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Aug 14 NOON in Ontario : 7 minutes EARLY
Time Aug 14 : 10AM 43E, 11AM 32E, 12Noon 19E, 1PM 7E
Aug 14 NOON in Virginia : 14 minutes LATE
The Sun reached my Noon shadow baseline at 1:14 PM on 8/14 in VA - 14 minutes LATE. Compass read true noon at 12:59PM today and on the past two days. Again, I got the feeling the Earth swayed - at 12:59, the shadow looked as if it would be about 2 minutes later than ever before - meaning 18 minutes late. Instead, the shadow aligned with my baseline 2 minutes earlier than the past three days.
Aug 14 NOON in Florida : 14 minutes LATE
It seem that the sun is around 14 minutes late here in Tampa FL. every day more or less. it seems to have leveled off in the time of 12 oclock position.
Aug 14 NOON in Missouri#2 : 21 minutes LATE
Aug 14 in Missouri #2 Noon 21 min late.
Aug 14 NOON in Seattle : 27 minutes LATE
8/14 my recording 1:40 chart 1:13
Aug 14 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 14 minutes LATE
August 14 the sunset was 14 minutes late. The sun has increased in size and looks like it has moved further south, due to light bending. Pink only at sunset.
Aug 14 SunSET in Ontario: 50 minutes LATE
Time Aug 14, 2PM 16L, 3PM 34L, 4PM 43L, 5PM 46L, 6PM 50L