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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 25, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Mexico Swine Flu Deaths Spur Global Epidemic Fears [Apr 25] A unique strain of swine flu is the suspected killer of dozens of people in Mexico. The worrisome new virus - which combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before - also sickened at least eight people in Texas and California. In Mexico City, literally hundreds and thousands of travelers come in and out every day. There is no vaccine that specifically protects against swine flu, and it was unclear how much protection current human flu vaccines might offer. The geographical spread of the outbreaks also concerned the WHO - while 13 of the 20 deaths were in Mexico City, the rest were spread across Mexico - four in central San Luis Potosi, two up near the U.S. border in Baja California, and one in southern Oaxaca state. The CDC says two flu drugs, Tamiflu and Relenza, seem effective against the new strain. Roche, the maker of Tamiflu, said the company is prepared to immediately deploy a stockpile of the drug if requested. CDC officials described the virus as having a unique combination of gene segments not seen before in people or pigs. The bug contains human virus, avian virus from North America and pig viruses from North America, Europe and Asia.

From the start of this outbreak it was clear that this was not a natural emergence of a virus. Pig virus from three different continents, an avian virus, and human virus. How does one catch a swine flu from a pig that has traveled to three different continents? Swine flu normally travels from a pig to a human and there stops, but this strain was to ensure human to human transmission by including human flu virus. The list of anomalies in this incidence is long, and has eyebrows raised all around the world. Yet another suspicion is the means by which citizens, primarily children, were infected in the US when they have not traveled or had exposure to pigs. Outbreaks normally have a trail that can be followed, this one infects that one who travels and infects yet another. But here there are great leaps. It frankly looks planted, and it is.

Who benefits from this engineered outbreak, which will not become a pandemic despite the hype. Note that where vaccines are not available, two flu drugs - Tamiflu and Relenza, are reportedly effective. One must take these drugs early in the course of the disease, almost before being diagnosed, to be effective. During other panics, these drugs sold out. In that there have been other attempts to start a pandemic with the H5N1 or the 1957 bird flu viruses, this case will be investigated aggressively. Unfortunately, the criminals who planted the virus where those who fell ill would encounter it are long gone. Who can remember a suspicious stranger when the virus could be spread by passing a table where teenagers were gathering, or a familiar face in a school room cafeteria serving line, or an odd smell lingering in a public restroom. Nevertheless, we predict the criminals will be identified and if not brought to justice via the normal route will receive justice at the hands of those enraged that this ploy was visited on their country. Here we are not talking about the US system of justice, but the Mexican system of justice.

Hello to all of the Kursk, Zetas, Nancy and the rest! This is like asking: Today, read the "Secret Power" on acts of violence against aliens of all kinds of secret political services which violate all sorts of laws and blatant discrimination against aliens produce, in particular, I very much do not like the case of UFO in South Africa, why did not attract liability? [and from another] On October 5, 1982, Dr. Brain T. Clifford of the Pentagon announced at a press conference ("The Star", New York, Oct. 5, 1982) that contact between U.S. citizens and extra-terrestrials or their vehicles is strictly illegal. According to a law already on the books: (Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, adopted on July 16, 1969, before the Apollo moon shots), anyone guilty of such contact automatically becomes a wanted criminal to be jailed for one year and fined $5,000.

Nancy is unfamiliar with the laws you state, but is assuming you refer to laws which would allow humans to sue or attack aliens. This is the question we will address and the assumption we will allow. Aliens cannot be harmed by humans, no matter what claims they make. Aliens do not abduct humans. This is a human term, designed to put humans curious about the alien presence in fear of contact. The human establishment fears the populace getting cozy with aliens, but this is a matter they cannot prevent or delay. We, the visitors, do not abduct. We make contact, and only when the human has expressed an interest in contact. This is all outside of the control of the establishment. NASA has a law stating that any astronaut, any human, having contact with extraterrestrial will be jailed and fined, yet contactees proclaiming their association with aliens in contactee support groups are never jailed or fined. Such bluster by the establishment is just noise.

What can I say about the psychology and ways of behavior of serial killers?

Most killers are serial killers, but are not caught in the act so are only known for the violence that got them caught. Those who get a thrill from murder are obviously in the Service-to-Self, and reveling in their power to kill another human and get away with it. Serial killers are simply careless, demonstrating a pattern in their actions, and thus recognized as such.

