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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 5, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back [Jun 19] Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total and BP - the original partners in the Iraq Petroleum Company - along with Chevron and a number of smaller oil companies, are in talks with Iraq's Oil Ministry for no-bid contracts to service Iraq's largest fields, according to ministry officials, oil company officials and an American diplomat. [and from another] Iraq Names 35 Companies "Qualified" To Bid For Oil Contracts [Jun 30] The potential participation of big Western companies like BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Shell and Total SA in Iraq's oil industry has been criticized in recent weeks following published reports that several were close to signing no-bid contracts with the Iraqi government. On Monday the Times also reported that a small U.S. State Department team helped draw up contracts between the Oil Ministry and the five major oil companies. The newspaper quoted a senior State Department official as saying the team provided technical support to an understaffed Iraqi ministry. Iraqi government spokesman denied the country had ever considered a no-bid process.

The Bush administration made assumptions about their ability to bully the new Iraqi government, and until they were faced with reality, those assumptions ruled in their minds. There are, of course, certain low level officials in the Iraqi government who are more maleable than those in charge, and on occasion a nodding head from those officials could be taken as aquiescence. The Iraqis consider the US involvement in Iraq to be very short term, and anticipate the US will exit soon, without an agreement to maintain bases. They have allowed those crowing braggards in the Bush administration and their oil cronies to make erroneous assumptions, because it placated them. There are more disappointments pending for this Bush crowd than the loss of control over the oil fields. But this despised crowd will not be forewarned, as then they are not forearmed. That is the Iraqi strategy.

A spectacular new crop picture appeared at Secklendorf, Germany on June 23, 2008

The Secklendorf crop circle has merged many elements of the coming pole shift. We have warned that the pole shift will occur toward the end of a magnetic trimester, and the trimesters are clearly central to this design. The notched circles are indicative of trauma points, with major trauma at the end of one trimester. Minor trauma is experienced during the pole shift year during the other trimesters. What of the orbs in the outer circle? These seem to be planets, of equal size in many instances, but what does the placement mean? Earth, Venus, and the Dark Twin are of equal size. Earth and Venus are allowed to be crowded together, caught in the cup, the eddy flow in front of Planet X, as they are in separate orbits and this puts distance between them. The third planet of equal size, the Dark Twin, is behind the Earth in their shared orbit as the Repulsion Force keeps them apart. But what of the odd cluster on the opposite side of the circle - planets of unequal size. Going into the pole shift, approaching the end of the magnetic trimester when the pole shift will occur, there will be clashes between the planets, including clashes with Planet X itself. As Planet X approaches the Earth, the cup of the eddy flow tightens, forcing Earth and Venus toward Planet X, the larger orb, as it does so. The Dark Twin falls outside of the cup at this point, thus becoming a minor element during the last weeks.

I heard that there was some sort of face off this week between Russia and the United States picked up by ham radio operators. It was allegedly resolved by a conversation via the red phone in the White House. Is there any truth to this?

Conversations between major powers are not done via shortwave radio. This alone should tell you something. Complete bull.

You have stated that the Zetas won't give the date of the pole shift, though you also stated that the Earth changes will increase rapidly till the end of the year. Is it time for someone who lives in a country which is considered as a not safe one for the pole shift to move to a safe one?I don't mean to wait till the last moment to do that, but is it wise to do that in this time being?I live in Holland which is not considered as a safe country. So is it time for everyone to prepare in this way by moving to a safe location?

Land that is primarily below sea level is unsafe at any time. You are living on borrowed time! We do not dictate how humans should operate as you make your own choices. We can only advise. Thus any decisions you make regarding your current living situation are your decisions. You make them, thus.

Am wondering if DNA collected during traffic stops, etc, for numerous and varied reasons could also include the 'screening of contactees'. Is it possible to screen/detect contactees by altered DNA? Is this difficult to detect with current 'human' technology?

Contactees do not have their DNA altered.

Are contactees living in the Service-to-Other reality and performing their 'calling' as agreed and desired; helping and preparing for the coming calamities, have been given additional aid by thwarting the effects to viruses with an enhanced immune system?

