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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 15, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Boy, 8, Facing Murder Charges Appears Before Judge [Nov 10] An 8-year-old boy appeared in court Monday afternoon in St. Johns, Arizona, on charges that he murdered his father and another man. The judge and attorneys discussed preliminary issues, including conducting a mental health evaluation of the boy and possible visitation options for his mother. A gag order preventing those involved in the case from speaking about it was left in place. More than 600 mourners attended services for the father, Vincent Romero, 29. Tim Romans, 39, also was found dead Wednesday afternoon in Romero's home, where he rented a room. Police said that the boy had confessed to shooting the two men with a .22-caliber weapon. No motive was given. Meanwhile, the boy remains in custody at a juvenile detention facility, where he is attending school. So far, nobody had stepped up to take custody of the boy. The stepmother didn't want to take custody of him. His mother hasn't taken custody of him. St. Johns has a population of about 4,000 residents and is situated about 170 miles northeast of Phoenix, near the New Mexico border.

While awaiting psychological reports to be submitted to a judge in a sealed case, the curious public wants to know the inside story. The boy apparently had a solid family life, with an extended family in the community, both a stepmother and mother in contact with the child, and close ties to the Catholic church. There were no distress signals, although domestic violence reports were on file at the police department and rumors of some kind of abuse at the household. This is a classic setting wherein the child victim of sexual abuse has nowhere to go with his complaint. The boy was locked in on all sides and could not go to the priest, as the priest was in regular consultation with the father. The boy had only to watch the interaction with the priest to understand that no accusation against the father would result in rescue. Most pedophiles in good standing in the community take pains to intimidate their victims in this manner, to assure that the victim has no escape and no means to rectify the situation.

The father was dictatorial, and being a good Catholic had sexual guilt even about marital relationships. Thus, he married sexually repressed women, and fought with both of them about the lack sex in the marital relationships. As with pedophilia in the Catholic priesthood, lust finds an outlet by being turned against a child too young to resist. The pedophile, whether a priest or parent, forgives himself for having given into temptation and asks for God's guidance in the future. The child is boxed in as all authority is in lock-step against the crime being revealed or discussed openly. The sanctity of the confessional is extended to the pedophile's victim, as though the child must agree not to disclose a sin because it has been discussed in a confessional. The child becomes the victim once again. Did the family priest understand what was going on in the household? Yes, but this will not be divulged. Did the wives understand what was going on? Absolutely, and their testimony may be given in confidence to the judge. Why was the roomer shot as well as the father? The roomer had observed the boy's abuse, and done nothing. In the child's mind, he was thus a participant, and likely to become the boy's next abuser unless eliminated.

The key change in the wobble analysis done during October/November 2008 was the violence of the push against the magnetic N Pole when late afternoon in the N American continent arrived. Prior to this point the N American continent had wobbled such that the Sun was too high in the sky, creating warmer than expected weather for the N American continent. What happens to the land under an air mass when it is shifted so suddenly? The air does not move with the globe, so the land becomes suddenly colder in late afternoon, having been forced under the polar air lingering over Canada. This change in air mass temperature is primarily felt in higher altitudes, as the air mass closer to the ground is more likely to be dragged along with the land when it moves. At higher altitudes, the air is thinner, and thus not as cohesive. Then night falls over the N American continent, with the wobble twisting the globe to the right and then to the left. The N American land mass is forced under the air hovering over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans along the coastlines. Since oceans retain a steadier temperature, this tends to warm both coastlines of the N American continent. But the inland temperature, especially at high altitudes, is not affected by this coastal influx of warm air, and retains the cold it has accumulated when the wobble pushed the N American continent up into the polar north. There is no other explanation for the distinct cold spot over Colorado and Wyoming, which is colder than all surrounding areas including those states that border Canada and the land mass of Canada itself.

Can the Zetas comment on what went on behind closed doors in the White House after Obama's victory? Where there more finger pointing among the rats such as Cheney and Rove? How angry were they?

