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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 18, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Caylee's Mom Named in Murder Indictment
[Oct 15] The mother of missing Florida toddler Caylee Anthony was arrested Tuesday in a traffic stop, shortly after a grand jury indicted her on seven counts, including capital murder, for the disappearance of her 3-year-old daughter. After the indictment, undercover officers followed Anthony as she traveled in her mother's SUV. The officers saw the SUV stop under a highway overpass, at which point Anthony got into another vehicle and drove off. Prosecutors are asking Anthony be held without bond. Casey Anthony behaved like a carefree party girl, going to nightclubs, entering "hot-body" contests and incessantly sending text messages to her friends while her daughter was missing, according to cell phone and text transcripts and investigative reports released by police. Copies of her phone and text records obtained by police and released to the public show she hardly ever mentioned her missing daughter during the time just before and after the child was reported missing. The young mother referred to Caylee as "the little snot head" in May, about a month before the child disappeared. Authorities said that in the car Anthony drove, they found traces of chloroform, which can cause loss of consciousness.

We have often described those in the Service-to-Self as chameleons, able to appear as pleasant or charming individuals when it served their purpose. If the family setting is one where loving support is offered to an apparently struggling child, the child incarnated with a Service-to-Self soul will take this easy route. Is help with homework needed because the child is struggling or because the child doesn't want to be burdened? Were the chores skipped because a playmate distracted the child or because the child didn't want to be bothered? When the family setting lets the child off the hook, repeatedly, the child learns to anticipate that society can be played in this way. The case of Casey Anthony - where the mother was obviously trying to play her family, the media, and law enforcement - is a case in point.

Caylee had become a burden to the mother, and had reached the age at which she could report on her mother's crimes. The mother was regularly engaged in petty theft - check forgery and shoplifting - simply taking what she wanted. She wanted to party, incessantly. A baby Caylee would not report to grandparents that she had been dropped off with strangers so the mother could party, but Caylee as a toddler of 3 would have all the details and relay them. Casey had already tried to put Caylee up for adoption, and met resistance from her parents. She could have insisted that this be done, even at this late date, but Casey's parents were her primary support network, endlessly gullible and endlessly supportive. Thus, Casey determined to eliminate Caylee, and did some research on the computer on typical missing child scenarios and the effect of chloroform. These were websites frequented by Casey prior to Caylee's disappearance. The child's body will not be found unless Casey confesses, which is unlikely and out of character.

Can the Zeta's shed some light on what's going on with the forced vaccinations in New Jersey? How can the state get away with taking peoples rights away?

If the law did not support these actions, they would not be occurring. A state can force evacuations in case of flood or fire. A state can enforce proper parenting by taking a child away from the parents. Your question can be answered if you review the laws that apply. They are undoubtedly stating that both the individual child and others whom they would infect at school are "endangered" without such vaccinations.

Last ZetaTalk it was said the "the worst was yet to come" in the election situation with McCain's negativity. Have we already reached that point or is there more to come?

McCain's campaign has reached the point where they have nothing to lose. Thus, making things up, outright lies, might be used. This was done on McCain himself, claiming he had a "black child" in reference to his adopted daughter. If they don't go to this extent, they lose. So the reasoning is - try the outright lies and see what happens. They can only win. Without this, they are certainly losing. However, given the trend, where the public sees what they are up to with the Ayers claims, this will not be a winning move by the McCain camp. They will only lose at a faster clip.

Do you think this economic great depression will get worse as the time of the pole-shift approaches or will be contained by the aids banks are receiving from the various nations?

The current situation is a holding pattern. The liquidity pumped into the system is adequate for any business activity or home or car loans the public may desire. More will not be needed as everyone has become cautious, and the spending spree the American public has supported in the past has stopped. This was likewise true during the Great Depression, when business expansion almost halted and those who were not out of a job were extremely cautious about spending their cash. This will be called a "recession", but if the true unemployment figures were known, it would have to be declared a depression.

Does John McCain regret the Palin pick? Or since he anticipates voter fraud, is he happy with her selection because he finds her attractive? If so, was her being attractive more important to him than her qualifications? She also seems to have a hearing problem, at least to me and tries to cover for it.