Yesterday the FAA opened its entire airplane-bird collisions database to the public, and it was found that these had more than doubled since 2000. According to one reporter, the number went from 4 in 2000 to 55 last year in Chatanooga TN alone. Does this astonishing increase have anything to do with the approach of Planet X?

Birds migrate based on many clues, including magnetic clues. Whales are beaching themselves increasingly, because the magnetic field is in motion. This is indeed due to the effects of Planet X, which is hosing the Earth with the magnetic particles from its N Pole, thus pushing the Earth away during the daily wobble. These statistics are just another piece of evidence that Planet X is in the vicinity.

Do the zetas ever feel empathy or sympathy for the humans gathered here reading and asking questions, having to watch us live with this constant threat day after day, month after month, year after year and unable to tell us the truth about how much longer we have to wait except that it will happen "before 2012"?

Yes. But the relief you seek would cause more pain, and thus the Council of Worlds is acting responsibly in maintaining the Element of Doubt.

The Zetas have mentioned that humans still alive on Earth in the moment of its transition into the 4th Density will not feel anything but will be suddenly more spiritualy aware. My question is about Hybrids born on Earth before its transition into 4th Density. Will they be just as spiritualy aware and telepathic (since it's the spirit who rules the incarnation) as if born on an already 4th Density planet?

Those incarnated into hybrid bodies are mature Service-to-Other entities and thus well in touch with their spiritual side.

What will be the pH of the rain after the shift. The general composition of it as well. Mainly carbonic acid? What makes it toxic? Would it just be mainly volcanic fumes? So the soil would be drenched in toxins as well. No? So wouldn't wild edibles be poisonous then? Approximately how long would the wait be for normal rain and proper sun light? Couple of years?

Ash is primarily not acid but alkaline, which is normally an improvement for soils. Heavy metals are many, and well known to man. Research this. How toxic the rainfall is depends on your location. Don't be downwind from a volcano, is our best advice. Burping volcanoes diminish as the years past, but may be present for decades in some areas, in others no more than months.

There's more information readily available this day in age, but were humans wiser back let's say in the 30s, before the population explosion. (Greater percentage of reincarnated souls.)

Humans not incarnated, in the process of sparking a soul, are often grouped in areas where they are with others in the same situation. We have mentioned very rural or under-developed areas are often areas where unsparked souls congregate. These are areas where birth control is frequently not used, and infant mortality extreme. Thus, those who have been frequently incarnating do not find those they associate with much different than in the recent past, as incarnating souls are most often placed in high tension areas, such as cities, for the greater learning opportunities these areas present.

Can the zetas comment on the death of the CFO of Fannie Mac this past week? Did David Kellerman really commit suicide? [and from another] Why would a man who was appointed to his position after the financial calamity, commit suicide?

This was not a suicide. Known for his integrity, the CFO was preparing for Congressional hearings and digging into details not normally his domain. He was killed because he was likely to state the truth and not cooperate in a cover-up. Where did the money go? Into many, many private hands, a pig's trough where many gorged themselves.

Is it possible for TPTB to truly understand that the best option is for them to come clean about Planet X and throw their lot in with the average person? Any other course of action by them seems doomed.

This is hardly how they think. The lot of the common man is unthinkable for them. They would resist until the last, and by then in most cases it is too late. They will not likely find sympathetic arms when coming out of a bunker into a community that has had to struggle.

Can the zetas give an update on the overall average subconscious awareness of things not being right and the shift for humanity?

Do you want a percentage? Close to 80% are uneasy, feel that something is happening and they are not getting an explanation. They do not necessarily blame the establishment or the media, as they themselves in the main do not have a sense of what is wrong. But they know matters are not right.

Was this a desperate attempt by the Bush administration to prop up the US stock market and is this one of the reasons why the original bail-out had no transparency? Are the two related? [and from another] Bush Official Shifted Insurer's Billions into Stocks just Before Crash [Mar 30] Just months before the start of last year's stock market collapse, the federal agency that insures the retirement funds of 44 million Americans departed from its conservative investment strategy and decided to put much of its $64 billion insurance fund into stocks. Switching from a heavy reliance on bonds, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation decided to pour billions of dollars into speculative investments such as stocks in emerging foreign markets, real estate, and private equity funds. ... Analysts expressed concern that large portions of the trust fund might have been lost at a time when many private pension plans are suffering major losses. The guarantee fund would be the only way to cover the plans if their companies go into bankruptcy.

