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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 28, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

No ice at the North Pole [Jun 27] It seems unthinkable, but for the first time in human history, ice is on course to disappear entirely from the North Pole this year. The disappearance of the Arctic sea ice, making it possible to reach the Pole sailing in a boat through open water, would be one of the most dramatic - and worrying - examples of the impact of global warming on the planet. Scientists say the ice at 90 degrees north may well have melted away by the summer. Each summer the sea ice melts before reforming again during the long Arctic winter but the loss of sea ice last year was so extensive that much of the Arctic Ocean became open water, with the water-ice boundary coming just 700 miles away from the North Pole.

The Arctic ice will surprise the prognosticators during the summer of 2008, reversing previous trends. The Earth wobble, as we have stated, is trending toward an increasingly violent push away of the magnetic N Pole of Earth. We have stated that the US can anticipate a hot summer in its southern portions while the northern portions continue to experience cooler than normal temps. This is due to the violence of the wobble, which has trended toward a more violent swing during its daily Figure 8. The Earth will move toward an even more violent wobble, leading into the 3 days of darkness foretold. The Earth will also move steadily toward a lean of the magnetic N Pole away from Planet X. This will place the Earth in what appears to be a lean to the left, away from Planet X which is approaching in its retrograde orbit from the right of the Sun. During all of this, the northern hemisphere will have less light, less sunlight, and be cooler than normal.

It's My Party, I'll Cry If I Want To [Jun 27] Barack Obama quickly determined what Hillary Clinton wants in the aftermath of defeat: a major role in the general election campaign, a star turn at the convention, help with her debt, and Obama's support for elected officials who backed her. The big-time holdout turns out to be her husband. Bill is more complex. He wants respect, absolution and love. The former president and Obama have not talked, and, by all accounts, the man of the Clinton household remains hurt and resentful. The accusation that Bill Clinton pointedly sought to downgrade Obama's success and to aggressively define him as a "black" candidate gained momentum on January 26, 2008 when the former president seemed to dismiss Obama's victory in South Carolina: "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88. Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here." During the campaign, Obama, in turn, complained a number of times about Bill Clinton's tactics and comments. "You know the former president, who I think all of us have a lot of regard for, has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling," Obama said on January 21. "He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. This has become a habit, and one of the things that we're gonna have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he's making statements that are not factually accurate."

Obama will not court Bill. Bill is not expected to do anything but undermine Obama, given his feelings. Obama will make public statements as he has, complimenting Bill, but will not schedule him in or make requests. The absence of Bill on the campaign trail will indicate to all who might wonder that it is Bill who is the one who is holding back. Why would he hold back? Should push come to shove with questions, the answer will be that Bill has not offered to campaign for Obama. And the Obama camp is waiting for Bill to find time in his busy schedule. Bill may show up, redfaced and looking awkward, during some of Hillary's events, in time, so as not to be too obvious. But he will not be allowed to speak. He will not be the main event.

Hillary's donors are still trying to get her nominated! This is the only reason for the symbolic nomination vote they are pushing, which will never happen. Pelosi would not allow it either, knowing the scheming that has gone on, the public admissions from Hillary's mouth to court Obama's pledged delegates. Obama frankly does not need her contributors. He in fact does not need Hillary, a point she has already ascertained by watching the polls during her month long vacation. She is having to make a choice between Bill and Obama, her marriage and her career.

Bill was furious seeing his millions depleted during her campaign, so she has taken retiring her debt as her responsibility. She looks to Obama for this, but he is forcing her to truly put his campaign as a priority by making her make a move first, before he moves. Thus, you saw a public scheduling of a meeting between Obama and Clinton's major contributors before he sent out an email to his wealthy contributors asking them to support her, and refused altogether to use his massive email base of small dollar contributors for her purposes. She is resigned to losing the VP position, sees that she is merely a junior senator and will have no leadership role in the Senate, and if she is to make a mark in the future must do so as a figurehead for women's rights and a champion for universal health care. Obama will not block her efforts in this regard, but will support her. She is choosing the winning path, and being grumpy as Bill is doing has nothing to do with this path. It is the past, and Obama is the future.

It seems with everything happening they won't be able to "fake the front" much longer. Besides the increase in corruption by banks and oil profiteers. The economy as well as being in a recession on verge of depression et all!