Contactees are not altered. This is not part of the visitor/contactee relationship. A contactee may be concerned about health problems, for instance feeling they will not have the health necessary to help their loved ones when the time comes - an implied request for counseling on this matter. We may advise how they can improve their health, including their immune system. But by the rules we are obliged to follow we are not allowed to step in and alter contactees.

Would the Zeta's care to comment on the 1999 contact with a transversal entity from M-65 galaxy named Ka'I?

Who makes these ridiculous claims? And furthermore, why would you believe them? We have stated since 2002 that any request for our comments regarding what others state would have to first prove that there was some validity pertaining to the comments by others. We define validity as being that the other source provide predictions that can be verified, which have proven correct. We doubt those spewing this claim have any such validity. Thus, no comment.

Chicago recently closed their beaches due to a seiche threat - the second warning in a month. The blame was put on heavy rain. I grew up in Chicago and seiches were very rare. Is this lake activity due to heavy rains or is it part of the wobble? [and from another] Waves pack limited punch on return trip from Michigan [Jul 2] A storm-tossed surge of water being monitored by the National Weather Service added a foot of water to Chicago shores before petering out around 6 p.m. Wednesday, meteorologists say. The minor seiche earlier flooded St. Joseph Harbor in Michigan as storms pushed the swell east, before sloshing back west late in the afternoon and prompting swim bans on a hot, stormy day in Chicago.

This is wobble activity combined with the normal force of wind on the lake. You will see more of this.

Considering the third Bush clone is in office, this report makes me wonder if this isn't ground work for the construction of small survival communities. Do the Zetas know and can they explain? [and from another] Feds' closed-door deal could ease development [Jul 4] The Bush administration is preparing to ease the way for the nation's largest private landowner to convert hundreds of thousands of acres of mountain forestland to residential subdivisions. Under the new agreement, logging roads running into areas controlled by Plum Creek could be paved - and would thrum with the traffic of eight to 12 vehicle trips per day to and from each home.

This is a mixed bag. Selling high priced residences is more profitable than clear cutting lumber. It also benefits the land overall, as clear cutting is devastating. No one making this deal or allowing it is thinking of survival communities.

You have said on your site, that some humans will be taken, in their current human form, to the prison planets. You have also said that Service-to-Self aliens cannot take people by force, that they must go willingly. So how is it that some humans will be taken away by the Service-to-Self? Are they going to offer a ride during the pole shift, as the Zetas are? Will people know that they are Service-to-Self aliens? Is that part of the orientation decision - decide to share humanities' fate, or stay with loved ones, or save yourself without regard to anyone else? I guess I'm wondering if people will be "duped" into going to Service-to-Self planets, or if they will do it willingly.

Those contactees who agree to go early, before their deaths as humans, are doing so for their benefit. They find themselves in a bad setting, starving, unable to improve their lot by any means they are used to deploying. They are giving the Call to aliens in the Service-to-Self. If these humans are in a setting where their absence will not be noted by other humans, a rule the Council of Worlds has placed so as not to increase the anxiety of humans on Earth during the Transformation, then they may be taken early while in human form. Thus, the setting where this would happen would not be in a gang or a group or a community. The Service-to-Self human would be isolated, and furious about his or her circumstances, and thus by fuming is giving the Call to aliens in the Service-to-Self who would naturally offer a better setting. In their new home, these humans would find they no longer are starving, but life would not be what they expected at all!

There are a few EQ reports by citizens but the EQ site hasn't any report on them. Disinformation? Has there been a 5/6 pointer that went unreported?

Nancy and others following the posting of earthquakes have noted since the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 that many earthquakes are omitted from the USGS databases, often after having been posted there - removed in front of the eyes of those watching the databases at the time. Other irregularities are that the magnitudes of earthquakes are reduced to a ridiculous degree. This has become commonplace now.

Is this story as it appears or are the elites' mercenaries actually being disassembled? [and from another] Feds raid Blackwater's armory in firearms probe [Jun 26] Federal agents have raided an armory owned by security contractor Blackwater Worldwide. The North Carolina-based company said the raid was part of an investigation into a deal that allowed a local sheriff's office to store high-powered assault rifles at the company's armory at its headquarters in Moyock.

