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Infrared Imaging, Done at Observatories in Early 2002

2002: On Jan 5, 2002 Imaging Began as a result of sci.astro debates ongoing, with a New Object on the infrared image, Absent in earlier images. Observatories were either Closed Indefinitely, as in Vancouver, Refusing to Look, as in South Africa, or Partially Cooperating, or Pretending to Cooperate, and in the Southeast US, all creating a Comic Situation. On Jan 19, 2002 Pierre-Eric at the Haute-Provence observatory in France took Infrared Images, confirming a Moving Object, and providing the Original CCD files. Imaging from Dec 5, 2001 was belately provided. An Analysis of the images shows an infrared object moving in accordance with the Zeta Coordinates provided months earlier. During May-June, 2002 viewing was In the Sun, then viewing in the Pre-Dawn difficult, but good by Fall, 2002 and best by Dec-Jan.