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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 3, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The DNC rules committee is meeting in DC on May 31 to discuss petitions from individuals representing Michigan and Florida re seating their delegates by honoring the votes that were done in January. What do the Zetas think the outcome of this meeting will be?

What will happen at the May 31 Democratic National Committee (DNC) rules committee meeting in District of Columbia? There are dual petitions from Michigan and Florida to seat their delegates in some manner, all favoring Clinton. The DNC rules committee has not changed in membership, although one of their members is now working for the Clinton campaign and has changed his posture. Will they reverse their former rule? No. Deliberately setting the date out beyond the majority of the remaining elections is making this statement. Why would they reverse their rule? Has anything changed? Clinton is on record making the statement that she was aware that Michigan's election would not count. This can be extrapolated to Florida, as the same rule covered both. The rules committee plans to allow the remaining elections to run up the pledged delegate count, which they know will not change the relationship between the candidates. Obama will still have a strong lead, 100 or more pledged delegates and potentially 150 more than Clinton. This puts him so close to the 2025 needed that the tide of superdelegates will put him over the 2025 needed.

It is no secret that the superdelegates are planning to vote for Obama, and the continuing surprise of the day is the number of former supers endorsing Clinton who change their minds, often quite publically. Obama is expected to be over the 2025 needed before the May 31 meeting in DC. Even if Florida were to be added, Obama's superdelegate count would still place him ahead of Clinton, and there is no argument that could be made that Michigan (where Obama was not even on the ballot) should be seated. The DNC will declare Obama the winner, and as with McCain start to treat him that way, ignoring Clinton. She may fester and fume, but the media will tire of her attempts to continue the battle, and her campaign itself will tire of her ambitions. They are also beyond out of money.

Political Theories Abound in North Carolina, but Don't Ask John Edwards for His [Apr 29] As the Democratic presidential candidates and their surrogates traipse through North Carolina in the final days before the state's primary, some people here are wondering, why so quiet in Chapel Hill? That is where John and Elizabeth Edwards retreated after he dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination on Jan. 30. Neither Mr. Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, nor Mrs. Edwards, a political activist herself, has endorsed a candidate, despite the growing intensity of the race between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama and the fact that the contest has now landed in the Edwardses' backyard. Theories abound: They will endorse before the primary. Or after there is a nominee. Or Mr. Edwards will endorse Mr. Obama and Mrs. Edwards will endorse Mrs. Clinton. Or none of the above. Mr. Edwards has hinted to friends that he will not offer an endorsement before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries on May 6. One former aide, who was granted anonymity to speak candidly, said Mr. Edwards was angling for a role in a Democratic administration, and with the contest still undecided, was hesitant to commit to a candidate.

Who does Edwards back, and will he announce? Despite all his rhetoric, Edwards is not as Service-to-Other as he asserts. He is an opportunist, and sees an opportunity to promote himself in the candidates' desire for his endorsement. In that N Carolina will be voting within days, time is running out. His silence is due to his desire to align with the winner, and not insult the winner. Clinton is willing to promise anything, as being the liar she is she intends to go back on any promise in any case. Most people who deal with her understand the Clinton techniques, and do not take them seriously.

Obama made no promises, but can be counted upon to utilize talent, and Edwards knows this. Thus, if he thought Clinton was going to win, he'd be endorsing her instantly, as the plum she has promised is larger than any position that Obama might have mentioned as a possibility. But he has heard the insider rumors and can see the math and knows that without a stumble that Obama will win, without question. Thus, he is highly unlikely to endorse, at all, and will continue to claim to each candidate that he secretly is rooting for them.

If we now have Bush 3 in the White House, who is still pushing for war with Iran? Who promoted Petraeus - Cheney, Rice and others? Is Bush 3 not part of the covert blocking contingent? The ultimate sleeper if you will?