We have addressed the failing economy, failing worldwide, almost every week. Nothing has changed, but our predictions have unfolded. We stated in 1995 when ZetaTalk started that the Earth changes would cause economic distress. Crop failures, imploding cities, flood ravaged lands - all of this reduces the standard of living and takes time and resources. Businesses become distressed. Governments find it hard to collect taxes and care for their citizenry. The behavior of the Bush administration was also predictable, with their invasion of Iraq for the oil. Being aware of the pending passage, they bankrupt the US, without a care. Now the dollar is dropping because of the Bush administration's incompetent management. This impacts the price of everything within the US for the average US citizen. We predicted in 1999 that the US stock market would fall to ¼ of its worth, and it is already at the ½ point due to inflation and the value of the dollar. A Dow lewel which was at 12,000 in 2000 is worth only 6,000 points today, in real value. As we have been stating regularly, it will get worse, and price freezes and limited banking hours may be imposed. Please see our previous statements on these matters in earlier GodlikeProduction Chat commentaries.

Would the Zetas care to rethink their advice for Switzerland? ../info/tinfx026.htm Switzerland is far from any shore, at least 300 miles. It's well inland. It's very hard to believe that any water from the Atlantic or the Mediterranean can pour into Switzerland. And it will certainly not be an island in the Aftertime, no way!

Have you ever seen tidal bore? Have you ever seen tidal clash, where waters cannot drain because the press of water from another direction is encountered? Have you ever seen a river backing up because it cannot drain? Our words stand. Irregular sloshing where neither force of water has an outlet but encounters another force of water is something humans seldom encounter. If you're so smug about what you know, then go to Switzerland and ignore our words. It's your life.

An article states the White House is blocking the revamping of military contractual procurement procedures. Can the Zetas enlighten us on these topics?

We mentioned previously that the funds for Iraq were being used for more than the reasons and projects stated. Some of these funds were going to build and stock bunkers for the burgeoning number of people involved in the cover-up over Planet X. Someone new is required to be in the know, as they must guard against certain topics appearing in the media, or respond to the public and must stonewall. If told it is a national security issue, some will dutifully follow orders but most people can see what this is about and become anxious.

To settle the issue, these individuals are told they and their immediate family will have a place in the bunkers. As they become more anxious they demand to know details, and even tour the facilities. So these facilities are being built, and stocked. This all must be tightly controlled, and payment is often under false premises - on paper for one thing while in actuality for another. What will become of all these bunkers when the last weeks arrive? More anxious people than expected will arrive, and chaos will ensue, with many deaths and locked doors. It will not be a pretty picture, and as we have stated, those who think they will be in charge will find their snug bunkers turned into a vicious pecking order contest, with the elite savaged by take-over artists.

The House of Representatives has just passed the bill to provide immunity to the telecoms for the illegal surveillance the Bush administration conducted. Now, the Senate is said to be poised to do the same thing, and even Obama is said to be supportive of this bill. Why the sudden lack of backbone on the part of the Democrats when they seem to be in their strongest position in years?

As Obama explained, this bill at least puts FISA back in charge. It is not perfect, but any Democrat can see that this is the year they will retake the White House and have a strong majority in Congress. One or the other will put them in charge. In 2009, they can straighten things out!

What's the real story behind the "missing" $85 million in emergency supplies that was supposed to go to New Orleans following Katrina?

Fraud under the Bush Administration is rampant. So many regulatory agencies have been underfunded and understaffed, on purpose, so they cannot do their job. Cronies are given no-bid contracts, and oversight told to look the other way. The Hurricane Katrina catastrophe was looked at more closely than most activities, so you are aware of some missing funds. This goes on all the time, funds going in many directions, a merry party under the Bush crowd. Should these crimes actually ever be examined and prosecuted, the public would be horrified.

Also there was the crop circle that had 3 round spheres on the outer ring; humans are suggesting it's the perfect answer to Pi to the tenth place. Is that just a coincidence, that it also describes the "cup" the 3 inner planets are being held in?

Many such hidden design tidbits are included in crop circles, which are laid with great precision, to show that the design is not done by humans. A hoax cannot be this precise.

More big talk followed by capitulation. Why do democrats seem to be bumping into each other in a rush to roll over? There seems to be an endless pattern of this democratic response to illegal executive actions and White House machinations. Are the dems being held hostage or is this part of a planned action in a larger democratic strategy?

