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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 13, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

A lot of game-playing with the auto bailout. During a discussion on CNBC, one commentator says "The UAW ... well they just need to go away" whereby another commentator retorts "now that's the first bit truth I've heard from the Republicans all day - this is about union busting isn't it?" The White House is hemming and hawing. I had a dream last night where I heard "they will take GM to zero before bringing it back up". Seems the elite agenda is to put GM into bankruptcy, rip up all the contracts, say goodbye to the UAW, and then resussitate it with limitless billions of digi-dollars. I'm sure this is all "in the hands of man" - but being on top of events, can the Zetas tell us the motives of the players involved? In the "last" depression, the unions won consessions by occupying the factories and refusing to leave - with the threat that if violence was used to evict, they would destroy the factory entirely. Are the unions planning to do this again if necessary? Or are they now to weak, too discredited, too passive, and too powerless to truly resist - this, perhaps their last stand? Perhaps this time if they threaten to occupy the factories, the elite will simply say "go ahead - stay until the cows come home. We were going to scrap them anyway."

The UAW was willing to make concessions. The issue was Republican senators from the south who had mixed emotions in that foreign companies - competitors - were building autos in their states. How far will issues go during this, the second Great Depression? This is indeed in the hands of man, including in Obama's hands, and he intends to employ people and prevent these types of dead-lock issues. Were it not for the incoming administration, matters would be grim. We predict the only thing that will be destroyed will be petty politics and strong arm attempts to deploy martial law.

How do the Zetas get information in advance of it happening? Is it something they see or feel? Or is it all just scientific.

We have explained that we do not see the future but the future is also not hard to read. Astronomical or geological circumstances are a matter of science. Human nature also allows fairly accurate predictions on human affairs. We have explained that those humans who seem to predict the future well are using an ability to predict based on what they sense or intellectually compute - an educated guess.

Could the Zs comment on the ice storms, will they become more intense? US ice storm knocks out power, shuts offices New York (AFP) [Dec 12] An ice storm across the northeastern United States caused power outages for hundreds of thousands of people and forced a government shut-down in Maine. "The whole northeast of the United States is suffering," said Jeff Tilghman at Northeast Utilities, a power company serving the region. [and from another] What does this week's extreme weather around the world imply in the scheme of things? [and from another] Can the zetas comment on the cold weather in the us and europe? Wobble related I assume?

We predicted the current weather since the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995 - drought and deluge, temperature extremes, tornados and hurricanes appearing where not expected, and sudden and extreme windstorms. The wobble is indeed the basis for most of these weather predictions. We have stated the wobble will get worse, and this process has hardly begun. Extreme weather is often only considered extreme because the locale has not experienced it before. Ice storms commonly happen in North Carolina, but when they hit the northeast they are considered extreme.

Why is the fed considering issuing their own debt directly? Is the Puppet Master tired of funding the bailout?

The Fed is the Puppet Master, as the primary funder is the House of Rothchild. Shoring up banks did not put liquidity into the system, as the banks were too protective of themselves, creating a safety net for themselves. Thus, a more direct approach is being taken. Funds move from the primary funder to those needing a bailout, skipping the middleman.

There are threads here that have questioned whether the Sun is getting whiter and/or more intense. I can no longer look at the early morning sunrise with my bare eyes. I notice the strongest trails being laced at Sunrise and Sunset
and can almost say there is no longer such a thing as a clear blue sky. I saw the planes spray one day, when the mid-day Sun looked more like it was rising/setting on the horizon, instead of positioned at high noon. Are chemtrails being used to disguise a growing intensity and positioning?

They are hoping you don't notice the signs in the skies. You have noticed one they were hoping you would not notice - a midday Sun too low on the horizon due to the wobble. This is a short term effort as soon it will be impossible to disguise what is going on with the wobble. Then the game will move to a new front, which we decline to discuss.

Are Moon bases still used? Are there any on the visible side of the Moon? Or are they all on the dark side of the moon?

The Moon bases on the dark side of the Moon are being used by aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation, as we have detailed on the ZetaTalk website. The leaders of countries who have sent probes around the Moon are aware of this.

Are implants ever left in the wrists?

Implants can be implanted all over the body, and seldom are where expected for obvious reasons. The soul and subconscious of the contactee are both in agreement that the implant be placed and that the contactee’s status be a covert matter. The politically correct conscious of the contactee often wants to cooperate with authorities and remove an implant, and if they were aware of its location this would help them remove it. Thus, we are sneaky about locations.

Nancy, seriously how can you be so confident that Planet X exists and is really inbound, huh? Oh the Zeta's told me. I know ZetaTalk is a government program. Its true. Why ban me for telling the truth?

