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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 14, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Along with the numerous UFO sightings lately that are apparently trying to warn us subconsciously, there have been sightings of the odd triangle craft here and there. Are there still elements that seek to discredit the awakening with pseudo craft? Can the Zetas comment on the pace of the Awakening overall?

We alerted readers early in the ZetaTalk saga that the triangle craft were not alien but were manmade. These US military stealth machines have been mustered on occasion when mass sightings occurred to confuse the issue, so that if a panic ensued the US military could come forth, reveal their craft, and claim that all UFO sightings were their own secret craft. They are still at it, though the public has yet to panic.

Where does papa Bush feel he stands on his failed bid for domination? Does he even grieve his lost son or does he just grieve for his lost bid for power?

He is very old and only concerned at this point about his placement on the next world, his next incarnation. He wanted to deliver the N American continent, and possibly the S American continent or even the world to his new masters, but did not deliver. He knows he cannot recoup, as the Bush name is mud all over the world now. Thus, he spends his days trying to think of arguments for his new Service-to-Self masters to save his skin on the "prison planet" he will soon call home. Does he grieve? Like most Service-to-Self individuals, only for himself.

As crop failures and lack of food begin to bite hard is there any likelyhood of forced settlement or confiscation of farms or food that is home grown by individuals? Do the zetas have any additional recomendations for those forced by circumstance to remain in cities?

Our advice is to move to rural areas and get familiar with gardening and raising herds and flocks. Obviously, not everyone can make such a move. This is out of our hands, as Earth is a schoolhouse for the spiritual development of young souls, mankind, and thus presents what are called many "opportunities" for selfless or selfish behavior. We do not anticipate martial law taking over farming, in any country not already so structured, as this would not improve production but might even impede it. But price freezes may be imposed, and sudden changes in the law about allowing land to be idle in order to guarantee prices for farmers.

Velikovsky wrote in his book Worlds in Collision that another worldwide catastrophe happened around 700 BC. Obviously it wasn't a pole shift, so no cataclysms. Would the Zetas care to explain what kind of worldwide catastrophe it was? Was Velikovsky wrong?

The Velikovsky book Worlds in Collision relayed the past from the standpoint of folklore, and was followed by his book Earth in Upheaval which looked at global catastrophe from the standpoint of what had been written geologically speaking in the Earth. The latter was more accurate, and showed the 3,600 year pattern extensively in evidence. There are periods when earthquakes, essentially aftershocks from the last pole shift, are heavy, and these periods include volcanic eruptions. Volcanic ash creates crop shortages and depressed immune systems as a result of starvation. These episodes do occur outside of the 3,600 year periods when a pole shift can happen. Folklore is not as precise a measure of time as geological change.

Japanese company claims to have unveiled a cost effective compact car that runs on hydrogen with no external power source, while such developments have made news in the past, especially Stan Meyer's water car, is this something that could actually hit the market with no obstruction from oil companies? Jun. 13 - Japanese company Genepax presents its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water. The car has an energy generator that extracts hydrogen from water that is poured into the car's tank. The generator then releases electrons that produce electric power to run the car. Genepax, the company that invented the technology, aims to collaborate with Japanese manufacturers to mass produce it.

Depending upon the price of oil, such cars might emerge on the market. They have in the main been restricted in the past not so much by the repression by oil companies but by the cost of running such cars. It does cost money to produce hydrogen, just as electric cars have the overhead of the cost of producing electricity.

Does this Crop Circle communicate a calendar or timeline of Planet X passing by Earth, meant to be a warning to mankind?

This stunning crop circle is speaking to mankind about the current Earth wobble, which will soon develop beyond the simple Figure 8 pattern it has been adhering to since early 2004. The two Figure 8s are seen overlapping, assuming first one posture and then another in an almost smooth line. This movement is a predecessor to the severe wobble which the Earth will at some point assume going into the 3 days of darkness. The Earth wobble, the Figure 8, will have another wobble superimposed upon it, a back and forth motion of the globe. It has been noted that the overlapping Figure 8 is also a symbol meaning that associated text quoted is legalese, quoting law. In that man cannot escape the pole shift, the behavior of your home planet Earth is only adhering to laws governing your portion of the Universe, so to speak.

What was the real purpose for the meeting of George W. Bush and the Pope?

The Pope was anxious to revisit the discussion on his personal safety, as he did not obtain satisfaction during his visit to the US. There was no change. The Bush 3 clone did not offer him a home in the US when matters escalate, i.e. when the Earth changes get worse. The Pope wanted some kind of personal escort via the US military to the N American continent. All this was refused. If in fact the Pope were to arrive for a visit on his own power, he would not be denied entry into the US, of course, but he would be on his own in this regard. That's what he was told.