Pelosi and Reid do not have the numbers to be able to counter every Bush veto. Their options are to have an absolute standoff, with nothing moving and no problems corrected, perhaps with the war in Iraq continued but the troops without armor or food or medical care because the White House refuses to compromise, or the status quo funded. As we mentioned, the FISA bill at least gets the FISA courts back into the loop, and corrections will be made next year under Obama. This is also true of the war in Iraq, which will quickly be set right under Obama. Impeachment would lock the Congress into nothing but argument and would not pass because of the Republican members who would resist. Exactly what would you have Pelosi and Reid do? Bring everything to a standstill? That would not accomplish anything, and the Republicans would point to these actions and insist that unless McCain and a Republican Congress were reinstated, that the nation could expect more incompetent stalling from the Democrats.

James Carville has always appeared to be an unscrupulousness manipulator and opportunist, on a par with Carl Rove and the late Lee Atwater. Now he appears to be pushing for Al Gore to be vice president and energy czar. Is he playing politics or is he in the know? Can the Zetas tell us what his motivation is?

He is trying to embarrass and distress both Gore and Obama. Gore knows that Global Warming is not the cause of the current Earth changes, but if Gore were an "energy czar" he would be forced to distress the nation unnecessarily. Due to Gore's stature, this would preempt many of Obama's other agenda items. It would also be a reminder to Gore of his "less than Clinton" stature as a VP under Clinton. And finally, Carville is a loyal Clintonite.

Are genetic changes and electro-magnetic "tuning" done to human bodies to prepare their energetic self or soul for their new physical, hybrid body?


The price of heating a home with natural gas has skyrocketed in recent years in the U.S. Is this the result of legitimate supply issues, or is this huge amount of money being used to prop up the faltering economy or to fund the war in Iraq? These price increases can be devastating to homeowners trying to get by on moderate incomes, but there seems to be no real reporting in the media on this issue.

The media focuses on the price of gas for cars, because discussion implies that a solution is at hand for the drivers - car pooling can occur, less driving for pleasure, using an efficient car instead of a gas guzzler. But an inability to heat homes is a clear distress, especially for young children and oldsters. Thus, it is a forbidden subject in the media, as there is no solution to be posed other than for families to move in with each other. As with the economy in general in the US, these issues are related to the falling dollar and, as we have stated, the fact that the Middle East is disgusted with the Bush administration and is no longer giving the US oil on the cheap, as formerly.

We look to history for examples, and even though we look at what happened with the previous stock market crash, and ensuing depression it is hard to get a realistic present day vision of exactly how things will go. What will the cities experience as far as food shortages? And how will you get out of a city if riots are on going the way predicted? Will there be an Underground "Railroad" to escape on?

Are you looking for rescue? What would you do today if a riot broke out in your neighborhood? Same logic. During the Great Depression there was great joblessness, homelessness, soup kitchen lines, and the need for government to have work camps to employ the unemployed. This is occurring today, in that employment statistics are not being accurately reported, families are losing their homes and going bankrupt, cities are finding families sleeping in their cars and long lines at soup kitchens which the cities can scarcely afford to fund. Obama is already talking about using the funds formerly going to Iraq for infrastructure jobs, so expect government employment such as the Work Progress Administration in the past under his administration.

How can we tell which way newer mountains will rip? The zetas explained recently that mountain ranges that are still relatively "recent" (the Rockies) will continue to rip. Does this mean that the spine of the Rockies in Colorado will rip up the carefully-planned enclaves of the elite that have been slowly built up there? Will the rips tear up land to the east, south, west or north of the present-day mountains?

We would have to have Nancy write nonstop, between now and the pole shift, to explain every valley and peak and what is to be expected during the hour of the pole shift. She would not sleep or attend to her other duties. Thus, we decline to be that specific. Our explanations of what to expect tell you that you should look at what the recent past has done to your mountain range, and expect something similar to ensue. Each pole shift has a scripted drama, following a similar pattern that has been established because of the geography of the region.

Is this hypothesis really that a big meteor made a big hole near the Yucatan Peninsula 65,000,000 years ago? Please tell us the timeline of Japan like EQ after New Madrid EQ etc? Which of these big eruptions and big EQs will come sooner?

