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Sightings, Photos, from the General Public, from late March, 2003 to May 23, 2003

May23/2003: Noon Sun from East Coast US showing two personas. Sunrise Sun, Midday Sun, and Noon Sun in Kentucky. And a Midday Sun accompanied by an odd daylong rainbow. Sunrise, Sunset, and Noon sightings!

May18/2003: Sunset, Sunrise, and Midday sighting reports. Sunset Sun from Florida, with repeat Sunset Sun the next day, and Sunset Sun from Connecticut. A Midday Sun from Honolulu and next to the Sun on the SOHO, both matching the Double Helix photo taken earlier! A SOHO Coverup emerged the next day. Sunset Sun from Pennsylvania with huge dust cloud lofting to the upper right, and SOHO taken same day matching this image capture!

May13/2003: Sunset Sun from Pensylvania with Analysis. A dramatic Sunrise Sun from Colorado followed the next day by another Sunrise Sun, with Analysis and Duplication attempt, and a Sunset Sun from Colorado. A Sunrise Sun from Moscow and another Sunrise Sun from the Ukraine! Another example of a Sundog from Washington, but also a valid Sunset Sun from Oregon. And first reports of a Midday Sun, an Ominous Warning, per the Zetas, and an unknown object next to the Sun on the SOHO.

May10/2003: Sunrise Sun from Oregon, Not a Lens Flare or Sundog, and appearing Just Before sunrise. A photo from London a mid-day, an example of a Lens Flare. Photos from Alberta, also a lens flare. And Sightings reports from around the world, too.

May6/2003: Sunset Sun from Washington, probably Not a Sundog and as predicted by the Zeta, following the sunrise appearance! Another Sunset Sun from Florida! A Sunset Sun from Vancouver.

May5/2003: Photos at sunrise from Quebec, but an uncertain capture.

May2/2003: A confirmed Sunrise Sun sighting with dramatic photos, from Greece! Not a SunDog, as comparison photos show, and as with all real threats, Discrediting Fakes were distributed on the Internet. And another Sunrise Sun from Greece the following day, but not yet showing at SunSet. Photos from Brisbane, AU, with analysis of the Corpus and Dust Cloud, and many Questions.

Apr30/2003: Additional Sightings in the light polluted evening sky and a confirmed Sunrise Sun from San Francisco, per the Zeta description!

Apr28/2003: A suspected Sunrise Sighting, with many later Similar Reports!

Apr23/2003: A photo from Spain, considered Legit, with the photographer Into the Mountains preparing for the shift. And another the day before, Long Exposure technique.

Apr20/2003: Additional Sightings from around the world, and additional Kodiak and Santa Monica and France frauds.

Apr17/2003: Attempts to debunk the dramatic North Carolina photo with a CopyCat Fake or an Obvious Fake fail, eventually an Imposter Claim, and subsequent Frauds and Suspicions abound.

Apr16/2003: Additional Sightings from around the world, including photos from North Carolina showing the double helix moon swirls.

Apr12/2003: Additional Sightings from around the world, including another purported photo from Hawaii taken from an airplane.

Apr8/2003: Additional Sightings and Proferred Photos from around the world. A second purported photo from Hawaii showing Braking Action, now considered a Fake.

Apr5/2003: A professional photo from France focusing on the corpus, a Red Persona near Taurus 83, when Enhanced, showing debris.

Apr4/2003: Additional Sightings from around the world, including a great, but questionable, photo from Hawaii! A Red Persona has been identified.

Mar31/2003: Additional Sightings from around the world, including photos proferred from Germany and Southeast US.

Mar25/2003: A report of many unaided eye sightings, assisted by Side of the Eye technique.

Where to Look for Planet X: See a guide made by Islander. An interactive by Location guide is also available. J provides a Passage Distance guide based on the May 15, 2003 date.