The Bush/Cheney crowd understood that they were blocked from perpetrating election fraud in 2006, and were aware of whose hand was at the helm at that time. They knew the likelihood of a repeat in 2008. McCain had been told otherwise, kept optimistic, because they wanted him out there campaigning like crazy to create the façade of a come-from-behind candidate. Thus the loss was not unexpected though all had a plan B in place in case they managed to succeed. Thus, there was no finger-pointing.

How will Obama's presidency compare to his past life as Abraham Lincoln during the civil war? I imagine his past presidency was harder trying to keep the country together and freeing the slaves or will this current term be more challenge? Obviously he has been tested beyond John McCain's wildest dreams. Isn't it ironic that the same soul that freed the slaves as Abaraham Lincon would come back and be the first African American President? Was this planned? Was Obama's soul anyone else famous besides Abraham Lincoln? [and from another] Are Obama's mannerisms similar to Lincolns? How about his eating habits? They are both so thin. Just curious to know just how much influence the soul has on the body and Obama is the only person whose pass life can be compared to his current. Also, why did his original soul decide to abort? And what was so desirable about Obama's life? I'm sure his soul wasn't expecting to become president as a black man, but through intense will I'm sure it's not a huge surprise. [and from another] So did Obama suspect that he was Lincoln? And if so, have his people told them that the Zetas said he was. The combination would probably get him really curious about ZetaTalk. [and from another] Linoln had a tendency to depression, and Obama has admitted some self destructive tendencies, will this affect the presidency?

We will not have our time nor Nancy's consumed with frivolous questions comparing every detail of Obama's life with every detail of Lincoln's life. Each incarnation differs because the times are different, the genetics of the human being incarnated are different, the life circumstances are different, and the mission most certainly would be different.

Can the Zetas comment on the dark brown clouds seen in Asia? Authorities there claim these clouds are toxic and can ruin crops. Is this more dusting from Planet X's tail reaching Earth?

Asia suffers from air pollution from cooking fires and coal burning facilities. This has been deemed one of the worst pollution factors on the planet, in fact. With the wobble creating trapped air pockets, the pollution has worsened.

Curious more than shallow question, but forgetting about the character of a person how can a normal looking guy ever get a girl as good looking as the Obama video girl without being rich? Personally I can't even look at her she's so hot, I'm so poor, but an old rich, pot belly guy can easily get an equivalent. It's a bitter reminder of how unfair life is, I can't even watch TV.

The rich or famous man with a gorgeous young woman hanging on his arm is much in the news, but the factors need to be examined as this is not the norm. The gorgeous women are invariably gold diggers, selling their looks. Not all women are of this mindset. While most women look for stability and loyalty they are not putting looks or money at the head of their list. Those rich or famous men who trot out their gorgeous women are in fact insecure, a quality most women do not admire. Want to attract women? Be what they are looking for - loyal, stable, and interested in them.

With the shuttle lifting off, does that mean the debris field is less dangerous and safe for the shuttle? NASA describes satellites as being crowded out in the earth's orbit so how can they not be hit or are they being battered but not being reported?

The debris field has not become less dangerous but if the ISS is to be maintained and the space program worthy of being funded, they must go through the motions. Evidence was available some years ago that the loss of satellites was greater than the public was aware, as insurance costs went up. Obviously, more satellites are being lofted as replacements.

California earthquake drill, new planets seen in space, 2012 movie trailer hinting at truth, lots of subtle and not so subtle messages being sent. Is the goal overall to get the message socialized on so many fronts without coming out and saying it? Kind of like JFK where everyone knows the government was involved but there will never be a direct admission?

As we have repeatedly stated, the message that there is a rogue planet in the inner solar system likely to pass earth and cause a pole shift on the way out is virtually an impossible message for any government to give its people. They could anticipate society coming to a halt, jobs not attended, taxes not paid, government halting operations, and starvation and looting the result. Since there seems to be no way they can make such an announcement, they wring their hands and remain silent and keep the cover-up in place. Pertinent movie themes have long been a source of relief for those whose conscience is bothering them on this matter, as has been detailed elsewhere by Nancy. These may become more explicit and appear on TV to ensure the public gets saturated.

Paulson seems to be mis-managing the bailout. Has his tone on this changed as a result of the bailout?