The "bowl" of the Gulf of Mexico was formed in the past by a meteor, yes. Japan has been and will be ravaged by earthquakes regularly, up to and after the pole shift. This is due to its position along the Ring of Fire, where subduction of the Pacific plate occurs under the mountains of Japan. There will be no relief, and Japan is likely to have immense quakes well before the N American continent suffers a major quake along the New Madrid Fault line.

Can we expect the frequency and magnitudes of quakes along the southern Australian plate to eventually rival that of the north as Planet X increases its grip on the Atlantic rift?

The Indo-Australian plate is currenly ripping along its northern edge in Sumatra, and creating quakes in the Himalayas. This will continue to be the focus as there is pressure along the northern edge, and thus friction there. The outer edge of the plate is more free to slide without the edges of the fault line being pressed together. If you have a car going around a curve, pressed against the inside guard rail, it is the inside of the curve that scrapes the car, not the side to the outside of the curve.

The UK seems to be in the grips of a totalitarian government these days even after the exit of Blair. More restrictive laws and practices upon the populace seem to be in force every month. Does Gordon Brown still have any good intentions towards the citizenry? The zetas have mentioned that the UK in part at least will be underwater. Is the any good news for people living in the UK going into the shift?

We have detailed in the Safe Locations documentation that much of the British Isles will be under water after the pole shift, and even those parts not expected to be under water will experience sloshing during the hour of the shift. The UFO sightings at Stradford on Avon, as we explained, were to warn of tidal bore up that river in the future. What you do with the information we provide is up to YOU. Some at the top in the UK government are aware of the coming times, and are frantic on how to deal with what they perceive will be riots. As with all governments, they will not have the facilities to house and feed the citizenry. Thus, they are setting into place restrictions and controls. Frightened people make such moves, as there seems to be little alternative. We have suggested that for Europe, which will become a series of islands after the shift, that ocean fishing and houseboat living is an option. Ocean fishing will return to bounty in the Aftertime, and houseboats can be moved as the land inundates, and even moved to new locations on other shores if need be.

Many very talented psychics have a very different view on both the shift/transformation and the timelines for these events than the zetas do. They are being told that the shift will be a mild event and the transformation will be relatively painless. Is this due to their guides wanting to not panic the psychics or the psychics themselves not wanting to panic their clients?

Both. We have stated that some alien groups, especially the Pleiadeans, do not want to be the bearer of bad tidings. So they discount the seriousness of the coming times, and are vague as to how mankind undergoes a transformation into the future. We have also stated that humans, hearing a jolting message, will often discount it and refuse to deal with it. They prefer to hear only the parts they can deal with. Thus, there are many players in a denial game.

Will the Zetas warn by the use of the subconscious, to alert the sick and elderly not to bother going to safe locations per Planet X arrival. So roads wouldn't be cloged up.

Are you suggesting that we selectively cull mankind so that other humans can have an easier time? We suggest you become familiar with what the term Service-to-Other entails! We have stated that mankind is in a schoolhouse, where he can learn spiritual lessons by taking action when the opportunity presents itself to him. Some would choose to remain with the sick or elderly if they cannot travel, to ease their path into death. Some will choose to desert the sick or elderly, to ease their own path. Such are the decisions presented to mankind, and each human makes his own decision in this regard.

This is somewhat of a personal question but it might apply to others who have had similar experiences. Early in the ZetaTalk saga, I was consumed by the information and read almost all of it in a few sittings, especially the poleshift portion. About a week later, I saw a saucer in daylight, with no clouds, and obviously advanced. I was amazed and enticed to the entire aspect of ZetaTalk and the Awakening. Then, sometime later that year I woke up in the middle of the night. As soon as I awoke, the power went out about 5 minutes later. Suddenly, I heard what sounded like a sudden rush of air that had a high pitch, like something passing by and moving quite fast. Like those deer repelling devices but louder. It sounded like it was right outside and then zoomed away. Within 5 seconds after that, all the power went back on. Do the Zetas have any idea what that thing was? Do any alien groups utilize some sort of device or vehicle that would make such sounds?

Sound is caused by air movement, and a space ship leaving a vicinity creates a vacuum so air of course moves into that space. Likewise, electromagnetic disturbances can occur in the vicinity of a space ship. This is not normal, but depending upon the group visiting and their technology, it can occur.

