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July 20 NOON in Missouri : 21minutes LATE
July 20th: Noon in Missouri: LATE 21 minutes
July 20 NOON in Texas : 9 minutes LATE
My HIGH NOON marks indicated today that we were 9 minutes late here in Houston, Tx!! That means that we have lost almost 3 whole minutes in 6 DAYS!! God help us all if this is an indication of what is coming!
July 20 SunSET in Virginia : 19 minutes EARLY
The Sun set in VA at 8:09PM on 7/20 - 19 minutes EARLY.
July 20 SunSET in Missouri : 31 minutes LATE
July 20 the sun was 31 minutes late in going down. It looked as if the sun had shifted about 15 sun widths to the left. There was some cloud cover, but it certainly looked as if the sun had moved!