]
The Sun's shadow reached my baseline at 1:10PM on 7/6 in VA. The lamp shadow indicates the Sun has moved South by 6/16 of an inch.
Jul 6 NOON in Japan : 16 minutes EARLY [0E]
Sun maker shows early 16 Mintues, Oh! Reverse
Jul 6 NOON in Missouri#2 : 30 minutes LATE [0L]
Mo #2 July 6, 2004 NOON was about 30 min late, which is about what it has been since January, or certainly since March 1, 2004. Register me as Zero change. Because of the time change, that means "noon" has been at 1:30 PM. The sunrise and sunset are both far to the north.