Oh, all wise and knowledgeable person, share your wisdom on other issues so those attending this chat can be impressed! You have no such knowledge, only your self-righteous opinion, which is hardly the truth.

Will the Earth changes stop the transition of powers towards one world government or will it help the transition?

We have stated that when the pole shift occurs that satellites will be torn out of the sky and not be reinstated; that roads and airplane landing sites will be torn up and all trains so derailed that repairs will never be complete to the extent needed for long distance transportation. Oil and gas reserves will explode and burn up and refineries will not repaired for operation; and phone and electric lines will be down. The only communication that will be possible will be shortwave, among emergency workers locally. This is hardly the scenario for a one world government.

What do you make of all of this talk about January 22 and Obama being "tested", what is the Zeta take on this news?

It is a standard concern that an incoming president will be tested by elements around the world. This is nothing new and has nothing to do with any weakness sensed in the Obama administration. We frankly do not anticipate any tests, as those contemplating them have watched him choose staff of high competence and know the Obama team would function more effectively than the current Bush team.

Time Again to Put the Clocks Back - One Second? [Dec 9] With a brutal economic slowdown, 2008 may feel as if it will never end. Now the world's timekeepers are making it even longer by adding a leap second to the last day of the year.

The Navy of course has to continue with business as usual, pretending that slowing has not been many minutes since Planet X started its approach to the solar system in the late 1990's. This is nothing more than a façade.

Why do male boys love video games so much? The drive seems almost genetic, similar to the sex drive in adults, even though video games are relatively new. I only met one boy growing up who didn't like video games, and he was obviously gay, not that there's anything wrong with that, and girls never seemed interested. I only played 2 random RPG games growing up, and they both involved a large comet coming to cause destruction on earth. In Chrono Trigger in particular there's this live parasitic comet that digs into the earth and is responsible for the destruction of Atlantis, the destruction of our current time forcing us into dome cities, and so on. And at one point in the game the characters are looking up at the red star coming towards earth. So yeah, some video game developers must be contactees.

As has been noted by human scientists, there are lots of differences between girls and boys. They are structured by nature for different tasks. Survival of the species is the overriding goal. Girls are to nurture, boys to protect.

We had a huge halo around the Moon 2 nights ago which I have never seen before here in Utah. What would have caused that? The news said it was cause of a storm which was coming, but we get those all the time.

Moon halos have been noted only since Planet X arrived in the vicinity, wafting its oily tail into the Earth's atmosphere. As with the occasional dusting of red dust, excuses are made, and these excuses will continue as long as it is perceived that the public will buy the excuses or needs them. We have stated that even when the globe has stopped rotating and the Planet X complex is a flaming, writhing body in the sky, that there will be those who deny all. Thus, it is entirely possible that until electronic communication is impossible, that such excuses will be given to the public.

I saw the movie When the Earth Stood still, and found many similarities in what the Zetas speak of. In the movie a counsel of worlds reaches the conclusion that humans on earth are a threat to its survival, and authorize their destruction. My question is, has your counsel come to similar conclusions?

No. The coming pole shift is considered merely a natural occurrence, like tornados or earthquakes. Man is no more evil or blundering than other 3rd density intelligent life-forms. This is a schoolhouse like many others, and not about to be destroyed.

Web Bot boys got me really thinking about what will happen when the New Madrid sets off all the way over here in North Carolina. From my research into the New Madrid in 1812 and 1813 it did sound like the Web Bot was talking about that happening in modern times. They seemed to have it all with the noise, the looking up in the air at the sand shooting up and the ripples on the land that John James Audubon saw coming at him in Kentucky while riding a horse, reminding him of ocean waves on land, in their prediction. What will be the impact on daily life for the country and how will the earthquake be different than in 1812 in terms of where the damage has the most impact?

We also have been predicting that a New Madrid Fault adjustment will occur well before the pole shift, the more serious of the quakes that will strike the N American continent including any that will occur on the West Coast. This adjustment will at least equal what occurred in 1811-1812, and due to the increased population centers - large cities - the devastation will of course be worse. We have predicted that most of the bridges crossing the Mississippi River will be a loss.

Is there any hope in the near future for mankind to be truly free from the burden of laws against humanity ?

What you are longing for is a Service-to-Other community, which does not need laws as all work for the good of the community. This is indeed in your future.

I'd like to ask the Zetas why Nibiru was the home chosen for the Annunaki. It would seem to be a very hostile environment to learn life lessons. Are there other intelligent species there?

Nibiru, aka Planet X, is no more hostile a planet than Earth, nor are the Annunaki much different from mankind. Where the Earth is a rich environment, allowing many transplants such as Bigfoot to coexist with man, Planet X is more limited in the life it can sustain, and thus the Annunaki are the only intelligent species it supports.