Paulson did not have the common man in mind during his bailout press, as anyone watching his reactions before the committee could decipher. He wanted golden parachutes to remain untouched. He did not want any caps on executive pay. His first plan was to buy toxic mortgages at only a portion of their worth, so the banks could take a write-off on the loss and theoretically the government would find that purchased housing increasing in value at a future date and make its money back. But the number of foreclosures kept increasing, with the number of homes mortgaged beyond their paper value astronomically high. He thus began simply pumping funds into banks to keep them from failing, and is now refusing to be transparent about what he is doing because he fears that releasing the names of these banks will cause a run on these banks. Paulson is a “drowning” man, who does not know what to do, frankly.

Can the Zetas comment on Al Gore's decline for the position President elect Obama had offered him as climate czar?

Gore knows that Global Warming is not the reason for the Earth changes but instead it is Nibiru, aka Planet X. If he were to be given a position of authority, then there would be no excuse for inaction on the part of the Obama administration. Gore knows this might be counterproductive, knows that other actions would need to take priority, and thus does not want to detract from other objectives that Obama might have. In other words, Gore wants to stay private and continue to "educate" the public, but not force Obama's hand.

Why the special early invite for Obama by Bush 3? By any chance did he tell Obama his big secret and that they are on the same side?

Bush 3 of course is eager to help Obama, but cannot seem too eager as he must pretend to be the same persona as his brothers. Under no circumstances would he talk about his status as a clone, as unless the other is aware of the special circumstances, such talk simply seems like the blathering of a crazy man. Only those in the know, who were involved in managing the clones, are aware, and they aren't talking.

Could the Zetas comment on the possibility of there being some "bloodlines" that have survived of the Annunaki within humans today, and also if the Race of Women have decendents as well on Earth today, no matter the genetic time and how little it might be.

There are Annunaki genes within the human genome, but these are not specific within a certain race or family line. They are well dispersed throughout the races and continents, as the Annunaki traveled worldwide and had many sex slaves.

Can the zetas admit if a major earth change event will occur before Obama is sworn into office? Something on the order of Katrina or the Great Tsunami of Christmas 2004, big enough to warrant a genuine anomaly? Or are those type of events still that far in our future? According to the timeline the Zetas have given, we're between a 5 and a 6 on the scale of 1-10.

We were asked early in the year how the Earth would fare in 2008, and gave a scale of a 2-3 at that point where 10 is the time going into the last weeks. We stated that the Earth would be at a 6 by the end of 2008. This scale, per our definition, included societal disruption and the worsening economy. Certainly, the Wall Street crash in September and the continued pace of job loss and bankruptcy worldwide is a factor in this. But there are physical, geological changes yet that will occur, as well as weather extremes. And there may be other surprises which we cannot detail. As usual, we like to surprise the establishment.

First the announcement of new planets by CNN. Astronomers capture first images of new planets on Nov. 13 then the launch on Nov. 14. Endeavour blasts off into the night sky. Shuttle crew to make major upgrade to international space station now, still Nov. 14 India's probe lands on the moon, sends images. One objective is to look for Helium 3, a rare isotope for nuclear fusion Coincidence or what the heck is going on - panic in the troops?

As has been noted by ourselves in the past, NASA and JPL try to move closer to being able to reveal the truth, but they move in inches when they should be taking giant steps. A few years ago, Earth was presented as the only life bearing planet in the Universe, though the astronomers knew otherwise. The alien presence is still not being admitted. NASA is losing control because other countries now find they can go to the Moon and see that man was not the first, nor alone, in visiting the Moon. This news is unlikely to be broadcast to the masses, however, as countries reaching the Moon are as well controlled as the US has been.

Would you please offer an observation of the plan re. Clintons and the latest "unofficial" Obama offer? Are both Bill and Clinton are scratching for a way into the Obama administration and the White house? The news stations seem to show only pictures of Barack Obama and Hilary hugging, close shots of Obama and Bill Clinton but no other candidate photo opps available? Officials: Sen. Clinton eyed as secretary of state. Others mentioned for job include Richardson, Hagel, Kerry, and Daschle

Obama would like to offer Richardson the job of Secretary of State, but does not want to make enemies of the Clintons. By having a discussion with Hillary, wherein she is told she has the job but must be vetted (and this must include Bill's activities), Obama has made her an offer she cannot accept. Due to the deliberate publicity around this discussion, she will be publically seen as having been given the job and having refused. Thus, when Richardson takes the job, this will not be seen as an affront to her or Bill.