Many corporate pension funds have been sunk into the fading DOW ahead of its decline. We have mentioned that military industrial corporations were asked to invest in the DOW, and allowed to hike the price of their wares in exchange. Thus, the taxpayer was supporting Wall Street. This practice has, in the main, not been exposed to investigation or public scrutiny.

Could the Zeta's please tell me about the crack that will run from Door county to Madison Wis. How wide will it be? Will it just be a crack or will the land East of the crack drop off into the lake? Also is there a fault line that runs from Chicago to Sheboygan that no one seems to know about?

The rip line is from Green Bay toward Madison, and can be seen if one simply looks at the state map. There is a series of small lakes along this line, indicating where the land has dropped. We would anticipate an influx of lake water into this area, breaking bridges, so those wishing to travel the state will find their way blocked by water, unexpectedly.

What's up with Cheney these days? Seems he would leave well enough alone, but he's bent on trying to justify the torture policy while he was in power, when if the full truth comes out (which seems likely, the more he picks at the scab) he might end up being prosecuted and jailed himself?

Cheney is furious at being out of power, something he had not expected. He has moles within the federal bureaucracy, but they are steadily being pushed out or de-clawed, made impotent to serve his commands. This is a process making him increasingly furious, because as he loses his power, those who used to cooperate with him are less likely to do so, and ignore him. What this will do, eventually, is increase the likelihood of a fatal heart attack due to his rage.

A second sun was recently seen in Canada. Does that mean that Planet X is on the move? Also Are the Zeta's that are here going to ride out the shift, or leave the planet? What do the Zetas have to say to all those that they have been teaching for so long but can't remember?

We, the Zetas, do not forget our contactees, nor do they forget their contact. We plan to be in attendance of Earth and her human inhabitants during the hour of the shift. Why would we run away? Nancy has been notifed of a second incidence where the Winged Globe appeared on SOHO, on April 19, and this second appearance shows Planet X more to the right of the Sun than the March 27 appearance, at a greater distance from the Sun from the point of view of those on Earth. This is because the Earth is attempting to pull away from the hose of magnetic particles coming from Planet X, moving as much as possible to the left. When an increased angle for a bounce of sunlight is present, the incidence of Second Sun sightings increases.

Can Zetas give more information about Dark Twin than it is written at ZetaTalk site ? I mean its place now, geological composition, its period of rotation according to Sun ?

The Dark Twin is trapped in the same orbit as the Earth, and cannot simply leave it. Earth stands before it, and due to the Repulsion Force the Dark Twin cannot move closer. Thus it rides, trapped in the cup of particle flows coming from behind Planet X as does Venus and the Earth. The Dark Twin was visible only for a couple months when it came from behind the Sun, in the view from Earth, so that sunlight could bounce from its sleek surface back to the Earth. When this angle was lost, such a sunlight bounce was no longer occurring. Nancy has preserved photos that captured the dark twin, amid those on the website.

Many people were tested after being near UFO's and as it occurred the composition of their blood changed for some time (e.g. the number of erythrocytes changed). How can Zetas comment that ? Can they say exactly what changes can UFO produce with human blood after contacts ?

We have explained that man is only aware of 1/1000 of the particle flows that we, the Zetas are aware of. Consider that the means by which we maneuver our ships is completely unknown to man. Consider that the many contactees that visit our ships, meeting each other, do not share the germs they bring aboard because of treatment steps we take. Thus, our contactees of course will bear the impact of some of these particle flows, but this is not harmful.

In the Live Chat last week (April 18) the Zetas mentioned that "military personnel were sent there [referring to the Earth's twin] and left to die when the op did not work out. Many MIA in Vietnam were in fact personnel used to staff this or similar operations." How did TPTB launch these individuals into space, including loading the vehicle with food and other supplies, without the press and the public noticing? What were these brave individuals told about the details of the operation? Is it possible to tell us approximately when the launch(es) took place? Do any of the debunkers who regularly post here know about this interesting (and tragic) situation? Lastly, will this ever become known to the public?

