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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 6, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

What do humans, who must enter the place of landing UFOs (circle on the field or similar), but there he began to experience health problems, or in a place someone in trans maintains contact with aliens, but is beginning to suffer health problems or fear - what to do and how to prevent it?

The circle makers most definitely do not create an environment harmful to humans. All such claims are false. This is likewise true of contact. On occasion, a contactee will exhibit signs of stress such as increased allergy symptoms or ringing in the ears due to air pressure changes during the visit, but this is only a temporary adjustment and not harmful in the long term to the human.

We all know that a pole-shift is pending, but let's pretend for a while that such an event would not occur: do you think these selfish governors would manage to establish their long-desired "New World Order"? Do you think we would go towards another world war, possibly a nuclear one?

Look to human history for your answers of what is possible. We refuse to speculate as free will is in play.

When a human gets an alien implant, does the human suddenly get a healed scar that vanishes pretty quickly? I've been getting those at moments of inactivity, creeps me out, not.

Humans are healed on the spot with a growth stimulate, and this is why scars from procedures during visitations are immediately evident, not the wounds that preceded the scars.

After the Shift, will the armed factions be the only ones who survive? In today's current environment, it would mean that the racist Service to Self seditious anti-social types will rule the aftertime. How will predominantly peaceful Service to Other types survive?

We have explained that Service-to-Self gangs will die out, and fairly rapidly, as they rely on looting and do not plan. They also turn on each other, and do not act as caretakers for each other. Service-to-Other communities also will get some help from benign aliens. In this regard it is helpful for these communities to locate in rural and remote areas, and to keep a very low profile. Humans should not assume rescue in any case, for if they do not qualify for Service-to-Other protections they will have a rude surprise.

Can the Zetas comment on a connection between DNA and the spirit?

We have explained that the soul dominates during an incarnation, but is limited by what the body can do. The effect the soul has is thus primarily motivational. Determination, the will to live, persistence, and a positive attitude are some means by which the soul makes the most of the DNA present during the incarnation.

I hope you can comment on the continued attacks on President elect Obama concerning his birth place? Where is this going to lead?

We have stated, each time this comes up, that the challenges are baseless. Courts tend to dismiss baseless lawsuits in order to save their time, and do so by finding what amounts to a technicality to do so. Thus, this is likely to simply be refused by the Supreme Court, as expected. These challenges are led by people who wanted either Clinton or McCain to win the election and are hoping that some miracle occurs during the process. Nothing more than this is behind the lawsuits.

Are there any intelligence limits set by the council for 4th density beings? Maybe to prevent them from building council of worlds type of technology? Would it be possible for the Zetas to genetically engineer themselves to live forever or regenerate better limbs if only they were smarter? Is a 325 year old Zeta just as strong as he was at 25?

These are trivia type questions, which we decline to bother with in the main. The only limit on intelligence is for 3rd Density creatures who spark young souls. Here, there is a limit so the spiritually immature do not venture forth off their planet or out of their solar system. It is simply a way to keep the youngsters in their playpen, as this then requires less effort from their guides to mind them.

Are the contactees that are meeting up now and organizing, could some of them be soul mates? And as well if there are numerous soul mates per person, do the Zetas have any advice with dealing with any conflicts in this area? I mean love is having a blooming effect going into the shift, and different types of love as well. Will these situations work themselves out after the shift, the conflicts within the love and the ultimate love, of who one will be with.

Most souls have dozens of soul mates who are souls they have shared incarnations with in the past and enjoy interacting with. Soul mates support each other, and have established relationships that are familiar and help both souls involved make progress during their incarnations. Of course there are conflicts, and no general statement can cover all these potential conflicts.

How does a soul look like when outside the body? And, how can a soul "enter" a human brain and take control of it?

The human body cannot "see" the physicality of souls. If the soul wishes to be visible to a human, it bends and manipulates light to become a soul "in light form", which the human then recognizes as a visitor. The essence of souls does not chemically interact with your physical environment, such that it is diminished by contact. It can occupy all densities at once. Beyond this, we cannot say, as we ourselves do not fully understand the composition of souls.

How does shyness and a sociality (I mean, staying better alone but at the same time ready to help others when asked) relate to being a Service-to-Other person?

Shyness and being Service-to-Other have no relationship to one another. One is a factor of genetics, upbringing and the society the human finds themselves in, and the other is a spiritual determination and orientation. A Service-to-Other person finds many ways to care for others around them, and does so taking their culture, their physical limitations, and their background into consideration.

When did Planet X first become inhabited by the Annunaki? What were the Annunaki called before they were on Planet X or how did they come to be? Did the Zetas come from the same bloodline as the Annunaki maybe before they were even on Planet X?

