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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Apr 5, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the zetas tell us how they really see Gordon Brown (PM) in terms of the pole shift and informing the common man. The more time passes, the more he seems like another Tony Blair but there is almost no doubt that he will be Prime Minister when the pole shift hits. How do they think he will deal with the situation?

To answer this is to address the date of the pole shift, which we will not do. This issue is also very much in the hands of man, not only as to how any given human may respond but how the government they head might react. Any British PM is not a stand-alone entity, but deals with an active Parliament. Thus, we decline to speculate.

This article has come out in Time.,8599,1725678,00.html Can we anticipate an Obama/Gore, or Gore/Obama ticket? [and from another] Can the zetas address what Gore and Obama have been discussing lately?

Obama gave a strong indication of what the two men would desire when he asserted that Gore would be at a cabinet level or higher re "climate change", which Obama asserted was "real". This is unlikely to be a VP position which is too restrictive and would be an insult to Gore as it would not be a step up from his former VP position. Perhaps he would be some kind of climate "czar", where he would have clout.

There have been significant stories in the mainstream media recently that cast some doubt on the official 911 script. Has the Puppet Master decided to allow a partial discussion in the media of a few obvious contradictions? Do the majority of Americans even notice? 911 skepticism seems much higher overseas.

The Puppet Master has never been the source of a cover-up over 9.11. It is the Bush administration that is highly fearful of an insider theory gaining a foothold. They knew the threat was real and quite specific, but allowed commercial airlines to fly as though nothing were amiss. Cheney delayed a proper military response, deliberately, so they could use 9.11 for their advantage for invading Iraq and going after the oil fields of the Middle East. A training mission was conducted on the anticipated date so that confusion would reign. Those in Israel and Europe who participated in the plot are not fearful of being prosecuted. It is the Bush administration - specifically Bush, Cheney, and Condi - who fear the real story being exposed.

Is Comrade Putin in the Service-toSelf fold? Will G. Bush and Putin get on the same page?

Putin is hardly Service-to-Self, but leaning heavily to Service-to-Other. There is a myth about those who are Service-to-Other, that they are all pushovers, rug rats who will lay down and let themselves be pushed around as though any resistance to the demands of others would be an unkind act. We have often pointed to Yoda of the Star Wars series, who was grouchy and complained about having to train young Luke Skywalker. Yet Yoda was highly Service-to-Other and concerned about the common good. Bush 3 may be able to repair alliances with Putin, unlike his predecessors Bush 1 and Bush 2, but the expectations will have to be changed dramatically and put back to what they were before the Bush era began. Some progress along those lines was made during their recent meeting in Europe, but changed expectations have not yet been announced.

Bernanke has stated there is little help on the way for the subprime collapse and he sees no chance of growth for the first half of 2008. This article claims, "Driven by a painful mix of layoffs and rising food and fuel prices, the number of Americans receiving food stamps is projected to reach 28 million in the coming year, the highest level since the aid program began in the 1960s." And yet another touts, "Rising costs aren't just causing shoppers to do a double-take at the checkout line - they're also changing the ways we feed our families." Another states, "Analysts see 200,000 banking industry layoffs" Considering consumer spending accounts for 2/3rds of the economy and consumer confidence is crucial to spending, do the Zetas believe there is bull shit occurring in some of the headlines and on Wall Street, akin to Baghdad Bob?

Wall Street knows that they are running a confidence game, and thus all the talk about an "adjustment" taking place, and how this is a "good time to buy", etc. If they were to admit the real economic reality they would be admitting that the US and much of the world is in a depression, akin to the Great Depression of the 1930s. They are hoping that you do not notice that the Emperor is not wearing clothes. Joblessness is high, with employment numbers announced having no relationship to reality. New jobs are cooked up via a mathematical formula called the "birth/death" formula, which assumes that if people are living and breathing, they must be working. Those who use up their jobless claims are not included in the rolls at all. Those who are drastically underemployed are likewise not included among the jobless but among the employed. Corporate and personal bankruptcies and foreclosures are a better indicator of the economy, as are flagging sales and corporate bottom lines. But you will never hear officials or Wall Street admit that! To do so is to allow the public to finally begin talking about the reality of what has been going on for years. And then what would they do? Take responsibility?

