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FITS Files from CCD Cameras, Amateur Scope, Done by the Sighting Team
from Fall 2002 to Early 2003

Imaging Trends show an inbound complex, like a Stampede, predicted to be visible by the unaided eye by April, 2003. Pierre created a Precise Finder of the coordinates, and Garret a Constellation Finder. Pierre provided an early Size Guide and J computations on Size, Distance, and Arc Min/Sec for any date. Naji provided the Moon for Comparison to FITS images. Naji provides a tail Arc Min/Sec Span size. JWilliam provided a historical Persona Plot. Previous sci.astro Viewing Specs are an overview. The latest images taken by the teams were made Available to the public, even before this TEAM page is updated. Note these CCD camera files are FITS files, which means one must use a FITS viewer which can be downloaded from a Harvard site. During April, 2003 the corpus speed causes Image Stretch and as Naji explains, a Complex Size running off the image.

Apr12/2003: Naji formed a Grid of Images of the complex, at set Coordinate Points with a Closeup star chart, of the area where the Red Persona appeared on Apr 4 for both Australia and France.

Apr5/2003: Naji began forming a Grid of Image of the complex at the Apr 7 coordinates, as it extends off a single image at this time as analysis of Frame 1 and Frame 2 show.

Mar24/2003: Naji secured a Set of Images, returning to a red filter. Steve uses Uranus as a size comparison, and finds a Clutter of new objects, and JWilliam finds some, now reflecting sunlight, to be the Intensity of stars.

Mar23/2003: Naji secured a Set of Images, taken without a red filter. Now at the the Distance of Uranus, which reflects sunlight, the Dust Cloud obscures the Corpus and moons like a sand storm, but occasional Moons become distinct.

Mar22/2003: Several Binocular and small scope sightings have been reported.

Mar9/2003: Naji again secured a Set of Images. Steve again finds a Close Look continueing to show a clutter of new objects. Nancy's Animation suggests the personas have again moved along the coordinate path, as have JWilliam's Candidates.

Mar8/2003: Naji secured a Set of Images. Steve again finds a Close Look shows moons rivaling existing stars, and Nancy's Animation implies the persona has moved along the coordinate path. JWilliam spots the Corpus of the red and white personas as fairly large, diffuse areas.

Mar7/2003: Naji and Steve secured a Set of Images. Steve finds a Close Look shows a clutter of new objects at the coordinates, and Nancy's Animation attempts to differente the personas from temporary moon clusters. JWilliam finds these in the Sum of Frames as well.

Mar6/2003: Naji has secured a Single Image, which stands on its own! The intensely bright dust cloud noted by Steve and JWilliam also included new large objects not on the comparison USNO chart. However, it appeared that the Preceeding Session left a Ghost Image of the Orion Nebula, in the camera. Oddly, the nebula appears, but the bright Orion Stars do not. The Zetas explain that Sabotage was at play, due to the open Nature of the Rent-a-Scope environment. Bearing that in mind, JWilliam suggests persona Candidates.

Feb26/2003: An unconfirmed 10X Binocular sighting, done over the clear and unpolluted skies of the Amazon basin by a group of pilots on a major airline.

Feb22/2003: Naji has secured a Set of Images. Steve has provided a USNO comparison chart and an Animation showing a clear presence of a Planet X complex At the Coordinates! JWilliam finds the Dust Cloud vastly increased in size!

Feb7/2003: The team secured a Set of Images. J. William finds during Pixel Analysis the Dust Shrouded corpus is evident. Steve provided an Animation. Pierre calculated the Pixel Movement along the Coordinate Path at this time. JWilliam calculates the Dust Cloud size with infor provided previously from Naji and the Zetas.

Feb3/2003: Naji and Steve have secured, from Arnie, a 2 hour Set of Images. Naji offers the Moon for comparison. J. William analysis available, Steve also noting a different Stretch for Planet X compared to background stars. The team discusses the Retrograde orbit impact.

Jan26,28,30/2003: Naji and Steve have secured several Image Sets for these dates. The Jan 26 Hour Long session shows distinct moons. Naji provides Weather reports for Jan 28&30. Steve finds the Jan 28th White Persona distinct and on path, with more Confirmation on Jan 30th. J.William finds Moons Galore on Jan 28th and a consistent Persona Smudge by Jan 30th. J. William full analysis for these dates available.