There is more to the cabal that took the White House by coup in 2000 and by voter fraud in 2004 than those at the helm - Bush 1 and Bush 2, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice. There were dozens behind the scenes, but only a few the public is aware of such as Wolfowitz and Perle, etc. Many others adopted the agenda to be part of the power group in the White House and have never been told that the agenda has changed. In order to operate as a stop-gap in the future, Bush 3 must appear to be aligned with the same old agenda. Thus, the agenda hin appearance as not changed. Bush 3 will simply footdrag and not sign orders as expected, and will reveal information to the public during press conferences that will make the agenda more difficult to push forward. It was primarily Cheney and Rumsfeld who had the Middle East agenda, and today the press for war with Iran is primarily Cheney's agenda.

How in the world can people ignore the haze/dust/particle flow from Planet X that hangs in the air and dramatically changes how the sky looks? From an airplane one can hardly see the ground due to this haze now days all over the USA. From the ground the sky has an odd tint. I find it very hard to believe that people are not registering this, along with the Sun and Moon issues. Is denial really that strong? The zetas have stated that people subconsciously notice these things but consciously refuse to bring them to the forefront. This seems akin to refusing to acknowledge that you are bankrupt or seriously ill. Life is very much Kafkaesque these days.

If one were reluctant to realize that one had cancer, one makes note of the symptoms but ascribes them to something else such as age or fatigue or working too many hours and the like. If one is eager to die, having put their affairs in order and with the knowledge that they will not be leaving loved ones in the lurch with such a death, such a denial most often does not occur. But if one fears death, as perhaps they sense they have not lived their life as expected and sense a comeuppance after death, or perhaps they know that loved ones will be left struggling when the death occurs, they most often are inclined to resist acknowledging the cancer. This situation can go all the way to the last weeks where one is hospitalized with such a denial firmly in place.

What do the Sun and Moon out of place and such a haze or erratic weather mean to those seeing this, in the main? Something horrific is happening, so horrific that the media is not allowed to speak of it. What could be so horrific? Thus not prepared for geological catastrophe, and without the comfort of a government announcement, explanation and reassurance that the public will be taken care of and will survive with all their comforts intact - denial is the normal route.

Can the zetas comment on the extent that crust adjustments (impending New Madrid most notably) that happen in North America well prior to the shift will impact survival preparations? Will transportation and industry be disrupted to such an extent after the partial N American rip that will precede the pole shift that the ability of people to prepare will be greatly or completely reduced? I foresee a possible knock on effect involving transportation, industrial production, financial issues, social issues, governmental rules, etc. that may effectively preclude many types of new additional preparatory activities after such a rip occurs.

We have stated that emergency management teams will be exhausted, at all levels, and that the troops will be secretly returned to the homeland from Iraq and many bases around the world to help with the disasters at home. We have stated that New Madrid and associated fault lines will tear most of the bridges that cross the Mississippi River, and that this type of disruption will occur before the pole shift itself. Much of what you are questioning falls into the realm of being in the hands of man, which as we have endlessly stated we cannot predict with accuracy. Man has free will, and leadership could fall into many different hands, depending upon many different factors. Thus, government rules, how social welfare is managed, could go in many different directions and may be treated differently by different locales. You can speculate on the outcome as well as we, so we decline to speculate.

Do you know something about the cultural life of the inhabitants of Planet X. About their musics, paintings, sports ? Is their cultural expression understandable to us? Thanks as always for your work.

The Annunaki are hominoids similar to man, and thus as with all hominoids there will be similar cultural expressions. Music and dance are practiced even by the great apes on Earth, to some degree, so would be included. Expressions of emotion in art such as drama and sculptures or paintings or literature would of course appear. Their language would not be understood by humans as it is a series of grunts. Sports is an outlet for aggression, which the Annunaki have in abundance, so their sports are more aggressive than those of man, being more similar to mankind's boxing matches.

Should we expect to lose internet connection soon?