Palin has proved to be a disaster in the polls. The more the public learns about her, the more they realized what a disaster she is. This will only accelerate as there is a second independent investigator looking into Troopergate, and this report will not be complimentary to her either. She avoids interviews as she has no answers to the questions, and is not about to apologize. She thinks she walks with God and can do no wrong. McCain still does not believe the polls or the public's impression of her. He thinks of women as many older Navy men do, not as equals but as pretty appendages to their egos. Since he does not think her qualifications need to be examined, he fails to realize that the public does take this into consideration.

I read an article about a meeting of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) on August 13-16, 2008 which took place in obscure Coeur d' Alene, ID. According to the journalist, quoting the association's website, "This is an invitation-only meeting for the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian Secretaries, Ministers, Commissioners and Directors of State/Provincial Departments of Agriculture." The journalist claimed there was no press coverage except for himself and one other journalist representing a well known national agricultural publication who was "pointedly asked to leave soon after the conference commenced." The article's writer was then barred from attending "the secret bi-lateral negotiation session." Considering the global agricultural conditions around the world, I am curious if the Zetas can tell us what was discussed in these negotiations and why the secrecy?

We have mentioned repeatedly over the years that the stores put aside to cover shortages were being consumed - that the national cupboard was bare. Such government stocks such as grain, block cheese and powered milk are virtually gone. The old rule that these items should be in sufficient supply to feed every citizen for 6 weeks was cast aside in order to continue to assure the public that such a thing as a food shortage did not exist. England this past year started encouraging their public to eat less and to avoid wasting any food - clean plates, etc. The only shortage that hit the press was the rice shortage, which primarily hit underdeveloped countries where rice is used as a staple. The situation within the US, within the continental N American countries, is dire. This year a bumper crop did not result, due primarily to flooding. The attendees of the NASDA meeting were discussing matters such as price freezes, rationing, and pushing the public into alternative types of foods such as more vegetarian eating and less grain fed cattle.

The zetas have explained that the Plunge Protection Team is deployed to protect the stock market from "plunging" too precipitously, using funds that are buried in Pentagon defense-industry allocations. Why was this PPT not used more effectively in the recent Wall St. meltdown, or were they just overwhelmed? Then this past Monday, after the previous disasterous week, beginning in Asia the markets seemed to soar upwards to unheard-of heights, like a machine programmed them, continuing on through the European markets and finally to Wall Street itself where the DOW shot up to 938 points almost effortlessly. And all this supposedly on the strength of the simple rumor that the US gov't. would follow the UK's example and "nationalize" some of the nations' banks, or at least 'buy' large shares of them in order to prevent any more from going under. Can the Zetas tell us the real story?

We explained some time ago that the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) could only operate when they had the cooperation of parties who would buy when ordered to do so. To avoid a plunge or panic, mutual funds and brokerage firms were told to hold off on selling stock until buyers could be arranged. The PPT used those corporations involved in military contracts to force a buy in these cases, using their corporate portfolios. These firms were then compensated by being allowed to raise the price of their goods, a renegotiated contract. This has in the past been amply demonstrated by those digging into this practice. We stressed in the past that the time would come when all parties would break ranks and stop operating as a team, would take action for themselves as individual brokers or firms and not wait as requested. This time has come!

Is Obama aware of the true mechanics of this election? That he is significantly ahead but will only win due to the correction of fraud as it occurs by agents of the Puppet Master?

No. This is one reason Obama has been stressing early voting and urging that no one slack off, encouraging his volunteers to get out the vote. His plan is to overwhelm any voter fraud, and to have more states than he needs to win.

As true price discovery in the asset markets is prevented from happening by the bailout, will anybody (banks, financial institutions, individuals) ever regain trust in the markets' ability to accurately represent value, or will this be part of the root cause between the gap in asking price and the true price of assets that the Zetas has referred to repeatedly?

The DOW is approaching a true price level, though it is not there as yet. The housing market will remain depressed. Other assets will find their level by supply and demand.

Will we see additional examples of the shift of industrial production to areas and items that will benefit a post pole shift world? An example of this is the shift to "green energy" that the Zetas have mentioned that is being directed in part behind the scene so that mankind can benefit as reconstruction of some form of society begins anew?