We, the Zetas, have no shared bloodline with the Annunaki. As we have stated, the Annunaki were transplants on Planet X. The exact date is no more important than the exact date that mankind began to have intelligence. You should be looking forward, into what will be a very troubled future, rather than trying to distract yourself with such subjects.

Do the Zetas have any technology that can recreate past events and show them in an equivalent of a TV? Maybe by interacting with a willing soul or reading the threads of time. Maybe a machine that can recreate lets say a magazine just as a person read it years ago, all from memory. No need to archive things.

We are able to create holographs for humans, and thus could do so from a human or soul memory, should this be something we would find beneficial. We likewise have multifaceted media formats.

In the last 2 weeks, the zetas have been dismissive about questions related to Oahspe - a book they've clearly touted as truthful in the past - that asked if there are personalities still conspiring and inspiring humankind. Comparing the characters of Osiris and Looeamong to the abstract idea of "wealth" is like comparing George W Bush to an oil dipstick; at least GW Bush is making decisions affecting the level of oil than such a dipstick. People beginning to find Zetatalk might find it resonant but then they hear these contradictions; what's wrong with asking who is active on the higher planes at this time post-"kosmon"? It's highly relevant to understanding our place in the universe as we head into the last days.

The problem with your questions is that you are not asking for a validation of Oahspe, you are asking for us to interpret the book for you. The Oahspe speaks for itself, and our previous answers cover your questions without getting into every instance. We refuse to hold your hand! We decline Bible questions for this same reason. If we state that Jesus did not write things down, so the words in the Bible are not necessarily his, and that the Bible was written primarily for conquest over humans by Service-to-Self humans determined to spiritually enslave mankind, then someone wants us to address a particular chapter and verse and explain just what that means! This is all we would do, if we allowed ourselves to be used by those who are struggling to sort it out for themselves in this manner. Your obsession with the Oahspe is similar. You are looking for absolute answers, and will not find them in any written work by clinging to each word as you are doing.

Anything unusual about this jelly like substance found outdoors in Scotland? "To try to solve the mystery, Out of Doors has asked some scientists to examine a 'jelly' sample. Results so far: Hans Sluiman, an algae expert at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, told Out of Doors listeners he is convinced the gel itself is not a plant or animal. Dr Andy Taylor studies fungi at the Macaulay Institute in Aberdeen. He says there are fungus filaments in the slime but agrees with Hans that they're growing in the gloop rather than creating it."

There have been odd atmospheric disturbances since the tail of Planet X came into the vicinity in 2003 - Moon and Sun halos, neon clouds, manna found on the ground in the SW United States, and of course occasional red dust on patio furniture or cars. The chemicals in the tail have also caused human illness - nausea, dizziness, and irregular menstrual cycles in women. The tail has petrochemicals in it, which are the basis for the oil deposits on Earth. These chemicals were gathered in the Asteroid Belt when it was pelted to pieces in the past, as the planets in that belt were water planets and bore life. Out in space, these biological elements cannot rot, as bacteria cannot live in the cold of space or without oxygen. This glop is another form of these chemicals dropping to the ground - not oil, but not water soluble either.

For many years canola oil has been presented to consumers as part of a healthy diet. Recently, I ran across some disturbing articles about canola oil. The parent plant (rape seed) is used in industry as a penetrating oil and it's not for human consumption since it contains a toxic substance. The Canadian gov't supposedly paid our FDA $50 million to have canola oil put on the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list. Studies with lab rats were disastrous. Many examples of health problems in humans and animals were described in these articles. I've used canola oil for years. I was shocked to see the list of health problems linked to this substance, including the very ones that I've developed. Many families are using/storing this oil, thinking it will keep loved ones healthy. Would the Zetas care to comment on this matter?

You're on target with your observations and conclusions. Don't use it!

When answering our questions, can you feel our soul orientation? Do you answer them accordingly to that? [and from another] Can the Zetas feel or know who is asking questions here tonight? Are they allowed to answer this?

Nancy is aware of the spiritual orientation of people who email her or ask questions here in the chat, partly because we confirm her conclusions. We can do so by reading the minds of those who write or post.

Thousands of people have flocked to Virginia Beach, VA because Edgar Cayce suggested this area to be a safe zone. Should these people be warned to go as close as West Virginia mountains which are approx 360 miles inland and 2500 feet in elevation or would they need to go further west?

Our general guidelines are to be 100 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level at that location. One should not stand on the beach. As we have explained, Cayce was talking about the time of rotation stoppage, when the water pulls from the equator and moves to the poles. Then matters reverse, and the sloshing starts. There will be tidal surges between now and the time of the pole shift which will clue any residents along coastlines that they are not safe.

