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icon Super Volcanoes

As with evidence of great craters on the Moon or on Earth's surface, sustained in the past when both the Earth and Moon were amid the collisions in what is now the Asteroid Belt, supervolcano eruptions are much misunderstood. Yellowstone, and other active or potentially active volcanoes that have been termed supervolcanoes due to evidence of massive eruption in the distant past, will not give the Earth a repeat performance during the pending pole shift. They should be considered as the volcanoes they are today, with their potential gauged by their performance within the past 10,000 years. If the Earth sustained impacts that created the Gulf of Mexico as a crater, and torn away half the proto-Earth to leave a gouge the size of the great Pacific Ocean, when what do you suppose this did to her molten magma? Immense pressure was applied, during such impacts, with the magma going in any direction it could under this press. Thus, the evidence left behind by the prior eruptions of Yellowstone and the other supervolcanoes. Such supervolcano eruptions will not occur during the forthcoming passage of Planet X.