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ZetaTalk: Interstellar Travel
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Most certainly we have interstellar ships, else how would we, as incarnated entities, arrive? The means of travel is not what humans assume, propulsion. Humans use propulsion, as in sailing vessels propelled by the wind in the sails, or as in planes propelled by air sliced and pressed backwards over specially shaped and rapidly rotating propellers and then over specially shaped wings designed to give the plane lift, or as in jet planes propelled skyward by the continuous explosion occurring in the jet engines, or most recently by the virtual firecrackers that propel the astronauts into space, holding their breath all the way, brave souls that they are. As humans can only move by a snails pace unless they are propelled, they assume that interstellar travel is by propulsion. It is not, it is by attraction, and a quick kiss it is.

We have explained how we move from one density to another, by making a reservation in the density we wish to move to, and then simply making the move. Likewise, when making long distance travel, we make a similar reservation, and then simply move. How does this work, in a manner that the limited intelligence of humankind can grasp? We have spoken of the mutual attraction and repulsion of matter, which is, of course, what causes the planets and moons to go into orbit around each other and their suns. Normally this goes into balance, not by accident but by a series of maneuvers until the attraction and repulsion are equally strong, one not affecting the regularity of motion more than the other. Balance is assumed when the motion takes on a regularity. Imagine what would happen if the repulsion were eliminated, in a given interchange, and the attraction had no counterbalance? How fast is fast?

Should we be asked to explain, in formulas that humans could potentially understand, how repulsion could be eliminated so that attraction is the only force in effect - we cannot. This is not to evade scrutiny, but to prevent humans from getting about in the Universe in their present spiritually immature state. In 4th Density there are rules in force that allow you to have this knowledge, and use it, while abiding by the rules. In 3rd Density you are allowed to mess around without rules, guided only by your free will. This is why entities of higher densities cannot interfere with you, unless you give The Call. Your world is essentially a play pen. Children are not allowed into the computer room, nor into the Air Traffic Control tower. We trust you will understand, though we expect you will be resentful.

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