My father is in the basement waterproofing industry. a couple of years ago we noticed an increased amount of iron ochre being found in the water supplies below ground. some of it has also been found with the consistency of jelly. I assume this is due to the increase in red dust from Planet X's tail coating everything in iron oxide dust and the petrochemicals in it serving as the unusual texture and makeup of it. Would the zetas like to comment on this?

What occurs in oil-based paint if left to stand in the open air? It becomes gummy, though it would eventually decompose. Dust deposited on the ground does wash down into underground water tables, and along with the polluting chemicals allowed to enter the water tables, can create all manner of muck.

Has a pathogen been released major cities? I am noticing a lot of people skins are not a healthy looking in person and in photos? [and from another] Have cancer cases remained constant or increased? It just seems a lot of people I know are coming down with cancer.

No biological attacks have been launched. There is of course increased illness for several reasons, as we predicted years ago. The core of the Earth is roiling, and this causes waves of particle flows not normally bathing surface creatures to emit. This is the cause of the White Buffalo, for instance. Another factor is that the public notices the Earth changes and the inability of the government, scientists and media to explain them. Global Warming is claimed, and then the northern hemisphere has a cold winter. The Earth changes are proceeding faster than the Global Warming models. The weather forecasters are unable to accurately predict the weather. Crop shortages are beginning to affect the grocery shelves. The fact that the world is in a second Great Depression is also a cause of worry. Stress causes illness, and in those who have made a decision to die, this results in cancer.

When first reading ZetaTalk I understood Planet X to travel 3.56 Sun-Pluto distances past the sun, but more recent information suggests Planet X is near the Sun at present. Can you clarify the orbit more?

We suggest the Science section on our Zetatalk website, which has details about the orbit of Planet X. The Sun's binary twin is 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away, in the direction of the constellation Orion. Planet X moves between these two suns, in a sling orbit. After it passes your Sun, it moves out beyond the Sun the 3.56 Sun-Pluto distances you state, and then turns around to begin its sling back again.

The chemtrails got a little brazen this week in North Carolina when they made little half loops around the sky. Clearly, these weren't from planes going back and forth to airports. We've had a number of days without any chemtrails but this week they were very, very heavy and some of the oddest ones I've ever seen in a sort of loopy fashion. Do you know why they have changed their pattern after all these years of pretty much straight lines?

Like any enterprise designed to keep the public in the dark, this enterprise is breaking down. The elite, who fund this enterprise, see the world's economy falling apart, the banking systems on life support, and fear riots in the near future. They question the worth of funding the chemtrails battle when the Earth changes are becoming so obvious. The Earth wobble is palpable to anyone trying to make sense of the weather swings and the positions of the Sun and Moon. Soon even those who never look out their windows will begin to notice, so goes the logic, so why bother to cloud their view! The Bush administration has been turning a blind eye to those laying chemtrails, and thus the elite also fear prosecution under Obama, or at least being pursued by prosecutors. Thus, chemtrails may only be laid in those localities where the enterprise feels the local establishment will support them. North Carolina is certainly one of those states.

Can the Zetas comment as to if the moon is going counter clockwise? Every night when I look at the sky it appears to be going back wards from its previous location of the night before.

The Moon's orbit is tilted in the extreme, and has been since 2004 when Planet X moved into the Earth's vicinity. Too far north for 2 weeks, then too far south for 2 weeks, and only more or less where expected during Full and New Moon times. In this, the Moon is trying to evade the particle flows that crowd around the ecliptic. You are noting in part this movement toward the extreme tilt. The Moon has likewise been noted as coming into phase too early, which we explained was due to its tilted orbit taking less time to go over the more narrow parts of the globe than to go over the fatter equator.

Are there any updates on Nibiru?

We have no comments, as they would help the establishment in their determination to maintain the cover-up. As is known, Planet X, aka Nibiru, is between the Earth and Sun, somewhat to the right as viewed from the northern hemisphere, and gradually approaching Earth. Earth is being pushed backward in her orbit, trying to evade Planet X which is approaching in a retrograde orbit. Planet X is virtually on the ecliptic, just beneath it, in a very crowded particle flow, a headwind. It is turning in place to point its magnetic N Pole outward, increasingly, which is why the N Pole of Earth tipped away from the Sun last winter excessively. Right now, the approach has caused the Earth wobble to become more extreme, and debris in the tail of Planet X to begin entering the atmosphere in the form of fireballs. Just what will occur between the present and the start of the lean to the left, we decline to say.

Saw this story today about a SWAT team stealing an Ohio family's personal food and essentially shutting down their business, a food co-op. Are the food shortages that bad already or is something else behind this raid?

This raid was ostensibly to gather evidence that an organic gardener was running an unlicensed business, but it confirms our prediction on the brutal hand of the government when times get tight. We have warned against hoarding food, as those who stock more than they would ordinarily need are of record. The orders made are of record, and the amount normally used is of record, and when starvation begins to press the government can take steps to seize stocks of food to distribute to others. This raid was not yet of that nature, but shows what is to come. We advise, as we have always advised, that people should learn how to grow their own food and how to save seed, as these skills cannot be taken from you.