Jan25/2003: Naji and Steve have secured a Set of Images. Discussion on Red and White candidates for Jan 25 shows a Debunking Faux Pas. Nancy noted a Correlation in findings, and the Zetas explain why Planet X is more diffuse than its Moons. Naji offers Jupiter for comparison and explains how to determine the Tail Size in miles.

Jan18/2003: Naji secured a Set of Images, but a Full Moon ruined the session. Steve notes a Red Persona candidate, and JWilliam notes a White Persona and candidate with moon swirls, and notes the pixel size of objects has now increased.

Jan10/2003: Steve Havas and Naji secured a Set of Images. Coming on rapidly now, the Size/Distance creates a Cluttered Field with many candidates, requiring staying Oriented during analysis. Deep Sky images were used as comparison. Analysis identified the White and Red personas. An animation shows the Direction of tail swirl, and Pierre tracks the speed of a Moving Moon which is determined to be an Asteroid.

Dec27-28/2002: Steve Havas and Naji secured a Set of Images [Note: not available] on both dates. For Dec 27th, JWilliam quickly identified the Whte/Red Personas, and the visibility of the Moons and Brightness/Size are increasing! For Dec 28th, Steve noted a Huge Splotch, a Swirl Overlap as the Zetas explain. Time of Image taking and the many moons present different Persona possibilties.

Dec13-14/2002: Steve Havas and Naji secured a Set of Images [Note: not available]. Naji shows the Weather was clear. The White candidate is positioned between the Dec 6th and 18th Coordinates, but JWilliam notes slight Twitching. The Tail Whip is consisten with the coordinate trajectory. The Red candidate, which Moved during the long night, remains consistent in the Swirl of Moons, as the Zetas explain.

Dec4/2002: Steve Havas secured a Set of Images [Note: not available] for the coordinates given for Dec 6, 2002. There was little doubt about best Candidate, showing on Each Frame, not on the DSS Comparison and the Zetas Confirm. The Swirl of Moons and dust cloud described by the Zetas is now clearly seen, and pixel analysis of the Red and White personas confirms increased brightness and size and Moons.

Nov15-16/2002: Naji has taken images with a Mewlon 300 [Note: not available] with FLI Dream Machine. Steve identifed the path of the recent Coordinates. After the ususal Speculation both a Red and White Persona were identified, confirmed by the Zetas. Planet X is again Brighter, in only 4 days! The Tail Swirl has become visible, confirmed by Pixel Analysis.

Note: a Binning Change in camera used at this point. There are now more pixels per object..

Nov11/2002: Steve Havas secured a Set of Images [Note: not available] for the coordinates given for Nov 15, 2002. Planet X was expected to move considerably between Nov 6-15, so a careful Analysis was done. The personas now show up on Each Frame, are brighter in both the White and Red personas and in the Total Light emitted, Larger than a comparison star on the DSS, and are on the Summary but are not on the comparison DSS.

Oct11/2002: Steve Havas secured a Set of Images [Note: not available] for the coordinates given for Oct 3, 2002. Planet X again moved, the White Light persona per coordinate direction, the Red Light persona bend per Date/Time/Loc as expected. J. William Dell again produced an Animation and an analysis of increasing brightness in the White and Red personas presenting. Pierre's Analysis discusses problems, but finds it presenting on the Median also. A Camera Twitch can produce confusion, and the Zetas Explain.

Oct4/2002: Steve Havas secured a Set of Images [Note: not available] for the coordinates given for Oct 3, 2002. As with the 9/21/2002 images, Planet X shows up as a Red Object, Bent Less due to date and time changes, and a White Object. Pierre has identified the Zeta Oct 3, 2002 Coordinate Spot, and an alternative red object, but the Pierre's Sum of Red shows both Steve's candidates as bright. J. William Dell has done a Brightness Analysis, and an Animation.

Sep26/2002: Steve Havas, who never sleeps, has secured another set of Luminescent images only, but as with the 9/21/2002 images, Jan and Steve both found that nothing showed up. As the Zetas said, Filtering for Red makes a difference.

Sep21/2002: Steve Havas secured a Set of Images [Note: not available] for the coordinates given for Sep 15, 2002. Charles identifed a New Object, but Steve has an Alternate Candidate, and Jan a Third Candidate. Steve's candidate shows in Jan's Summary Images [Note: not available], and Pierre's Summary, but not in older star charts such as NEAT or ESO. Steve's candidate is in accordance with the red light Bending predicted by the Zetas, but the Zetas explain, both Steve's and Jan's are the Correct candidate. William explains, Not Noise.