Jackson Jr. Denies Senate Seat Scheme Role Report: Jackson backers sought cash for to help persuade Blagojevich Was Jackson reaching for the stars or just caught in the muck?Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. flatly denies that he and his brother were involved in a scheme to get him a Senate seat in a deal with scandal-tainted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. The remarks in an interview with The Associated Press Friday came on the heels of a Chicago Tribune report that cited unidentified sources. The newspaper said businessmen with ties to the governor and congressmen discussed raising $1 million for Blagojevich to get him to appoint Jackson to the Senate. The report depicts Jackson's brother as an active participant. The congressman said "to an absolute certainty" that his brother was not involved in any scheming or wrongdoing.

Of course the Jackson family is going to deny all until they are nailed to the wall, as they are expecting that the transcripts released will be the last to be released. Politicians with control such as a governor has are expected to be approached by those hoping for government contracts or appointments. A bribe is not a bribe until it is accepted! What the Jacksons were doing was sweetening the pot, one Democrat doing another a favor. Raising funds for one another is standard procedure. What Blogojevich did was demand a bribe. There is a difference, in the eyes of the law. The Jackson family was both set back and encouraged by Obama's success. Set back because Jesse Jackson, Sr. could not attain what Obama did, and was openly jealous of Obama's success. They were encouraged because they felt if one African-American from Chicago could make the grade, so could another. Thus, they were too eager!

You stated Planet X's orbit is roughly 3657 years. Is it just a coincidence that there are 365 days in a year and
7 days in a week? [365+7]. Was our calendar based on the orbit or is this just a coincidence?

The orbit of Earth was at one time closer to 360 days a year, as the Mayan calendar reveals. The orbit of Planet X, as we have stated, can also vary, so the ancient Sumerians presumed it to be 3,600 years. We have stated that this orbit can vary, so that 3,657 is an average, by our count. The Mayan month was 20 days, with which they could divide their larger calendar numbers. None of this has any relevance to the Gregorian days of the week, which has yet another etiological source.

Why would a soul incarnate into an animal here on earth? Would be a nice break to enjoy the beuaty of the earth but I'm guessing not much soul growth occurs, why would they want to incarnate into an animal?

We have explained that souls incarnate into animals who are unable to contemplate their lives as separate from others (and thus unable in and of themselves to spark a soul) for lessons. There is something they anticipate learning during such an incarnation, or they are doing so to assist a human in the vicinity, such as a pet might do. This video speaks to an indeginous gathering in April 2009: Return of the Ancestors Gathering. Mayan, Hopi, and many other tribal elders are coming together in Arizona. Can the Zetas speak to the possible outcome? Are they readying to speak to the masses to reveal what they know?

These Native Americans obviously are aware that the Earth is in its last days, what some call the End Times before the cataclysms. They are sharing their prophecies and hoping just as you are to have a better understanding of what stands between this time and the last weeks.

Can the Zetas comment on if this is a black hole? [and from another] Mammoth black hole found at heart of Milky Way [Dec 11] Astronomers have confirmed that at the centre of the Milky Way is the biggest black hole in our entire galaxy. It's four million times heavier than the sun so dense that even light can't escape its huge gravitational pull.

Mankind does not understand the nature or function of black holes. They assume that a black hole eats everything in the vicinity such that nothing can escape. They assume this because light does not seem to emerge from a black hole. We have explained that we can route our spaceships through black holes and emerge on the other side. Light does not emerge because it has been forced to combine with other elements and is temporarily not free to move about as photons. This is a concept man does not yet understand, so they misinterpret.

What about Service-to-All? Is that Service-to-Others, Service-to-Self or some sort of "grey area" that aliens can't grasp?

Service-to-Other is the capacity to consider others at least 50% of the time, to be empathetic and self-sacrificing. Service-to-Other individuals never attempt to be considerate to all other intelligent life-forms in the vicinity. This would not, in fact, be possible when there are Service-to-Self entities to be considered. In the higher densities, Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self are separated and do not interact except under very delimited engagements. This is outlined in the Rules section of the ZetaTalk website. In a mixed setting such as the Earth is at present, where Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self and many undecided souls are living in a mixed society, to be Service-to-All as you describe would mean that Service-to-Other individuals are attending to those who are Service-to-Self. This act would not serve others, but would in fact only serve the selfish who endlessly take advantage of others, particularly those who are giving.

You recently spoke about the water troubles Chicago will have soon. This got me wondering about all the nuclear plants in Illinois and those around the US: Will the coming earthquakes cause these plants to release radioactive materials into the environment (or worse, China Syndrome), or is there some sort of mechanism in place to lock down the plants in the event of an earthquake?