We anticipate that family gardens will be on the increase, and families keeping flocks where possible. Bartering between family groups will likely increase, where the apple farmer might work out a deal with his neighbor for a pig, or a mechanic might fix a car in return for some used furniture. Families moving in together, a trend in place already, will expedite the kind of communal living that the pole shift will make a necessity.

You Zetas said you're assigned to the US by the Council of Worlds, can you tell us what alien races (the most important ones) are currently following the other continents?

You would not accept our descriptions. Less than 1% of the visitors are hominoids. Thus most contactees are chatting with lifeforms that the human race thinks of as food or prey or a pest. Popular literature portrays visitation by Little Green Men, or the Nordics, or some other hominoid type. At most, the Praying Mantis type is described, which is as we have stated a hominoid, not insectoid. The reason descriptions other than hominoid are not relayed is because the human consciousness rejects this, though the subconscious of the contactee is fully aware of the physical appearance of their visitors. Thus, there would be no point in providing our descriptions. You would not accept them.

Why is the price of gas so low compared to a few short months ago, when there are so many shortages still in the southeast? Oil companies still trying to help make sure McCain gets elected? Any other "hidden surprises" that the zetas expect will reveal themselves after the election?

How gas prices are arrived at has never been explained to the public. A true explanation would be to lay out in a table what the producing countries charge, the refining and distribution costs, and what pump price results. This would clearly show where the gouging occurs. Since refining and distribution costs have not increased dramatically, there are two possible sources for the increase in price the American public has experienced over the past couple years - it is either the producing country or the oil companies distributing gasoline to the pump. It is true that OPEC has not given the US the price break that it formerly enjoyed, but this was a minor factor. The larger factor has been gouging by the oil companies, since they were certain that the Bush/Cheney administration would never reveal or punish this behavior. Seeing that Clinton did not win the Democratic primary, a fact which would have allowed McCain to win in a contest between the two, the oil companies are frantic to assist McCain. He has favored the oil companies during his career, and has been as much an oil man as has been the current Bush in office. Thus, to remove one possible criticism of McCain, the oil companies have dramatically reduced their profits in the hopes that a Republican might continue in the White House.

What will happen if a relatively large population of child bearing aged humans exists in the post passage future but not enough STO souls wish to incarnate into human bodies? Will the human fetuses naturally abort? Will the humans become sterile? Will non-sparking souls incarnate into the infants?

The opposite of what you describe will occur. There are currently approximately 1 billion reincarnating souls on Earth out of the approximately 6 billion humans alive. If 90% of the population dies as a result of the pole shift, this leaves fewer living bodies than souls needing their next incarnation. Then take into consideration that highly Service-to-Self souls, which comprise about 5-7% of the current crop of souls, will be taken to their prison planet homes and not need incarnation on Earth. Likewise undecided souls will be taken away to their new home. Service-to-Other souls will indeed be looking for incarnations on Earth, but these incarnations will be into hybrid bodies almost exclusively. Yes, there will be many natural abortions, as starvation will be rampant and nature takes this route to protect the mother. Starving women most often do not conceive, either. Many souls who have come to Earth to assist with the Transformation as Star Children will likely volunteer to incarnate into any human babies born, as such sacrifice is their nature. Thus, there will not be a lack of souls for human infants after the pole shift.

A couple weeks ago it was reported that US special forces, including Navy Seals, had covertly entered Pakistan. After the latest terrorist bombing, it was reported Pakistan refused US aid. Now al-Qaeda is being blamed for the blasts. Can the Zetas explain what is going on?

It is well known that the Pakistani intelligence is infiltrated with Taliban sympathizers. Mushariff knew this, and walked a fine line between the forces within his government and the US. Now that he has been forced out, the Taliban is emboldened. This will not end peacefully, but it will likewise not end in a nuclear confrontation.

Would the Zetas be able to comment on what happened on October 14 now that it is over? Was the Goodchild "spaceship that didn't happen" a hoax or did an intervention of some type occur which kept them from showing up?

