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July 21 SunRISE in Wisconsin : 19 minutes LATE
Wisco 21 19 min late sunrise from where it was on May 15, over a month before the Summer Solstic, and it is less than a month past the Solstice so should be about the same. It is probably later than this!
July 21 SunRISE in Oklahoma : 14 minutes LATE
Sunrise Report: Sunrise stated 6:22AM Sunrise actual 6:36AM (with battery op clock) Sunrise actual 6:28AM (per TV time) I'm going with the battery clock and that means 14 minutes late by my calculations.
Jul 21 NOON in Seattle : 9 minutes LATE
7/21 my recording 1:24 chart 1:15
July 21 NOON in Texas : 10 minutes LATE
The sun today in Houston was at the high noon marks at 12:09:45 (CST). This means that we lost 45 seconds in one day! If you look at the measurements that I have been sent in over the last week or so, it shows that from the 14th of July to the 20th of July we slowed by 2 min 30 sec (average of 25sec per day). Now in one day we have lost another 45 sec. The slowing is getting worse quickly!!
July 21 NOON in Virginia : 14 minutes LATE
The Sun reached my Noon baseline at 1:14 PM on 7/21 - 14 minutes LATE. Riding cross-country on 7/20 in VA, I could see a light pink hue in the sky all day.
July 21 NOON in Oklahoma : 19 minutes LATE
July 21, 2003 Sundial Report for Oklahoma sun transit time stated 1:30PM sun transit actual 1:49PM
July 21 NOON in Missouri : 21 minutes LATE
Today, July 21, the noon sun seems 21 minutes late. I'm trying to use the same clock. And I have allowed for a 4 minute progression from last month's position. It was 25 minutes late getting to the point it was 4 weeks ago, in other words!
July 21 SunSET in Missouri : 45 minutes LATE
July 21 the sunset was 45 minutes late. There were clouds around, but enough sunlight was visible.The undersides of the clouds became pinker as the storm and sunset progressed. Lightning flashed from the pink-gray storm couds.Pink around one half of the horizon.