Was Tim Russert a hit by the Cheney cabal, and was he trying to stage a coup yesterday? Why the power outage in Washinton DC at the same time that Tim dies?

Tim Russet, the NBC-TV "Meet the Press" moderator, was not assassinated. He had an enlarged heart, from years of untreated high blood pressure. He had clogged arteries, a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. This combination is very dangerous because an episode of high blood pressure against brittle arteries is a burst artery waiting to happen, which is what occurred in Tim's case. No team of assassins made his heart enlarge. This takes years, and happened in Tim's case many years ago. No team of assassins made his arteries clogged, as this likewise was due to many years of untreated blood lipid imbalances. By the time Tim, a man too busy to go to the doctor, realized he had been abusing his health, the damage had already been done.

America has suffered a major blow today, losing one of the last few great journalist. Tim Russert was able to catch politicians in their lies, many times by using their own words, a brilliant cross examiner. I'm hoping his death will make the other "journalist" examine themselves and their actions. Now that his current incarnation is over, where is his soul off to? I sensed he was Service-to-Other. Is he going to reincarnate on Earth?

Tim was highly Service-to-Other, as those who knew him have attested. As such he is eligible to reincarnate on Earth in the future. Just what his role will be has not yet been settled.

Why is Australia getting hammered so much weather wise in the past year? Drought 98%, rice crop lossed to drought. Same for wheat and wine production.

Every locale on Earth experiences the weather wobble differently, and unfortunately, life is not fair. The Midwest in the US will experience more flooding, despite being under water, and when the pole shift arrives, it will only get worse. This is likewise true for the tornado season in the US, with no relief in sight. Earth's magnetic N Pole is being pushed away from the Sun on a daily basis, violently, by the Earth wobble. This gave the northern hemisphere a colder winter, with many taken to the hospital in Siberia with frostbite and many struggling to heat their homes with the increasing cost of oil and gas. By the same token, the tipping away of the magnetic N Pole gave those in the southern hemisphere more sunlight, a hotter summer, and this is likely to continue.

Do you foresee Washington DC becoming a "Green Zone" Like in Iraq before the end of the year? Will the Washington National Mall have the Reflecting pool covered in cement? Is it possible that Washington will Close the Mall for "Construction" before the Elections?

If riots over food and energy prices break out, restrictions on citizen access to Washington, D.C. will likely be considered, yes. This is in the hands of man, who has free will, so we cannot predict with accuracy.

I want very much to co-exist with other humans and aliens who are in the Service-to-Other. I also want to help my family during the hard times that are coming but they aren't as open minded as me and would not be ready to meet with aliens. My question is if there are people in my family that I don't get along with, would I be Service-to-Self if I didn't stay with them and went my own way during the pole shift?

This is a personal decision. There is a polarization of the orientations during this time, the time of the Transformation. This does not mean that those in need are necessarily abandoned, using polarization as an excuse. Many families, many marriages, many longstanding friendships will change because people will increasingly separate by spiritual orientation. This is happening today.

The zetas predicted Edwards would be elected because the Democrats wouldn't "risk" nominating an African American. Now that Obama has the nomination what do the Zetas think of the historical factor of America nominating it's first African American presidential nominee?

The election process, as we have stated, is in the hands of man, who has free will, and thus it is difficult for us to predict. As visitors forced to assume a passive role, only consulting when we are called to this role by a human, we are sometimes pleased to see that matters turn out better than anticipated. We did not think that Obama would be as well received as he has been, and are extremely heartened by the result.

Train derailment in Colorado. Is this true that "tree debris" can detrail a train or what are they not telling us? I've heard of some roads buckling here as well, but coverage is almost nonexistent. Train derails in Westminster; no major injuries. Police say one of the train's four locomotives hit "tree debris" of some kind that was on the tracks.

Several heavy tree trunks would potentially derail a train, as the cars following the engine would buckle and move sideways. As a state located on the Continental Divide, directly east of the "bow" along the West Coast we have described, directly east of the Reno quake swarms we have attributed to the "bow", other factors are likely to be involved, however.

The situation of the Earth's Transformation or harvest right now seems to create hopelessness very easily. As many people have never heard your message or never will before the shift, and will easily assume they're just on Earth at the worst time possible and it's just bad luck or punishment, as so often stated in the Bible. I can't help but wonder if the Earth is losing the balancing act of good and evil to evil sometimes? You have stated that the Council gave the Zetas permission to interfere with the Diebold and pesky Bushites. Was this because the balance was off?