Will mankind ever realize that every individual is responsible for attracting the circumstances and conditions they themselves are experiencing only because of the vibration of the thoughts they are offering?

This is not a true statement. Many incarnations are such that the incarnating soul and the human condition are fixed, such that no alteration can be made to the incarnation's circumstances. Take for instance a soul incarnated into poverty in a body afflicted by cerebral palsy - crippled, unable to speak or move, lacking education, and utterly unable to change the circumstances of the incarnation. Did this soul ask for this, or attract their situation? No. The Birthing Guides decided upon the poverty angle, for the soul to be able to address the lesson it needed to learn. The palsy was an accident of birth. In that the incarnated soul can communicate with others around it, projecting in this circumstance love and appreciation rather than resentment and hostility, the palsied child is affecting their life circumstance, however.

Is this a picture of Planet X ? It's on your site. Is it real? ../teams/rogue/nancy30.htm

This photo came on the scene at a time when Planet X was visible to the naked eye in the nighttime sky, March-April, 2003. Many were viewing it out near Orion at the RA and Dec we had given, as a pulsing red blur which was not any star on the charts. Nancy has many verbal descriptions of this, and viewed this herself on March 26, 2003. The photo in question was taken with telescopic lens, a zoom, and is valid and real. It was attacked ferociously after Nancy put it on her website, as it was such a provacative thread. Some professional debunkers claimed they were the photographer, and that it was a fraud. The real photographer was so threatened that he retreated and let the debunkers have their way with his capture. Nevertheless, it stands as it does today, a testimony to the accuracy of our prediction that Planet X would arrive when and where it did. Kid A's contribution has survived and lives to tell the tale of those exciting times.

Bernanke has come out and said the housing crisis is Congress' problem. According to the Zetas and Elliot Spitzer, we know rules were broken in many areas, allowing for this crisis. I am curious if Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve were part of the law breakers and are now abandoning their responsibilities?

Fraud was perpetrated in the packaging of these mortgages as "Grade A" prime mortages, which they were not. Clearly crimes were committed and the Justice Department will be pressed into prosecutions of those responsible. It may take the demise of the Bush administration for this to occur, but scapegoats will be found among those responsible as there is blame that must land somewhere. The suffering of homeowners is another matter, which would cause either the banks or the taxpayer pain and loss to resolve. Bernanke is reluctant to assign blame to the banks, forcing them to refinance these homes, which in the main have now fallen in value so any mortgage must address another appraisal. Who takes the loss of value? The homeowner logically would, but these homeowners cannot take this hit, so refinancing the loans is not done. The taxpayer will not be forced to pay back the banks for the loss in value, which in some cases is approaching a drop in value of 25% or more from the original price before the housing crash. Thus, defaulting on loans and forcing the banks to take possession of these devalued homes continues. Greenspan knew the bubble was building and did nothing, as the Bush administration was desperate to keep up the illusion that the US economy was booming. The Federal Reserve was not a party to this lie.

The alleged Iraqi attempt to assassinate GHW Bush is, once again, being called into question, this time by the Pentagon. Why would this controversy re-emerge at this time? Could the Zetas please offer their view?

One by one the Bush 1 lies about the need to invade Iraq are being challenged, as so many hate the Bush persona of those early days. The myth of WMD has died. The myth that the US would be embraced as liberators has died. The myth that a surge in military presence would calm the civil war has died. There are many who wish those wanting the war to continue to be exposed as the liars they are, and are taking every opportunity to split open this rotten melon.

If like you say the world governments all know about Planet X and are preparing for it why won't you show proof that Planet X is real like the coordinates to where it can be seen. If you're so worried about saving lives would you save millions by letting everyone know about this Planet X instead of just a handful?

