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July 22 NOON in Texas : 10 minutes LATE
On the 22 of Jul 2003 the Suns Shadow passed the High Noon Mark in Houston, TX at 9min 33Sec later that it should have done so. This represents a slight wobble (only 33 sec slower than the day before when it slowed by 45 sec in the preceding 24 hr period).
July 22 NOON in Oklahoma : 11 minutes LATE
Noon Sundial Report: 07/22/2003 Sun transit stated 1:30PM Sun transit actual 1:41PM
July 22 NOON in Virginia : 13 minutes LATE
Could not get an exact reading due to clouds. The Noon Sun reached my baseline around 12+ minutes LATE. What has happened with my compass the past several days is interesting. 7/19 - it registered true noon at 12:59PM and at 1:05PM. 7/21 - true noon at 1:03PM 7/22 - true noon at 1:09PM I am meticulous in the way I measure in the same spot with ruler and paper guidelines. Must mean the Earth is rocking.