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Hazlewood, Disinfo Pawn of the Day! 2

DATE OF THE PASSAGE! [5] Does this jibe with what has been reported and
discussed on sci.astro?  Boy, Steve Havas should have drifted off to
Boston, SO much easier to get the truth, access to a scope, and
admissions from scores of government officials! And Boston even gets to
see PX when it is IN THE SUN! [6] He states that Newtonian physics
control the speed of PX, contrary to what the astronomers on sci.astro
have been arguing is an impossible speed per Newton.  He states a date
for the passage weeks and months and even years later than that given by
ZetaTalk, who have an accuracy track record on predictions where and
pointing to the source where this inbound brown dwarf can be located,
where Hazlewood has none. 

What does this do to the public?  Leaves the at home, paying taxes and
working their jobs up until the last minute, rather than eyeing an exit
to a safe place with their tots in their arms, when the passage
arrives.  Keeps them off the roads where their messy panic will
interrupt the plans of the elite, making a fast getaway to their
well-stocked enclaves, and I might mention keeping the poor and/or
undesireables in the cities until too late so they get wiped out and
can’t make demands on the bunker government, who scarsely wants to share
food stores with them.  So much easier letting the quakes and waves take
them out, rather than worrying about poisoning them with chemtrails. So
who is it that Hazlewood is working for, other than himself and $$$ in
his pocket?  Certainly not the little guy!  Hazlewood, the Disinfo Pawn!

Subject:  PX 100% confirmed Boston!
   Giant Radio Telescope New Mexico - 6 new mega scopes
Date: May 25, 2002 

I just spoke with a triple Doctorate that thanked me for writing my
book. He said if it wasn't for me he would have not found out about
Planet X. This past Thursday 5-23-02 right outside of Boston he went  to
the Museum of Science. They had a large scope with filters. There were
24 people there including several government officials. He personally
had a look at 2001 KX76 and Planet X [<=Disinfo]. He was told not to
tell anyone this but because of my efforts he phoned my son down in
Florida first and told him that he saw Planet X. I phoned my son and
asked for my messages and then he told me a Doctor called and said he
saw PX personally [<=Disinfo]. I said to him "How does it feel getting
first hand information before me, I usually get it first?" My 22 year
old son was not impressed, he'd heard it all before and didn't
understand the significance of this sighting I believe.

I then phoned the Doctor back from up here in Toronto and had a 12
minute conversation with him before he had to take a patient. He said
right away that he saw Planet X and it is 100% confirmed. He ended the
phone call saying 100% confirmed [<=Disinfo] twice. He said the
government is very worried about what PX will do when it passes. They
said to him  that last time PX passed the majority of the objects from
the asteroid belt cratered the moon and went into our oceans. That
this was the time (every 3600 years during PX's passing) when most of
the cratering gets formed on our moon. The additional worry was that
some of these asteroid type objects [<=Lifted from ZT] might get
deflected this time and  would not land in the ocean. He said the whole
meeting was very hush hush.

He said they said at it's present speed that it would arrive in 3.5
years [<=Disinfo] but said that could be disinformation and may not take
into account that it could be increasing in speed. [From my
understanding PX is increasing in speed [<=Lifted from ZT]
exponentially and there's nothing but basic Newtonian physics
[<=Disinfo] that is causing this and nothing preventing it from reaching
ANY speed and will be here [<=ZT Date May 15, 2003] between early June
to early July 2003 [<=Disinfo]. He said also that he heard from the
group there that Hubble is being used to monitor this situation with PX
very closely and an observatory in Killoway (spelling) Hawaii. [I'm
sure there's alot more scopes viewing this]  Also, the point was made
that THEY know it's inbound and are very worried about what it will do
when it passes because of its size. He said it could be very

30 mins. prior to this confirmation I got off the phone with Leo John
Swartz who worked for Free American Magazine until last week. He said
there is a giant radio telescope in New Mexico. He said he talked with
someone who helped build and maintain it and this man knew all about
Planet X and confirmed that it is out there. This is significant simply
because since Leo has been writing articles about PX for Free American
this is the third independent confirmation he's received. The first was
from a long time friend of Clay Douglas (who owns Free American) from a
man who was in the Green Berrets. This guy said all the secretive gov't
agencies are getting ready for or have knowledge of PX. The second one
came from another government official who wouldn't talk to them over the
phone but walked right into Free American in New Mexico to confirm all
he knew about 6 weeks ago. 

Yesterday, I talked with a man who's good friends with Alex Merklinger
(I've done several radio shows with him - check the home page of my web
for free archives) He said he has documentation that last year six new 8
meter diameter scopes came on line last year or this year all over the
world. All of these scopes are of such size that the money for them had
to have been all allocated at the same time, in the early 80's. As you
recall this is when the US gov't announced having found PX. See for a picture of one of the newspaper articles
from that time. I've met some interesting people up in Toronto. Two
intuitives said I had kidney problems and one of them said it was a
psychic attack coming from the disinformation crew trying to make me
sick. Yesterday I went to a homeopathic doctor and all my organs were
fine except my kidneys were under high stress.  In the last week my
son's xwife had a home invasion. These two men came in and tied her up
and kept asking about my grandson and son. Three other intuitives said
this was tied to my work getting PX info out and they were trying to
scare me by doing this. If any of you care to send me some psychic or
mirror psychic protection I'd really appreciate your help. I will not
accept this kind of harrassment in my life and fully expect it to be
sent back to whom is doing it and who is ordering it in full measure. 
Same old same old happening in my life.

Gooday, Take Care, prepare
Mark Hazlewood

In Article: <> Open Minded wrote:
> I know we are all eagerly awaiting the emergence 
> of Nancy's coordinates from behind the sun.  The 
> following is based on catching sight of her coords 
> about 15 degrees above the horizon while the sun
> is at nautical sunrise (12 degrees down).  I can not 
> give the exact coordinates here because Nancy is 
> withholding them right now to give Tholen and I 
> less time to modify the NEAT images (futile since 
> we did it in only a few days last winter). [NB: that 
> was a joke folks.] ...

> The first folks to get a good look are those in the 
> southern hemisphere.  They should be able to 
> start viewing at the end of June.  The approximate 
> location is just about directly above Aldebaran 
> (30 % higher than the length of the "vee").
> Folks in North Freedom, WI will see things a bit 
> differently (in more ways than one).  Start looking 
> in the second week of July.  The coordinates will 
> be to the right of Aldebaran (about 30% farther 
> than the length of the "vee").