Do the Zetas think this current act of Big Brother is a result of the White House's paranoia of Muslim terrorists or paranoia of the American population?

The original White House plan on where they wanted to be by the time the pole shift would arrive was to have martial law instituted, complete control of all the world's oil fields, and all elections canceled so Bush could be president for life. They are failing on all fronts, but there are those elements within the Bush administration, in particular the Cheney crowd, who still think they might achieve their goals. Thus, they press forward, looking ridiculous. All that they have put into place will be reversed by an Obama administration, and to some extent reversals are already in process.

This is probably the 1,000th time you been asked this but here goes. Are we going to attack Iran soon?

No. As we have stated, war with Iran is being blocked on many fronts.

Will some of the hybrids have Zeta souls incarnate into them? What can they say to those humans that are getting the idea (correctly, too) that the hybrids are the Zeta mechanism for "taking over the Earth"? Some feel this isn't so much a rescue as a take-over, even though some of these same horrified humans probably "know better" in their subconscious.

Of course the hybrids will have reincarnated Zeta as well as human souls. Those humans who are resentful that humans will not continue to be in charge of the Earth need to be reminded that the Earth was not theirs before they were engineered into existence. How are the hybrids then different?

Do you think that the banking CEO's will be caught and prosecuted?

As the economy falters, scapegoats will be assigned to take the heat. Thus, prosecutions of those involved in the subprime debacle will be prosecuted, yes.

An off the wall question. Here in CO. I've noticed a great increase in humidity (without rain) this summer. Hot and humid, much like you'd expect on the East coast. The weather reporter on the news doesn't report this at all. I've gardened many years here, and have not until recently had sweat running down my face. Usually just hot and very dry. Also, when I've taken a half filed plastic bottle of water out of the frig, it's become concave, the same that would happen taking a flight from Miami to Denver -as though the air pressure has somehow changed. Is this just my imagination or does this have something to do with the tilt of the Earth now?

The wobble is causing an odd summer in the US, with the northern half cooler than normal, and the southern half experiencing more heat. Tornado season started early and is not expected to slack off. Floods are afflicting the Midwest. Some change in air pressure and more humidity is the least of anyone's worries, thus!

For those that do have implants, do they see anyone getting them taken out to prove the implants/aliens/contactees exist? Or is this in the hands of man? Will it further the Awakening?

This has already occurred, some years ago. Surgeons removed organic implants, and and article about it was published.

Has there been any new indications of Planet X from the South Pole Telescope? Just wondering.

It is disinformation that astronomers are at the S Pole, looking for Planet X. Astronomers know it is already in the inner solar system, and passing the Sun. But expect periodic updates on S Pole activity, as this disinformation is to have you believe that Planet X is still out in the night sky, out in the outer reaches of the solar system. This is a lie.

According to the Sun is extremely quiet with no sun spots or CMEs. If Planet Xis approaching, shouldn't the Sun be more active?

This period was supposed to be highly active, announced as such by NASA, as they anticipated the ruffling of the Sun's surface to continue during the entire time Planet X took to pass by the Sun. What they did not take into account was that the N Pole of Planet X was pointing at the Sun during 2003-2006, and it is from the N Pole that magnetic particles hose out. Now that Planet X has turned his N Pole away from the Sun, it is the quiescent S Pole that is facing the Sun, and the magnetic S Pole is an intake vehicle/mechanism/conduit, thus removing particle flow turbulence from the vicinity of the Sun. Once again, NASA has been caught in an error, but no one points this out as their egos are touchy these days.

Will the East Coast of the US experience a tsunami before the pole shift?

We have predicted high tides not associated with earthquakes before the pole shift, yes. This is especially true in stretch zones, as when plates pull apart there is no shuddering quake to indicate this activity in the rock strata. Thus, railroad lines zig and zag, causing derailment, and water and gas mains break - all without an earthquake to ascribe as the cause. When the Atlantic Rift pulls apart, this is a stretch zone action, and need not be accompanied by an earthquake. The immediate effect is to allow the Atlantic Ocean to be an outlet, to fill the expanded rift with water. This pulls the water from the shores, but another reaction happens later, that being that water from the poles will flow to equalize the level. Water on the move is seldom smooth, and once moving momentum is involved. This, unexpected tides can be expected along the Atlantic coast lines, indeed.