This was part of the Alternatives, where the Service-to-Self aliens were encouraging those in MJ12 who were seeking more power for themselves, or seeking protection from the coming pole shift for themselves, to either leave Earth or burrow into bunkers deep underground. Thus, those in MJ12 were assisted to the Dark Twin or the dark side of the Moon, and any military personnel they needed were inducted into MJ12 for this purpose.

There seems a distinct lack of discussion or information coming out from the Return of the Ancestors Gathering currently going on and winding up in Arizona. Even on Twitter, there is small talk of being there, but none of what's actually going on there. What talk there is is around the Gathering and not about it. Can the Zetas comment of whether or not the Gathering has achieved it's true purpose?

The Gathering, one would presume, is to share information and discuss how much the group should present to humanity as a whole. We do not speak for this group, and they are quite capable of speaking for themselves. Thus, we will say no more.

Where things stand today, what will happen next to take us to the next phase? If Planet X is pretty much standing in one spot why is the Earth and Moon so sporatically jumping around. I would think that the wobble would just keep getting worse. What makes it settle down, then start up again?

There is an interplay between Planet X and the Earth as Planet X draws closer to the Earth. One part of the dance is that the Earth keeps trying to pull to the left, away from Planet X which is coming from the right in a retrograde orbit. When the Earth finds it can move no further, it adjusts by a greater wobble, allowing its N Pole to be pushed away on a daily basis with greater violence. If this does not suffice, then the Earth's magnetic field bows further. All this goes on repeatedly, at times reversing course, both planets dithering in this dance.

Is NASA and the ESA airbrushing Nibiru out of the SOHO images, occasionally missing a frame (like the one posted a few weeks ago), or does it only show up on LASCO and SOHO when the sunlight hits it at a certain angle, like the zetas say about viewing it from Earth?

Such images as have appeared during this past year were in the past repeatedly removed, but the group attending to this practice has gotten lax recently. Where it is true that Planet X seldom appeares on SOHO or LASCO, due to the sunlight angle issue, but motivation is also missing, in that it is obvious that the public is being mislead.

The Zetas have said that the Northeast will rise in elevation while the Southeast will lower. What about the rest of the country - upper Midwest or northern tier states and the West?

The N American continent will tear on a diagonal, as we have described. We have mentioned that the land to the West of the Mississippi will drop during this process, but not to an excessive degree, only by a few feet. The Seaway rips open, ripping Wisconsin further and rumpling land all the way to the Black Hills.

I was doing research on human rights violations and I discovered a great deal of material on various methods of execution in certain Middle East countries. I was shocked at how brutal the stoning (primarily of women) and hanging methods appeared to be. Prisoners were lifted by a crane and allowed to struggle until they suffocated. In this country (USA) there is much discussion and many lawsuits concerning "humane" executions. Why is there such a lack of interest in some places on Earth about the suffering of these prisoners, some of whom are children? Is there a correlation between the harshness of life and the brutality of the methods of execution?

Earth is a 3rd Density world where young souls are sorting out their spiritual orientation - Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. There are countries which are social democracies, attending to all citizens and with true equality between the sexes and races. Others are dictatorships, denying rights and cruel in many ways to their citizens. India has many casts, hundreds, so their citizens do not treat each others fairly simply for this reason. Many countries are male dominant, giving women few rights, treating them like cattle. Those are the extremes in spiritual orientation, where such practices are considered proper or allowed. The souls involved are learning, either learning because they have regrets or learning because they experience abuse. They will either move in the direction of having more empathy in the future or in the direction of determining to be the one on top in any power play in the future.

After the shift how long will it take man to once again have some normalcy like commerce and schools and hospitals?

Distribution of goods will almost completely cease after the pole shift, due to the lack of fuel, inability to repair airplanes and vehicles, and torn roads and bridges. Thus hospital supplies will run out and not be replaced. In addition, the grid will be down, and not repaired for a century or more. Local production of electricity will be spotty, depending upon the skill of the community with wind and water power production. A hospital will function due to the skill of medics, and schools to the extent that the community deems education important. What you define as normalcy will not return to mankind, as this is the Earth's Transformation. Mankind will merge with high tech aliens, reincarnated into hybrid bodies, instead.

Is this situation of an extra planet in a solar system, on a sling orbit with an occasional pass through the solar system, common? Or are we on Earth and our solar system having a unique experience?

Sling orbits are rare but there are many. Are you looking for percentages? A fraction of a percent develop sling orbits around more than one sun.