As we explained some weeks ago when asked about this date - sightings do not operate like this, being announced ahead of time, and this October 14 date would not bring about a mass sighting as described. There are two possibilities as to why the groups claiming this pressed the story - one, they honestly believed this would occur and were enamored with the idea, and two, it was a hoax by some who were enjoying the attention they were getting. It was a combination of the two, as the original claim was a sincere delusion, and the following hoopla was by those desiring attention. It should be noted who did what for future reference when such episodes occur, as they surely will.

McCain called JFK's murder an "intervention". Even if he knows JFK was shot because he disabled the "Fed" how lame brained can you be to let something like that slip out? Is he sane? Just how twisted is he?

McCain is getting senile, and as with Reagan will be watched closely or done away with if he cannot control his mouth. Both McCain and Clinton were insiders, and as such were considered desirable residents for the White House because they were maleable, fearful of what they knew to be coming during the passage of Planet X. The Navy was closely involved with the formation and early operation of MJ12, and McCain has been a member of MJ12 most of his adult life. He knows the truth about JFK's assassination.

I have a hunch the Republican "Contract With America" was a Bush group machination and Newt Gingrich was front and center. Is this assumption correct and can the Zetas explain what is Gingrich's angle now, in respect to this report? "Report: Gingrich Stabbed Boehner In Back, Whipped GOP Opposition To Bailout"

Gingrich is utterly self serving and would stab his own mother in the back if it met his needs of the moment. The original "Contract with America" was merely something that flowed from the tongue smoothly. It flowed into voter fraud under the direction of Karl Rove. Gingrich is sensing that the GOP base is not pleased with the bailout, and it can be used in the future against those who gave in and approved Paulson's bill. Thus, Gingrich is positioning himself for future political possibilities.

Is the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt related to the people of Planet X? A former place of them?

Only the Great Pyramid is the handiwork of the Annunaki.

Will Zetas and others be free to share their science and knowledge base with humans after the shift? If so, what are the factors determining how soon after this may take place. If not, why not?

As we have detailed on the ZetaTalk website, interaction with ourselves or other visitors will be determined by the readiness of those who desire contact. Individual contact is always arranged, even now. If the community is accepting, with only a few holdouts, then conscious contact might occur. Sharing our technology is another matter, as this requires that the technology cannot be used by those in the Service-to-Self. Thus the group must be predominately Service-to-Other and certainly under the control of those who are highly Service-to-Other without a chance of takeover by Service-to-Self elements.

Will there be competing attempts by non Terrans to establish cooperative colonies or interacting communities after the shift?


Will there be an externalisation of the planetary and system councils with representatives extant on Earth or no?

We suggest you read the Rules section of ZetaTalk regarding the Council of Worlds. This is the only council in place.

I wonder how would man look and behave without a soul. I mean, how much is the soul important in determining human actions and personality? How much derives only from the body and from life experiences?

The soul does not have an appearance. Man looks the same if he has an indwelling soul or is without an incarnation and waiting for a soul to spark. If he has an old soul, wise and strong and intent on an agenda, there is less of what we have described as "gap-mouthed wonder" in the human's expression, as the soul is aware of what life on Earth is about and is not trying to sort it all out. The soul dominates the body, unless the soul is so immature as to be experiencing its first incarnation.

Is ACORN being promoted as a vehicle for democratic voter fraud a means for the GOP (or the people behind the GOP) to cover-up their own voter fraud ambitions?

The GOP is attempting to dilute the many new Democratic registrations that have occurred during the Democratic primary and in anticipation of the general election. They are throwing stones in the path of these newly registered voters, hoping to eliminate their votes. Since registering Mickey Mouse does not result in a fraudulent vote, this will not occur. Registrations are checked, in many ways, so that few illegal votes occur. What some may do via attempting to register voters illegally, to benefit the Democrats, does not compare to the massive voter fraud done by Republicans when they switched tens of thousands of votes via their Diebold tabulating machines using computer manipulation. Nevertheless, this noise will continue until the election, when the totals are so overwhelmingly for Obama that the issue will become moot.

Will there be any gas shortages right before the shift ? There will be many people traveling before the shift to get to their safe locations and will have to stop for gas, will this determine their death or will there be enough gas available? I started saving gas and using a special additive to preserve it, should many more do the same?