We have consistently stated where Planet X is located at any given point in time. In general, it has been viewed as slightly to the right of the Sun, in the view from the northern hemisphere, and along the eclipitic, since it arrived in mid-2003 and moved close to the Sun. Dramatic Second Sun sightings were seen in late summer 2003, many of which were photographed and posted on the website Nancy maintains. Since it moved between the Earth and Sun and began an outbound path, sighting Planet X has been difficult. The Sun is now at its back, so sunlight reflects back to the Sun. This gives Planet X the appearance of a dim fuzzball. The presence of Planet X is most obvious in the Earth wobble, which Nancy records on occasion from the observations of those around the world. The Earth wobble is the cause of the extremely errant weather and windstorms around the globe. Our predictions in this regard, the weather and resulting crop shortages, have come true as we predicted in 1995. No other can make this claim!

About a month ago, I asked you to please comment on the new movie coming out by M. Night Shyamalan called 'The Happening'. The movie poster is especially disturbing, and strongly suggests impending doom. Could the Zetas please comment on what Mr. Shyamalan is trying to say with this movie? [and from another] Wow, if you Google "The Happening trailer", it shows a trailer that makes me want to go see the movie. Talking about the dead bees, and then people start dying.

Many movie producers and writers are either contactees aware of the coming changes, Star Children aware before they incarnated here on Earth of the coming changes, or highly intuitive individuals in touch with the collective consciousness which is also aware of the coming changes. Not all movies produced with the intent to prepare the populace are done so with conscious deliberation. Many are produced based on intuitive knowledge. This movie is a case in point.

Obama put Gore's name out as he said he consulted with him regularly; does this mean that Gore will tell him about Planet X, or has Obama already been told, and has he been told it's either a "possibility" or a "near-certainty"?

Gore has been careful in his comments, as this is highly confidential material and he is not, technically, at liberty to disclose what he knows to Obama. But much can be relayed through code talk, and neither Obama nor Gore are dumb. Thus, Obama is getting educated.

The Zetas said JFK was assassinated because he intended to expose the alien presence. It is well known he and Bobby were very close. Was Bobby killed for this same reason and is this new release of information the hand of the Puppet Master? In 2006, Wayne Madsen posted a grainy picture of a young man who could well have been GHW Bush (and it was rumored to be) standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository and surveying the grounds on the day of Kennedy's assassination. With the Puppet Master and the Bushes at war, can we expect the guilty will eventually be pointed to?

George Herbert Bush was certainly in the know, but would not have exposed himself so openly as to be seen where he could be photographed during that day. Has he made other such bloopers? The Puppet Master is not behind any revelations about Bobby's assassin. JFK's assassination is very closely guarded, to protect the guilty, but Bobby's assassination is less closely guarded, so those wanting the truth to come out have come forward with the evidence they have at hand.

How does Bush 41 view his "clones"? Does he feel "fatherly" to any of them? Did Clone#1 experience the history we read in the 'official' biographies? Or did they interchange?

The clones were often used as substitutes for the official or dominant clone, especially during those times when the dominant clone was high on coke or drunk. They received the same education, albeit behind closed doors and by tutor. George Herbert Bush does not have fatherly instincts, though he does have ownership feelings. He expected all to address him as their superior, and engendered inferiority complexes in them to the extent that he influenced them at all.

Do the 4th density intelligent life forms have to be occupied by permanent souls? Or can there be just a 'concentration' of stuff of souls within them? (as in 3rd density) If so, why do the Service-to-Self so desperatly 'fish' for souls to live on the 4D prison planets?.

4th Density incarnations are not any different than 3rd Density incarnations, in that a soul incarnates in the main for the lifetime of the physical body. The Service-to-Self seek converts because they are ordered to do so by their overlords, who seek a greater kingdom to rule over.

Can the zetas comment on whether an angry response to poor customer service, or stupidity and apparent self-centeredness on the roads, is a valid response to those who appear to be very selfish and unthinking, or is this phenomenon more a matter of increasing absent-mindedness like the crane operators experienced in subconscious reaction to worries about the future? It just seems like so many people seem to lack common courtesy and good customer service the more time goes on.

