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Sightings, Done at Observatories in Early 2001

2001: On Feb 7, 2001 the 12th Planet was Sighted at the coordinates given by the Zetas at a Swiss Observatory, the Neuchatel, but this appeared to have been a Non-Offical use of the observatory. The Zetas explain, Why Now? On April 1, 2001 a second sighting was made at the Lowell observatory in Flagstaff, AZ, again at the Zeta coordinates given for that date. This time Details on what was sighted were provided, and Confirmation. On April 8, 2001, a third sighting was made at Gordon Macmillan Southam observatory. This time curious Stalling actions on the part of observatory personnel was noted, and later an Admission and a temporary observatory Closing. The Zetas explain, Why Stall?

2000: Troubled Times members are actively soliciting help in locating the 12th Planet, which requires, at this time, a high powered telescope due to its distance at this time. A Web Search via a web telescope was started in 1999.