Last month Cheney gave a commencement address and wore a huge Stetson cowboy hat and large sunglasses. It didn't look like him. Was that a double, and if not, does he have doubles? How is he taking the news that he's to be deprived of power by the time of the poleshift?

Cheney does not have clones, nor does he have doubles. It would be difficult to duplicate the sneer. Only Bush was cloned.

What's up with the Indianapolis "urban combat training" and the DC cordoning off of neighborhoods? Were these programs put in place by those in the Service-to-Self that haven't gotten the "Bush is now Clone #3" memo? Are there still plans to institute martial law?

Of course there are plans for martial law, and groups that try to push those plans at every opportunity. This is also true of plans for war with Iran, poisoning the populace via chemtrails, and killing of unwanted segments of the populace with innoculations. These groups do not work as a unit, nor do those at the upper realms of power share information with underlings. Thus, even programs that have been stopped are to some degree pursued by underlings who did not get the message.

Is the Earth still stopped in its orbit?

Yes, and pushed backwards toward the September position.

You said the Council allowed interference. How can the Zeta's possibly help/stop, marshall law or the blockade of cities?

We, the Zetas, have not been given permission to interfere with martial law attempts such as blockades of cities. We work with humans who desire to interfere with martial law plans. We assist those humans who are either our contactees or part of the new MJ12 (those who were formerly part of the old, defunct, MJ12 and thus allowed to deal with us consciously). It is the team which blocked WMD from being planted in Iraq or dirty bombs from being planted in cities in the US. We can, as with our contactees during a visit, teleport our human contactees and we can teleport a contactee who is part of a team blocking the Bush administration. Feel unusually tired in the morning after hours in bed supposedly sound asleep? Perhaps you were not sleeping!

What's the purpose of McCain calling for a series of debates with Obama? Are these town hall debates devised by him? I feel like he is on to his tricks again.

McCain does not have the money for advertisements, and can only get on TV when he is making a speech or giving an interview. He is behind in the polls and has nothing to lose by more TV exposure. Of course he hopes to put Obama in a bad light in some manner, by packing the crowd so the questions he wants addressed are asked. Obama is not being fooled by this, and is limiting such encounters to those where he is assured of fair treatment.

Do the Zetas have any comment to make on whether there will be any assistance by them in a possible attempt to maintain some kind of record of recent history after the Pole Shift and later, the Transformation? Is it worth our trying to collect and amass such materials and might it be possible to transfer such materials (printed matter, audio and video data) to a more permanent media that the Zetas may be able to provide? I certainly hope so but also wonder whether we might see a general consensus that a 'clean cultural slate' is desirable.

This is a personal decision on the part of any human contemplating the turn of events. As we stated earlier when asked a similar question - what we as historians would consider important may not be what you would consider important.

The zetas have said, I believe, that there are other solar systems that work on the same principle as ours in the ways of a binary sun system with a rogue planet that creates a cataclysm to the stationary planet. They said they lived on a planet that was not this way, they transformed from another cataclysm. Is it a choice between the many opportunities of soulguides or the soul as to which cataclysm they experience for transformation? Or just chance? Or just who's on schedule to graduate with whats going on in 3rd density? Also why is there this difference or many inconcievable differences if the end result is the same? A gentle soul or an evil soul.

Young souls do not dictate the circumstances of their next incarnation. If a young world, where souls are sparked, has pole shifts, then the souls sparking on that world are experiencing pole shifts. All worlds, and all life forms, have problems to deal with. Such problems do not put the emerging soul at a disadvantage. In fact the opposite is true. Spiritual growth does not occur when everyone is beautiful, disease free, and trouble free. It occurs when difficulties are overcome, particularly when the desire is to help others overcome their difficulties. Thus, be thankful for your opportunities.

Is it within the human knowledge base to develop a primitive electrogravitics craft? There are many people out there trying to do this now.

Man will not develop this as his present IQ is not sufficient. Young worlds, where souls spark and determine their spiritual orientation, do not have as a focus high tech living or skills. The lesson, the first lesson, is spiritual. As we have stated, one does not put a toddler into the cockpit of an airliner. One does not allow an immature soul to zip around the Universe either.

What position (season) will the Earth be in for the pole shift?

We will not give a date, and to answer this would be to do so. We have stated that it will be at the end of a magnetic trimester, which is the end of April, August, or December. We have stated that the summer trimester has the most Earth changes. We have stated that the last weeks - 3 days of darkness and all - will all occur within a magnetic trimester. Beyond that, we will not say.