As a favored contractor under the control of the Bush administration, especially under the control of the Cheney arm of the Bush administration, Blackwater has committed so many crimes as to run off the page when listed. There are many within the federal agencies in a state of horror at what the last 7 years under Bush has wrought. They see the light at the end of the tunnel, a time when integrity will return to the White House under Obama, and are getting a jump on prosecutions.

Does the AIDS virus really exist? Was it observed through a microscope by scientists? What's the Zetas take on the Germanic new medicine discovered by Dr. Geerd Hamer?

The AIDS virus of course is real, else what is killing people around the globe by the millions? In nature it is found in apes in Africa, and was refined to infect humans easily, though it will do so on its own in that regard. In the regions of Africa where apes are hunted and eaten the blood of these apes is often drunk raw, uncooked. The digestive system kills the virus, but by encouraging a change in the habits of these hunters the virus took hold in humans. The CIA was involved in this enterprise, encouraged and counseled by Service-to-Self aliens, as is detailed within the ZetaTalk website.

Here in Santa Barbara California I've noticed that the occurence of chemtrails has lessened in the last month or so. Is this the work of Bush clone 3 or is it just my area that has lessened or is there other factors at work?

California is covered by smoke presently due to a very large number of wildfires. Why muster chemtrail flights when nature is smogging the sky for you?

What is the Zetas take on Joe Lieberman, associated with Senator Mc'Cain. It seems from an outward appearance that Senator Lieberman is the controller.

Israel is the controller! Lieberman is under direction from Israel, and if McCain were to get into the White House by some chance, wars in the Middle East would be the constant drumbeat.

Why does the winner of the upcoming election matter to the Zetas if the shift will happen long before 2012? 90 percent of the population gets wiped out no matter who gets elected, right?

You are assuming that the goal is to save lives! What about the horror of abandonment felt by toddlers, too young to understand that their parents were overwhelmed by circumstances and abandoned them to save themselves? What about the angst felt by the parents when they realize what they have done? The souls of these humans carry these memories forever!

Archaeologists are opening a cave sealed for more than 30 years deep beneath a Mexican pyramid to look for clues about the mysterious collapse of one of ancient civilization's largest cities. What do they expect to find ?

They will find what they have already found above ground, that all seemed to be going along well with this culture, with no anticipation of disaster, and everything just suddenly stopped. Record keeping stops when a pole shift occurs, and as with the Earth today when Planet X is already in the vicinity, causing a wobble and weather and magnetic problems, there are few clues as to what is about to happen. There may be a record of some distress, such as Egypt recorded going into the time of the Jewish Exodus, but once disaster hits, record keeping generally stops cold.

Is Nibiru going to be a Service-to-Self prison planet in about 7200 years?

This is pure speculation on your part, and this is a curiosity question. As a vote of the inhabitants is always done ahead of a young world's Transformation, this is an open question. It depends!

How populated is the universe and in which areas or galaxies have the most groups of sentient beings living in peaceful harmony? Oh and how many races have visited the earth and how many are present at the moment watching us if you will?

Are you planning to travel? In your current human form, your concern is not what parts of the Universe are most peaceful. This is not your current lesson, which you are trying to evade. The Universe, as we have stated, is teeming with life. We have stated that there are over 1,000 life-forms grouped into approximately 40 working groups visiting Earth at this time.

Last week the Zeta's said " Obama is already talking about using the funds formerly going to Iraq for infrastructure jobs, so expect government employment such as the WPA in the past under his administration." Am I mistaken here or is this in conflict with what the Zeta's had said before about work camps? Will this change with Obama at the helm? But how can it, with Halluburton still in control of the contracts and the Service-to-Self out there just waiting for slave labor to return? When the great changes begin to happen, how will we know the intent of those running the WPA or camps? Does Hallburton still has the contacts to build these prison camps? Troubled Times Work Camps, April 12, 2006 "Halliburton has been granted a $385 million contract for a most unusual project" and
Blog Radio:
Self Defense in the Aftertime "The Zetas also advise to avoid government work camps, as these will likely be slave camps in the future." (I think these were your words). Also, in the ZetaTalk: Pied Piper.

