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ZetaTalk: Magnetic Field
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Where some scientists state that the Earth's magnetic field has been weakening lately, this is certainly not the case. They misunderstand. The Earth's magnetic field is not weakening, it is changing course or direction, and thus Scattered does not register on their instruments in the same old way. This is an early indicator of the great confusion that the 12th Planet will have on the Earth, soon, during the pole shift. Another way to describe this dispersing is the scientific term - base resonant frequency. This is just another name for magnetic pull, the strength of the pull the Earth's core has on instruments. Instruments, through electricity coursing through wires, create a magnetic field in a core of iron or some other highly susceptible material. The resulting electromagnetic field can be either aligned with the Earth, or set to cross the Earth's magnetic field, or at any partial angle that the scientists desire. Depending on the strength of the Earth's own magnetic field, the field created by the instruments is thus disrupted or weakened. This weakening disruption, noted by scientists, is just another indication of the dispersal of the Earth's internal magnetic field.

We have stated that the heating up of your world's oceans are related to the increased swirling about going on in the Earth's core. Even primitive humans were intuitively aware that the Earth's core was not solid. Molten lava is a sure clue. Even during quiescent times the liquid rock that lies under the crusted surface of the Earth moves about, just as currents move in the oceans. The oceans are not merely influenced by temperature changes from contact with molten lava on the ocean floor or air temperature, but also by pressure to some degree from the prevailing winds. Most importantly, the oceans are pulled to and fro by the gravity of the Moon and other planetary bodies. Once set in motion, water tends to keep moving for some time, high pressure areas dispersing to low pressure areas, just as in the atmosphere. Likewise, molten rock in the Earth's core is subject to influences - gravitational, from other planetary bodies, but also magnetic, as the composition of the molten rock contains elements such as iron prone to magnetic influences. Currents and tides develop in the molten rock, and this is either gentle and regular or vigorous and given to sudden spurts. The dispersing of the Earth's magnetic alignment is just another indicator of this phenomena.

Note: added during the Aug 24, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The Earth's magnetism is being disturbed now, when stable for thousands of years. Put upon the disruption now a core that turns completely during the pole shift, must realign, and consider that many parts of the core will be slowly finding their place in the mush. This equates to several decades of an erratic magnetic field, and by this time, any groups of mankind left will have switched to other means than compasses. Magnetic diffusion is already causing mankind to move to alternate means of establishing bearings. This has always been the case, as compass failure or erratic magnetic switching about has occurred in the past, unexplained, so sighting on stars or manual controls are always in place, just in case. Thus, to the man on the street, little will be said, as most of the time the field will guide compasses, and when not, it will be passed off as one of those erratic times, or a compass failure. Thus, you will find until the weeks when all are staring at the sky, pointing, that no mention of extremes in magnetic changes will be made. By then, no one will care.

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