We have given the analogy pertaining to human reaction to being trapped in a burning building. Babies are trammeled underfoot, and those pressed against the exit doors become smothered by the press of bodies so that the doors cannot be opened. In short, during the fear of being burned in fire, all empathy is put aside. Where concern over the current Earth changes such as flooding in the Midwest, or concern over the economy where jobs are disappearing and homes are losing their value, and concern over the price of basics such as food and fuel are rampant, empathy will likewise be put aside. This is what you are observing. Fear is just under the surface, and has not yet translated into an understanding of the circumstances of the approaching pole shift and the likelihood of death. It is then that empathy may return. As we have stated, "love may have a blooming going into the shift, as it ought, those with great love in their hearts responding to the realization that little else matters."

What is the point of the US missile defense in Europe when it has been proven they don't even work?

The former Bush clones 1 and 2 were intent upon intimidating Russia and trying to rally Europe and Israel to ally with the US. Russia was not fooled, as we have explained.

Did the recent rocket and mortar shelling of the Green Zone have anything to do with Cheney's surprise visit? If so, what was the message?

Cheney is certainly not beloved of any in Iraq who consider the US presence an occupation. To that extent, the shelling of the Green Zone can be considered a reaction and a message. It is in the main related to the uptick in violence across Iraq. After the surge the US pulled back, not sending troops out on patrol so as to reduce their casualties. Thus, McCain and Bush could claim a success. But this did not reduce the fury at the US presence and their continued insistence that US oil companies be allowed to control Iraqi oil. In fact, the surge reduced nothing but roadside bomb attacks against US soldiers, but the steady press against the US occupation elsewhere is only now becoming obvious. The upset in Basra and lobbing bombs into the Green Zone is only the start!

Are the Zetas optimistic about their drive to alert the 5 Continents populations about the coming Pole Shift event?

As we have mentioned, there are many prophets, in every culture, disseminating the message about the coming changes. ZetaTalk is however known around the world, to an astonishing degree.

Many are talking about recession turning into a depression soon. People are upset with Bush for taking us to war, and people are blocking Bush from taking us into Iranwar. So, how will Government handle depression since it won't be able to send troops into war to stimulate economy?

We have predicted that as the Earth changes affect the continental US, that US troops will be returned home to assist. This will not be announced broadly in the news, but will be done almost under stealth. There are many means of addressing an economic depression that can be employed, and many of them are within the US historical frame of reference - soup kitchens, government sponsored work programs paid for from government coffers, price freezes, and laws against hoarding, for instance.

When are things going to really start to pick up? It seems we have been in a lull for a long time now? What does it take for Planet X to break free from where it currently is? If it's stuck; how can it free itself?

We described the progression of Planet X past the Sun, from the time it arrived in 2003 when it was nosing its N Pole into the S Pole of the Sun to the present when it has pointed its N Pole away from the S Pole of the Sun and outward toward the Earth. This may seem a long time since 2003 but progress has been steady. Put another way, it is now outbound, where formerly in early 2003 it was inbound.

"Keanu Reeves Brings Different Message With Him In 'Day The Earth Stood Still'". "The version I was just working on, instead of being man against man, it's more about man against nature. My Klaatu says that if the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the earth survives. I'm a friend to the earth." While the original sci-fi classic focused upon nuclear war, Global Warming is the nemesis in this new version and the title is certainly appropriate to a passage. Is this more of the Puppet Master's hand?

Many have wished for mankind to "get the message" about the coming changes, while being prevented from making any announcement. It is not only the Puppet Master who wants the general public to be informed, somehow, while simultaneously fearing the result of a frank announcement of the truth.

Did colonel Ted Westhusing comit suicide or was he murdered as some wonder?

Such apparent suicides are often murder, to silence highly ethical investigators who will otherwise carry their complaints forward and embarrass those who tolerated crimes. He was murdered, as is suspected.

Can the Zetas please comment on the coming real estate sweep to be done this summer by the FBI ? I understand they will be targeting lenders and brokers and perhaps even appraisors.

Clearly crimes were being committed, and those furious at the subprime mess will demand that someone be held responsible. As with all such investigations, unless highly ethical people are put in charge, those truly responsible will not be charged. If this rolls over into an Obama administration, expect some fireworks as the truth may come out!

Is Bush, is the prophesied Gog, of the land of Magog , that is, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal?

No. One should take such prophecy in the light and manner it was intended - as an analogy, not literally.