Clearly, the agenda of those who want to take advantage of others does not change just because the residents of the White House change. It takes time to prosecute criminals and issue new orders, and not all contracts can be readily broken. Even when different orders are executed from a new administration, there can be lower level individuals who try to run with an agenda that is self serving, as during the pole shift when communications will break down and these individuals will be encouraged to attempt to institute their own fiefdoms. That said, there is a world of difference between a slave labor camp and a WPA type project!

Gimmie a break. These people look like they just arrived from a vacation. Hardly hostages. And just days before the 4th of July holiday? Would the Zetas give us the skinny on this? [and from another] Military: Freed American hostages in good shape [Jul 4] Three U.S. hostages rescued from Colombian rebels after more than five years in captivity are in good condition and learning how to live a normal life again, military officials said Thursday. The three U.S. military contractors - Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes and Keith Stansell - had been held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia since their drug-surveillance plane went down in the jungle in February 2003.

Hostages held for bartering are not allowed to sicken and die. They have zero worth, in that state. There is no reason to torture them, as they don't have information to be extracted. They are on the move, and thus given exercise, always a health benefit. They are eating a lot of raw food, collected from the jungle, another health benefit. And they are almost all young and without medical needs. The story given is the truth. No hidden agenda.

Before Timothy McVeigh was executed, he claimed he was a true patriot and someday the world would know. There are rumors he was never really executed, that it was staged. I think the Zetas claimed the Oklahoma City bombing was a false flag terror attack by the Bush group in an attempt to institute marshal law but that members of MJ12 prevented marshal law by presenting the situation as domestic terrorism. It is known the FBI had an informant in a local Oklahoma Aryan, neo-Nazi group who's leader allegedly cased the Marrah building prior to the bombing. Are the Zetas allowed to tell if McVeigh was a legitimate terrorist or perhaps a good guy volunteering to take a staged fall to prevent marshal law?

McVeigh was involved, was intended to be a stooge if caught but was just one of a number of actual insiders planning to blow up the building. The goal was, of course, to create a martial law excuse. McVeigh was caught, but the others escaped even though there was much evidence he did not operate alone. Of course he was killed, as dead men tell no tales. He had shown that he was not competent, so slips would be feared if he was given a new identity and allowed to live.

Recently people that I have made aware of Zetatalk are seeming to 'tune out', that it's more like 'the zeta that cried shift!' as they consider the information. I'm given copies of newspapers more than half a century old that show front pages reporting on thousands dying from heat-waves and thousands more either dead or dying from volcanoes and earthquakes, all on the same day. Then, too, the recent flooding of the rivers in the mid-west is compared to the flooding of 1993 and earlier, yet obviously there was no poleshift pending at that time. We've even had a Great Depression; in short, we've had all of these "issues" and events on the same if not larger scale, and though I insist that it was all done to draw out the would-be murderers of the Bush/Cheney regime so they won't be around to lock us up in the cities, it seems that it falls more and more on deaf ears than the other way around. In fact, I wonder how many people reading today have actually heeded the advice in 2003 to move to a "safe location" and if so, are they still there? It seems the only way to survive what may be years yet before the shift is to go back to the city to earn a living. I would have thought more and more people would be attentive to the Zetatalk message, but it seems the opposite is more true. Am I missing something?

Those who claim that the crop shortages, combined with weather irregularities, combined with the rise in earthquake and volcanic activites are normal because any part of this has occurred in the past are deliberately blinding themselves to the truth. We warned that this would happen as the times got tense. Increasingly, those who must cling to denial will do so, with more and more shrill demands that all is normal. We have cited cases to be expected where people will go to their normal jobs even after the rotation of the Earth has stopped and the northern hemisphere has experienced 3 days of darkness. Denial knows no limits, as when someone who needs this crutch finds this does not suffice, then insanity results. We have stated that 43% of survivors will be insane to some degree, and this will include a number who were not in denial but who found the stress too great.