The Internet is already faltering, as many who have trouble delivering email consistently might have noted - no bounce message, no delivery, but just a lost email. Since the Internet is a series of handshakes, each reach requiring a response else retried repeatedly until successful, what is going on here? These are faults within servers, which drop service before transactions in memory can be stored to hard drives. Satellites are not as reliable, as many with flickering or erratic cable service will report. But when forwarding digital data, any drop in the data means the address of the sender or receiver might be damaged, and thus the email or html page cannot be delivered. Pages on home computers freeze and cannot be loaded. Insofar as land lines are carrying data and the servers involved have little downtime, the Internet should not experience problems. But when servers are overloaded and those monitoring them are increasingly distracted, data is damaged and lost. Satellites which receive an upload and signal the sender that a successful send has occurred can subsequently falter, damaging the data to such a degree that prevents the data from continuing on its journey.

There is still no nuclear war in the near future, right?

This is in the hands of man, but we have predicted this is unlikely to happen, yes. All countries will have their hands full feeding their populace, and there are no wealthy countries rich in food stores worthy of being invaded. If one has a distressed country bordered by a well fed and rich country then invasion might be worth the cost. But there is nothing to be gained by invasion outside of oil rights such as in Iraq and Iran. Bush tried this in 2003 with an invasion of Iraq, and the Bush administration now has an exhausted military on its hands, unable to press forward to complete the plan by invading Iran and Saudi Arabia. We predict that all countries will turn their eyes inward as they will have problems with a restless populace, demanding to be fed.

To what extent is Cheney or other high level members of the Bush administration now aware of Bush 3 if ZetaTalk is monitored by members of this group. If they are now aware of the switch, what are their thoughts about it as how to proceed with future plans?

Arrogance precedes a fall, and Cheney and others at the helm in the White House are highly arrogant. If they don't see a change with their own eyes, they discard any talk contrary to their own observations. It is well known that the Bush persona and Cheney have no affection for each other, and avoid each other as much as possible. Condi is wanting to escape from her obligations to the Bush administration as quickly as possible, hoping to avoid prosecution in the future. Thus, if Bush 3 is taking a less confrontational approach these days, that's fine by her. Many members of the White House - such as Gonzales and Rumsfeld and spokespersons such as Tony Snow - who were close to the other Bush clones are no longer in service. Frankly, those still at the White House are so worried about their own skins they have not noticed the clone switch!

The number of quakes being shown on the USGS for North America has increased dramatically over the recent weeks. Previously, the average number was around 600 but has now swelled to more than 1400. Will the USGS see fit to comment on this increase, or will they stay quite or alternatively, will they simply edit more of the quakes out to bring the number back down to previous average levels?

The USGS is dropping quakes all the time, especially when they are too small to be felt. Part of the increase in quakes we have predicted is that they are getting large enough in magnitude to be felt by the populace. Thus simply dropping them is not as easy as this practice now raises questions. It is doubtful that the USGS will come out with any explanation. But if forced to do so they would likely just say that historically there are active and inactive periods, and no one knows why.

Why is Pelosi,not being aggresive towards the White-House, confronting the Republican to loosen the stalemate? Are the Dems just threading water until the elections?

We have explained, as has Pelosi herself, that she cannot accomplish anything that will be vetoed by Bush because she does not have the votes to counter a veto. This is true in the Senate as well as the House. She does what she can to block matters Bush wants put to a vote, as this is in her control in the main, though her blocking these votes can be countered if a filibuster by the Democrats cannot be maintained. All these techniques have been used by Pelosi, and continue to be used. She is getting increasingly aggressive as the time when the Oval Office will be occupied by a Democrat nears, in part to show the public what happens when she is more aggressive, so they know where the fault lies come November election time.