There will be more than shortages. This will not be the issue in most cases, as the roads will be jammed. People will be migrating in every direction. Drivers will be frantic with fear and confusion, so accidents will happen and will clog the roadways, permanently. Bridges will be dropping, roadways ripping apart, so that travel of any kind will be impossible. Some cars will run out of gas and be abandoned, but the fact that you might be carrying gasoline in your car will not solve this problem. Your supplies will be inadequate. We suggest that those aware of what is coming go to their safe locations before the last weeks, as soon as possible. You will not be taken by surprise, as we have detailed. The situation will be clear to you.

EQ off coast of mexico: MAP 6.7 2008/10/16 19:41:26 14.443 -92.423 24.0 OFFSHORE CHIAPAS, MEXICO just more of the usual slowly increasing plate adjustments or something more significant?

Earthquakes have been quiet lately, but this is deceptive. As we mentioned when questioned about this quiet period recently, plate movement is sporadic, as rock fingers break off, suddenly allowing movement to occur, but then the fault line catches on yet another rock finger and holds again. Thus, all quakes are significant, but just what that significance is we are not allowed to tell you.

Can I ask you from where are you now answering the questions and how many are you there? Of course in Earth's vicinity, but aboard a craft or what?

We are physically in the house with Nancy, but not on the same floor. However, such close proximity is not necessary for telepathic communication. We could be thousands of miles away or next to her elbow. The team assembles depending upon the questions we anticipate will be asked. If we need expertise we do not have in the assembled team, we simply communicate via telepathy to our fellow Zetas, and pick up their input. Nancy gets the communal message, a single message, and is not confused by any of this.

Obama's legal team seeks special prosecutor for voter registration probe.
With the election just over two weeks away, Bob Bauer, Obama's chief lawyer, said in a conference call with reporters this afternoon that he is asking U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey to to hand over to special prosecutor Nora Dannehy any probe into what Bauer called "bogus claims of vote fraud" that mirror concerns raised by Republicans two years ago.
[and from another] What's their game plan? More of the 2002 and 2004 stunts?

Obama is putting the Justice Department on notice here, as he will surely become president and clean up after the Bush administration. He is telling Mukasey that he has a chance to avoid politicizing prosecutions between now and the general election, or can choose to be in his target sights in the future. The message is not being lost.

The Zetas say that humans were meant to eat vegtables and fruit or meat but not together. How are we supposed to eat them? In days from each other or weeks or months or just per meal?

The answer to this is simple. Imagine yourself to be a caveman, on the hunt for large game. You kill a bison or mastodon. Your tribe has meat until it is gone. Then you start scavenging. Eat like that, like a caveman under those circumstances.

How can a STO help a STS become STO? What is the best way to approach them?

Don't wait on them hand and foot. Force them to take care of themselves as a Service-to-Other would do. Do not allow them to take advantage of you or manipulate you. If you have control over what tasks the Service-to-Self is assigned, assign them to tasks where empathy has a chance to build. Have them take care of the sick, for instance, rather than till the fields. However, if you are dealing with a hardened Service-to-Self, such steps will not work. The sick will be neglected or punished for their needs, and endless supervision and arguments will ensue. This is why life on Service-to-Self planets is brutal until the pecking order is established. Punishment is the only thing a hardened Service-to-Self understands.

Are the Anunnaki still using rockets like they did on Earth thousands of years ago or have they advanced? Why are we going into a Transformation before them?

The Earth has been scheduled for a Transformation at this time because of the anticipated devastating pole shift. Transferring Service-to-Self souls to “prison planets” or the undecided to the waterworld where they can continue their deliberations is facilitated due to the die-off anticipated. Planet X will have no such die-off. Beyond this factor is the degree of negativity that the Annunaki laced into their culture by association with Service-to-Self alien groups. Those souls who were leaning toward the Service-to-Other have taken a longer time to reach their conclusions, due to this. They needed more time.

I'm sorry if this has been asked in the pass if somebody else knows what the Zetas's comments were I appreciate the information already previously stated. Last night I watched the movie W. Is this movie put out to make people feel sorry for Bush. After I watched the movie it made me kind of feel for George Bush. Of course I knew this was the entire point of the movie. But I wanted to know what the main purpose for this film being put out.

To make money. And since it has proved to be a blockbuster, highly amusing, the producers met their goal.