The reason for all this denial and insanity is that the coming cataclysms are so horrific, and affect so much of a person's life. Particularly those who live in cities and have no experience with or access to rural living where they might feed themselves will be unwilling to accept reality. Those who rely on social services or care from family members, who are emotionally dependent and cannot take responsibility for themselves - these people view the devastation in communication and government operations as a type of abandonment. When the thought of a catastrophe as great as we have described is contemplated, these individuals boggle, and thus conclude the catastrophe is not possible and will argue that endlessly. This type of denial will only increase as the pole shift approaches.

Can the Zetas give us some insight into how many actually communicate through Nancy on any given day? Despite previous assurances to the contrary, it seems that perhaps even the Service-to-Other zetas have a "hive mind"; do they rotate on a weekly basis? What's the average number that take part during any given public appearance? Are there any distinguishing characteristics (other than names, which are claimed to be Service-to-Self inventions when applied to telepathic creatures) that separate these Zetas that they can share with the readers that would help put to rest these lingering doubts?

You are obviously not a telepathic human. Few humans have any telepathic ability, less than 10% do, and most of these have only an occasional instance. Those such as ourselves who communicate almost exclusively via telepathy are just chatting away comfortably, and participate during a chat such as this while doing our normal work! We have explained this before, but the answer is probably lost in the vast body of ZetaTalk. There is no physical proximity required, other than to be in the vicinity of Earth. Depending upon the question being addressed, this or that Zeta enters the conversation while the others simply listen. This is no different than your workplace, where conversations go on around the cubicles, those participating depending upon the situation being addressed.

I am From Mexico. I have a question. In Mexico we have a celebrity Jaime Maussan. Since I was on middle school, this person live day by day doing research on UFO. Did the Zetas have been in contact with him and how acquire is his investigations?

Most individuals who dedicate their lives to the investigation of UFOs are contactees. The fact that they know that intelligent life exists elsewhere and know that aliens are visiting Earth gives them the fortitude to continue their work. Jaime Maussan is a case in point.

French students murdered in 'frenzied attack' [Jul 3] [and from another] What is the latest report on the death of the DNA student researchers? What did they find?

This was not an assassination because the students were onto something. This was an attack by someone almost insane with jealousy. The intent was not to kill both, but only one of the men, but the attacker found them both at home and wanted no witnesses so both were killed. The primary victim was attractive, accomplished, and had women falling all over him. Thus, it was jealousy.

Is there anything more to being a sociopath than being highly Service-to-Self?

The human animal can suppress emotional response, but this is not normally sought unless the incarnating soul has that inclination. But it is possible for a child to be so damaged by its upbringing that the only way it can function, other than to go insane, is to suppress all empathy and emotional interaction with others. In fact, such suppression is normal in all horrific situations, which is why soldiers coming home from war so often have post traumatic stress. The emotional component was suppressed so the soldier could function and save himself, extract himself from a dangerous situation. Often, even after a car accident or serious job loss an individual will seem numb, indifferent to the loss, and not come to grips with what this means on an emotional plane until much later, perhaps in a doctor's office. For a sociopath, this can be just a more extreme example. But where the childhood abuse is not present, or not present to the degree required to create a sociopathic response in a child, then it should be suspected that the soul, an Service-to-Self soul, is running the show.

In reading Velikovsky the idea that many cultures around the globe were on a 360 day calender for a period of time before the common era but not near the 3600 year pole shift cycle. Can you give any insight as to why this might have been?

As Velikovsky has documented, the return of planets to their normal orbits after a close passage of Planet X is not always immediate. Orbits, as we have explained, are driven by many factors, but after a pole shift momentum from being bumped from their normal orbit is an additional factor, and particle flows are very roiled. Eventually this settles down. In addition to the orbits of planets being physically changed, the perception of humans on the surface trying to re-establish their calendars is a factor. All are looking at the sky from a different view, as the crust has shifted. This too takes awhile to settle down, and in the meantime, the calendar may be wrong! Would you know, for instance, that you were operating on a 360 day year on January 5th? Would this not look similar to January 1st or January 10th? It takes awhile for the human population to adjust their calendars, especially since the climate has changed, all over the globe. The seasons are disrupted, and familiar clues are missing.