Some ancients perceived unusual daytime darkness as an angry god, while more recent summaries from similar periodic lunar eclipses are more scientifically explainable. Similarly, today's portentous heavenly events may someday morph into fiction as increased knowledge mutates the celestial event's originally perceived meanings and values. While perusing contemporary opportunities associated with our current Planet X eclipse from an evolutionary perspective mankind is probably too young to be apprised of, I'd like to ask if Zetas were ever required to obtain approval at any point in time from the entity recently remembered as Jesus Christ of Nazareth (or his team) in order for Zetas to visit us, and/or subsequently design any phase of Earth's hybrid containers that Service-to-Other qualified humans are beginning to incarnate into? Multiple choice: a) Yes, b) No, c) Yes and No, d) We don't know, e), f) Try posting this on alt.nut.fruitcake; or, g) Its something else.

Jesus Christ was our peer, in that he was a Star Child from elsewhere who often returned to 3rd Density worlds in order to assist them. All aliens visiting Earth fall into that category, as they would not be capable of space travel unless from a higher density, and as most are in the Service-to-Other orientation they are intent upon helping mankind, as was Jesus.

This Time magazine excerpt from General Sanchez's book details a meeting Sanchez had with defense secretary Rumsfeld in April, 2006. According to Sanchez, Rumsfeld was clearly in the process of covering his own posterior for failures in Iraq, and in particular, with the US troop draw down after Baghdad was taken. As it turns out, the original battle plan called for a twelve to eighteen month occupation and troop redeployment but General Franks waived that phase, ordered an immediate redeployment and then both General Franks and General McKiernan walked away as though it were no longer their war. If I recall correctly, Sanchez had been rapidly promoted from a one star general to a three star general to be put in charge of the operation, suggesting an unexpected change of plans or a conflict between the military brass and the secretary of defense's office. Can the Zetas explain what was taking place and why there was a redeployment of troops if the intent was to use Iraq as a jump off point for Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.?,8816,1736831,00.html

Rumsfeld, as the civilian leadership, was as dumb about military matters as were Bush 1 and Cheney. All had avoided military service. They believed their own propaganda about a quick win and expected to be embraced by those who had been oppressed under Saddam. General Franks made it clear he could not, as he expressed it "take credit for the plan" when the civilian leadership was crowing about a quick win. The military leadership knew what was coming and wanted to reduce their vulnerabilities as much as possible. Today, the military hides on their bases and in the Green Zone, hoping not to suffer losses. In the early days, before the military quietly rebelled in earnest against the civilian leadership, they were simply trying to prevent a disaster while publicly appearing to be honoring the technical Commander in Chief. Today the same game is going on, but more frank rebellion is done behind closed doors.

Nancy can the Zetas tell us what really happened to the DC madam? According to FOX news she committed suicide. This sounds ludicrous. According to some posts here on GLP her website has been erased and so has the internet cache and everything else to do with it. Who is behind all this, and what will come of it?

Conflicting reports about whether she had intentions or not show that this was not a suicide. This was a woman who had not yet been sentenced, and had a series of appeals before her as well as the potential of plea bargains against many of her Johns and money laundering associates that could be played for a reduced sentence. She also was in the process of writing a book, and had the records to prove her story. She was taken out by a John not well known publicly, a wealthy man who knew her every step and her habits. How vulnerable is a woman in a trailer court in the dead of night? Her aged mother did not even notice her absence until long after the deed. In addition, why would someone wanting to commit suicide choose strangulation? Aren't pills available, or slitting the wrist? The body resists being strangled, and thrashes.

The Zeta's have previously stated a majority of humans will go psychotic during or after the shift. Now, if a person is aware of the possibility of a shift and potential horror of it all, does this offer some degree of protection against such mental breakdowns? And if not, how can one further protect ones mental state so that he/she can be of most benefit for others?