Are the zetas aware if the incoming administration is beginning to consider plans for evacuating the population centers that lie along the New Madrid fault line and up into the St. Lawrence seaway once the events the Zetas predict will begin?

Such evacuations are not possible or within the scope of what a government can do. There is always speculation on the part of those worried about the coming times, mixed with hope, that a government rescue will occur. Starvation is already a problem, with millions going hungry every night. Displaced families, the jobless, are already sleeping in their cars. Are these situations being solved now by government intervention?

Can the zetas offer their take on this belligerent character who calls himself Hap Griffin, and claims to have debunked ZetaTalk astronomical claims. Claiming to be an astronomer and a vice president of engineering for a broadcast network, how does he find all this time in the world to attack ZetaTalk threads, and why does he make threats to disrupt personal lives of ZetaTalk readers.

This is not his real name, nor his profession. ZetaTalk has many detractors, more than half paid for their work. Such claims can be made without repercussion, as who will prove or disprove the assertion? Paid debunkers are most often centrally coordinated, and in the early days of ZetaTalk debunking this was easily noted as they would all suddenly switch to a central theme, repeat each other's arguments, and support each other in a type of one-two punch approach. As this was so often noted by those observing the circus, they tried to fine-tune their approach. Nevertheless, they are easily identified even by newcomers to the subject, who are astonished that a supposedly crazy lady is getting this kind of attention. The debunking, in short, debunks itself!

California 5.1 12-6-8
on 12-3-8 Utha 2.8, Nevada 2.5, Arkansas 2.5
It seems that were playing ping-pong in the ring of fire with quakes in Japan, China, and Tonja occuring prior to the US quakes. Question: how are these (above) EQ affecting the Madrid? Seems that activity is picking up there as well
MAP 3.0 2008/10/30 23:01:54 32.836N 97.029W 5.0 13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of Bedford, TX
MAP 2.6 2008/10/30 22:25:52 32.800N 97.016W 5.0 15 km ( 9 mi) ESE of Bedford, TX
MAP 3.1 2008/10/30 10:25:00 35.443N 97.118W 5.0 17 km (11 mi) NNW of Bethel Acres, OK

We mentioned some time ago that the edges of the Earth's plates had become smooth, rock fingers broken off so the fault lines could move a greater distance, allowing the plates to shift about more readily. Nancy likewise has noted this and featured this observation in her newsletter - that quakes are occurring affecting almost all plates of the Earth within a single day - and concluded that our prediction has come true. This is only the start.

This is an incredibly vague question, so if you need clarification, please ask. I feel like it can't really be toned down, though, since it is at the base of this thought. In terms of advancement of the soul, what are some of the best ways to go about it? It seems like soul evolution is soooo slow. It's almost like there's nothing we can do but be aware over time. How feasible is it to truly advance the soul immediately and in a large sense? I suppose this would be a separate question and hopefully it hasn't been covered. How do we as individual humans increase empathy? Being an empathic person would encourage others to do so, but how does one spark this feeling in his or herself on a more consistent basis? Would just doing it be correct? I have a feel that this could turn on oneself and push him or her away, like when kids dislike foods because their parents force them to eat it.

Are you asking to avoid your lessons? Just skip all those years, and graduate? Let’s move on to the high tech living where pain can be eliminated and life is a breeze! Sorry, this is not the way it works. Empathy, by definition, means standing in another's shoes. This needs no explanation. It requires action on your part!

As people make plans for the pole shift, they must be overcome with guilt when deciding in the back of their heads who they can save and bring to a safe location and who they cannot, how many people they could support. What do Zetas suggest to do when faced with this problem?

We have described the pole shift as an opportunity, and an opportunity it is! There is no easy answer! This is the essence of spiritual decisions and personal growth. You will be faced with an almost endless range of options. We have advised that the selfish should be turned back upon themselves, refused aid, as this is the setting they will find themselves in during their next incarnation on the “prison planets.” Refusing aid, not allowing them to continue to take advantage of others, is simply giving them an early lesson. It is also what they would do to you, given the chance.

We have advised that those who are spiritually undecided should be given tasks that encourage empathy, such as caring for the sick, or at least be given tasks that are unpleasant such as cleaning toilets. Do not pamper these individuals. If they refuse, then you have identified their primary orientation to be Service-to-Self. Of those in the Service-to-Other orientation who realize they are old or sick and likely to be a burden on others, they will remove themselves in some manner. Require all who are healthy and want to form survival communities to help themselves as much as possible. Must you carry them all to safety? Give them information and let them do this for themselves.