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There was a perpetual Troubled Times IRC channels, #troubled_times, which was robot controlled. The rule was to notify others when coming into the chat, with a simple "hello". This channel is no longer in use, see notice below.

For those interested in IRC, a windows IRC client (mIRC) can be found here, and a Macintosh IRC client can be found here. Contact the Troubled Times IRC Coordinator for assistance.

Note: the #troubled_times channel was from its inception plagued with perpetual debunkers lurking, waiting for newcomers. Newcomers could anticipate being told that there is no Planet X, that it is a fraud, and that other web sites should be visited (these will be willingly provided) and other spokespersons should be considered the experts on all matters. Remember, the Troubled Times message, which is based on facts and geological history, is considered a threat by the establishment. If you wish to meet the snarling opposition to this message, join #troubled_times.