Clearly, being able to face the future realistically is a great help in avoiding a breakdown. Mental illness is forced on one for a number of reasons. The genetic propensity for chemical disruption in the brain is one, which is why the propensity for mental illness runs in families. The inability to escape a situation deemed intolerable is another, the source of post traumatic stress in soldiers who are not allowed to leave the battlefield and are told to perform atrocious acts they would not normally perform. Great loss does not normally cause insanity but rather depression, and the antidote for depression is to take action. This is why we have advised that group leaders have an action plan for the hours after the pole shift, so that everyone is busy doing something, if only gathering the broken crockery and preparing a group meal. Exercise, and the mental mindset to take action to set things right, is a great cure for depression.

Can the zetas comment on what they know of the mindset of Congress regarding holding public hearings or otherwise forcing some sort of "disclosure" to make the public aware of the reasons for the ongoing earth changes etc. that will be evident after the Bush and Cheney cabal are removed from power on 1/20/09? The zetas have indicated we should reach past 60% of the signs and changes by that time, and wouldn't the authorities run the risk of public riots and potential martial law if they simply continued to do nothing?

We stated that on a scale of 1-10, with the present state earlier in the year being between 2-3, that we would predict a 6 on this scale by the end of the year. We stated that this would not only include Earth changes such as weather, earthquakes and crop failures, but also sociological changes such as riots, economic depression and potential martial law in parts of the world. We have also discussed the likelihood of a general announcement about the coming passage. This is highly unlikely, because the public in any country would demand to know what the government plans to do to protect and care for them, and such care and protection is impossible to promise. It is likely to be during the last weeks, or close to this point in time, when any such announcement would be made. At that time, the announcement would include the fact that the government cannot care for its citizenry, suggested steps such citizenry might take to help themselves would be offered, and more or less the fact that those in government will see the survivors at the other end of the expected catastrophes and good luck to all!

What is going on with the Reverend Wright speaking out and making Obama look bad? Is he basically suffering from his ego getting hurt?

Wright retired early because of the uproar over his videotaped sermons, and resented this. He saw himself not only put out to pasture but also misunderstood, left with a damaged reputation. Resentful of the oppression of white people over the decades, when blacks were not allowed to vote and were discriminated against in the job market, he was furious to see himself treated as an extremist and not given credit for his good work over the decades. He had given no thought to the damage he might be doing to Obama, and only now is considering the damage he might have done to someone who was not responsible for the media's attacks against him. His resentment toward whites and the media could be seen from his antics when given the spotlight.

Do aliens use naturally occuring drugs like psilocybin mushrooms to explore altered states of consciousness like humans do?

3rd Density cultures, which would be considered to be aliens to humans, might have psychoactive agents they employ, as man does, but those in the Service-to-Other do not use escape methods when dealing with reality. We all work together to change this reality for the betterment of others, and consider escape an avoidance of responsibility. As to what those in the Service-to-Self do on their planets, we cannot say, as we do not mingle with them.

Seems like economy (dollar) will collapse before December. Can you give us any more insight on this?

We have stated that we anticipate a slow drop, with increasing inflation and techniques such as price control, limited banking hours and services to prevent bank failures, and limited shopping access to prevent hoarding. The barter system will creep up as a means of dealing with the inability to get goods and services via the official market, as many will be without jobs and find the black market approach an opportunity. The pole shift will arrive before the dollar drops so low that the US economy cannot function.

Was there any possible second sun sightings before the year 2003?

No. The Second Sun is caused by sunlight reflecting off the massive dust cloud shrouding Planet X and thence bouncing toward Earth. This occurred in 2003 when Planet X entered the solar system from the opposite side of the Sun from where the Earth was at that time in her orbit. Such a reflection will be possible again when Planet X is somewhat to the right of the Sun in the line of view from the northern hemisphere, a position it will assume when the Earth begins to lean to the left prior to the 3 days of darkness. Prior to 2003, Planet X was too far out from the Sun for much reflection of light to occur, though it was visible from observatories in 2001, captured on infrared in early 2002, and captured on CCD images in late 2002 and into early 2003, and then seen in the evening sky in the spring of 2003. All this is well documented on the website maintained by Nancy.