The operators of these plants have the capacity to deactivate them, standard procedure in case of earthquake damage, for instance. We have stated that those concerned about pollution from nuclear power plants contact their administrators and educate them on what is about to occur, particularly during the last weeks. Beyond that, we cannot say, as any interference in the affairs of man must be granted by the Council of Worlds, and this could change depending upon many circumstances.

Could the Zetas name a Star Child on this world that we would be able to identfy other then Barack Obama?

Many movie producers and authors are Star Children, as their awareness of what the Earth's Transformation entails reveals.

Recently, I've noticed that there are a lot of people who have or have had cancer. Are cancer cases being under reported? And it seems to be really big business for the medical field. Any thoughts?

We described at the start of the ZetaTalk saga a matter we called "increasing illness" which has indeed emerged over these past years. This has multiple causes, including the desire to die, unrelenting stress, and immune systems under distress from the particle flows coming from the core of the Earth and the oily pollution wafting into the atmosphere from the tail of Planet X. Cancer occurs frequently in healthy animals, but is killed by a healthy immune system. When an animal or human determines to die, they depress their immune system and cancer takes hold. This is, of course, not a complete explanation as some people are genetically prone to cancer and many onslaughts can occur which overwhelm the body, but in the main, cancer occurs because the person has a depressed immune system and cancer is deliberate. It is clear from those looking about that the economy, the weather, all are uncertain and the future looking grim. Many are checking out!

Is the mega earthquake predicted for this time period going to happen? (Excuse me if you already answered this.)

No. This has not happened yet. We are not at a 6 of 10 yet.

By necessity nuclear power plants are located near an abundant water source, like oceans, lakes and rivers. Presumably these plants will be cracked open and radiation will be widespread after the pole shift. Could the Zetas comment on what happens to the radiation from these destroyed and leaking plants that are now underwater?

Nuclear power plants in operation need to be cooled, thus the need for a water flow. But if not in operation, with the tubes pulled out as in the inactive position, such cooling is not needed. Obviously power plant locations are not ideal survival community settings, after the pole shift, just as industrial pollution sites are not ideal. Settle elsewhere!

The craft that I observed yesterday evening was as bright as the planet Jupiter and was moving South. In just a few seconds, it dimmed until disappearing completely. Did it disappear relative to my position by quickly traveling in a northwest direction or did it enter another dimension? The biggest question is, what was the craft doing in the first place? And how do the occupants survive such tremendous speed? What is different between the dimensions that the occupants would want to travel between?

When a spaceship disappears quickly one of two things has occurred - either it went into another dimension or assumed great speed. As we have explained, our craft have their own gravity centers, so great speed does not, for instance, plaster the occupants against the walls as man's machines do to him. Switching between the densities is also not a painful or complicated process for those who understand how to do it.

There's a ongoing discussion about this on GLP, perhaps the Zetas could offer their opinion: why are men so pleased with themselves when they fart? Do they really think they accomplished something?

Little boys in men's clothing, who are no longer under their mother's watchful gaze. They are pleased because they are now free from restriction.

I've searched the Zeta site looking for the per cent of people expected to go insane. I think it's high judging from the posts on this thread. Is it 43%?

You are speaking tongue in cheek, as it is indeed our projection that 43% of the survivors will be insane to some degree.

Can you give us an approximation on how long the Second Great Depression will last, and/or when this Second Great Depression will be at it's peak?

The world will not emerge from this second Great Depression as it did the last. The reasons are manyfold. The pole shift will overtake the world prior to 2012, and going into that time disasters will be increasing, insurance companies will be going bankrupt, crop failures will be increasing and illness will be increasing. The outcome will be different this time because any success will be societal, in Service-to-Other communities who will eventually merge with high tech alien centers operating in the Service-to-Other orientation.

So why will the the real new world order spend 100+ years building their agenda just to let it all be destroyed by this "pole shift" in 2012.

It was known that the Earth would take a vote among all its reincarnating souls prior to the pole shift, as to whether the Earth should be a Service-to-Other globe or a Service-to-Self “prison planet” in the future. As expected, the vote taken around the time of Roswell was decided for a Service-to-Other world, but those in the Service-to-Self orientation who desired a large harvest of young souls during the Earth's Transformation were going for what they could get. They wanted to gain a strong enough foothold in S America and Africa to claim those continents, and indeed over the past decade there have been battles between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self aliens in this regard. This is, for instance, one reason we refuse trivial questions. There are more important things to do! The Bush family, headed by George Herbert, was intent on delivering the N American continent for their masters in the Service-to-Self, but failed. It is characteristic of those in the Service-to-Self orientation to lie to their minions. They knew the chances of success were slight, but gave orders for dominion anyway.