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July 24 SunRISE in Oklahoma : 10 minutes LATE
07242003 Sunrise stated 6:24AM Sunrise actual 6:34AM
July 24 SunRISE in Missouri#2 : 50 minutes LATE
Sunrise was about 6:30 am in the Tulsa area this morning. What time does the Farmers almanac say? Well, I would estimate that it should have been about 5:38a.m. according to the printed almanac. That would be about 50 minutes LATE in TULSA.
July 24 NOON in Oklahoma : 10 minutes LATE
07242003 Sun transit stated 1:30PM Sun transit actual 1:40PM
July 24 NOON in Ohio : 14 minutes LATE
I have never reported my noon sun watching before, but today, as the last day or so, it was off by about 14 minutes. A few weeks ago it was off by 6 or so minutes so I agree with many of the times reported by others close to that range. I figured the time that noon actually occurs where I live by using the Longitude of the town I live in. I divided 360 degrees by 24 (hours) and so there are 15 degrees of Longitude that the sun travels across the earth each hour. Considering that the sun is directly over the zero degree line in Greenwich, England at exactly 12:00 hours UTC, I used the equation [- "Longitude in Decimal" / (360/24)] which gave me 4 hours 30 minutes and 31 1/2 seconds for when the sun would be directly overhead where I live. (I used a negative Longitude value because I'm east of the Prime Meridian.) For me that is approximately 1:30 pm EDT or 12:30 pm EST, which looks pretty close to where it should be in the sky for the where we are in the Eastern Time zone. So, that is what I am using as the off-set for when noon should occur for me. I placed a marker in my lawn by a vertical pole around May 20 at exactly 1:30pm by my watch (that I had set to the US Atomic Clock on Short Wave radio a few months ago but haven't changed for a while) and it is now off by about 14 minutes. The shadows from the southern windows in my house don't become squared with the wall until the same time, considering the house is squared with true north as I'm sure it is. This is how I am determining my times.
July 24 NOON in Missouri#1: 21 minutes LATE
The noonday Missouri sun is again 21 minutes LATE. BUT it has also drastically dropped in the sky! Anyone else noticing this? Normally, the sun has to my eyes, been making a slow, steady march across the sky each day from NE to a low point in the exact S at noon to a gradual lower point as it moved to SW by 5 pm and to sunset. BUT TODAY, at 12:25 PM the sun is MUCH LOWER in the south! I would say the width of 3 SUNS LOWER than when I started watching in early June. It seems much lower than yesterday. Although I wasn't checking that part of the sun's progression as closely on July 23, 2003.
July 24 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 6 minutes EARLY
In the NW about 8:25 PM (when it is suppose to be about 8:31 PM)
July 24 SunSET in Missouri#2 : 8 minutes LATE
July 24 the sunset was 5 minutes late according to local time, and 8 minutes late according to the CS&M site. The sun again looked huge and glaringly yellow - orange.Pink showed up for sunset and hung around after.The civil twilight did not end at 9:05, but quite a while later.