A new movie with a 200 million dollar budget called "2012" is soon to be produced. It involves a family going on vacation and some horrible events occurring based on the prophecy of Mayan calender. Obviously, this would seem to be a film warning about the coming poleshift so just asking if this in fact the case and who was at the top for pushing this film to be made?

2012 is the popular and approved date for the End Times, as it is so far off in the future that those in authority do not feel threatened by its use. It also, when based on the Mayan calendar, is not specific about cause, unlike our description of the coming passage which points to a body near the Sun causing a wobble and erratic weather and all. Our details can be confirmed, whereas the nebulous end times asserted by the 2012 date crowd cannot be confirmed. Yes, this is an attempt to get the public to think about this. Names would not be helpful as those behind such a push are not known to the public, and would deny any such push or knowledge in any case.

It seems the tremendous increase in tornadoes in the past week must be due to the approach of Nibiru. Is this in response to the wobble, and will it settle down soon or should we expect even more and worse after the "traditional" end of the tornado season

Yes, this is due to the wobble. And no, it will not settle down. And yes, it will get worse.

Humanity is watching dozens of films that talk about global warming, on recycling, deforestation, pollution, new forms of energy, tsunamis endnquakes. This issue of the planet is more important than the purpose of choosing the spiritual tonic? The planet has every time the universe, and has its values of recovery work continuously, and we humans, we do not have much time, what we must do better to steer the hierariquias the good?

These are all choices that mankind can make, and each individual soul must make their own choices in this regard.

Of how much use could doctors and nurses be post shift? Or, as being without medical equipment, antibiotics, drugs etc. will their skills and knowledge be largely of little benefit to the welfare of survival groups?

Obviously, doctors and nurses have skills that will benefit a survival community. They know how to set bones, how to counteract shock, and how to deal with fever to prevent brain damage for instance.

Will the ability to have OBE's be of any use during the pole shift. For example, in locating family or friends or planning an escape or travel route?

Most humans do not know how to go Out of Body (OOB), as we have explained, since this is a skill of the soul and not of the human. Unless the soul has previously learned this trick, it cannot willfully go OOB. This can, however, occur during extreme pain and duress such as torture, or when the soul anticipates the body will die as during an accident or surgery. Once learned, the soul wants to go OOB frequently as it is a great way to gain information, but this is discouraged by the Spirit Guides. It is considered to be skipping out of school, not attending to the lessons that life brings. Thus, using OOB to visit loved ones after the shift is unlikely to be the route. More likely, visits will occur through telepathy and during visits on spaceships assisted by the visitors. Give the Call, and get hooked up!

I think the Zetas said something to the effect that everyone alive today, for the shift, chose to be here during this time. I appologize for not finding the link, but at the time, it took my breath away. What would cause a soul to return during such times. To help others? To deter the mean hearted? To help with the future of those who survive? I've often wondered why we are here (or still alive) during this era? I would like to think we'd be of assistance, but the youth of today are so fast and (many) seem so advanced, how can they possibly need us? They would prosper a million time over just being with the hybrids. Why us, who are just common?

Souls currently incarnated on Earth are aware of the coming pole shift if they have experienced a pole shift in their past, or if their current incarnation is concerned enough to give the Call and learn these facts from the alien visitors. Those who have experienced a pole shift in the past, or perhaps many such pole shifts, discussed the coming times with the Birthing Guides before their current incarnation and often have been placed in a setting that would facilitate whatever lessons were to be learned for that particular soul. A soul cannot simply decide not to incarnate until life might be better. This is not a decision of the individual soul, whatever nonsense might be claimed by others. Souls do not choose their life circumstances. The life circumstances are chosen for them. Why would any Service-to-Self leaning soul choose to be born into poverty or into a crippled body? He would not. The Birthing Guides chose those circumstances for his own soul's growth.