With the launch of the space shuttle the other night and talk of expanding the living quarters on the space station, is somebody still thinking about leaving Earth for the moon during the passage of Planet X?

The ISS is not seen as a way station or place to sit out the pole shift, as due to the degree of satellite damage and even damage to the ISS, no one is naïve about what will happen to all such satellite bodies during the Planet X tail lashing to come. The ISS is, however, ideally situated for watching the approach of Planet X. Those living there are on a suicide mission, for the supposed betterment of mankind. At least, this is the offered premise.

What is up with all of the "czars" Obama is appointing? For some reason that word is just one more thing about him that makes me nervous. I suppose the correlation to the Russian czars. And how much crazier is this weather going to be?

The weather has only started its rampage. In politics, the position of a "czar” is one that transcends agency responsibilities. Many problems fall between the cracks, not being addressed by any agency. Thus a czar can see the big picture and bring a cohesive approach where a number of agencies would not be able to accomplish this.

My question concerns our children; the ones I work with are asking some interesting questions. How do I make them feel safe - how do I answer them when they ask about the Devil and all the dark they are perceiving? I guess that's good for all of us, no?

Children, as well as adults, should be aware that nothing can be done to them by a spirit. Spirits, and ghosts, can only influence the psyche/mind of a human. Ghosts are unhappy with some aspect of their past lives, or are seeking to influence an outcome. Spirits are answering the Call, which a human gives, and this is true of alien visitations too. Thus the human is in control, and a child should be given this reassuring message. Just say "no". Tell whatever presence seems to be lurking to "go away". If you believe this, then the child will have confidence.

There are many political commentators on TV, the radio, and in the print media. I'm most puzzled by Rush Limbaugh's huge following. Are there huge numbers of Americans who share his anger and his contempt for Democrats and Liberals? Sometimes he completely distorts facts and his followers accept his views without question. Does he really believe what he preaches? Would the Zetas care to comment?

Those who listen to Rush share his views and have an emotional connection to him. Yes, there are those who are ignorant, but mostly there are people who are emotionally upset over change and want the black and white view he presents. They are insecure.

What do the Zetas see for automakers? Should they be allowed to go bankrupt to get rid of union debts?

Those who are pondering what bailout steps to take as the economy tanks are considering the lessons of the Great Depression. Half the banks failed, with consequent loss of savings by all who had utilized the banks’ services. Corporate bankruptcies occurred and massive layoffs, so that individuals went bankrupt likewise. Everything wound down and until the New Deal arrived there was no hope of change. Those in government want to abort such a downturn, and are thus shoring up banks, ensuring that FDIC insurance is in place, and are trying to reduce corporate bankruptcies. It is the scale of jobs that would be affected if the automakers were to fail that is ensuring that action will be taken. Change should be required, but the government will print money to keep the cycle from spiraling out of control.

did you listen to Bob Deans' latest interview with Project Camelot? As an insider he validates the fact that Planet X is real and that it is, in fact, headed our way and that the secret gov is out of their mind with worry over it because it is heading directly towards us and will pass between us and the Sun. He says by 2020. He also says that our calendars are off by 7 years and it is 2015 now. Whatever, 2012 is the year we know of as the date he says it will come. You should listen to Bill Degal too, same link ( because he also validates everything you are saying. Maybe the world is waking up.

We have already addressed Project Camelot as a disinfo arm of the administration. Where Bob Dean is a person to be respected, he is part of the government operation, being ex-military. He would not be able to even be out there speaking if he were not pratting the official line. There are those who agree to debunk, and those who agree to participate on the opposite side, to speak a partial truth. He operates on the latter. But these are partial truths, not absolute truths, and thus he is part of the disinformation scheme.

Could the Zetas comment on this crop circle. And this one maybe?

The first is depicting orbit lock, and the feeling of compression is palpable here. The Earth cannot escape her orbit, is the message. The second is showing that the normal expression during a magnetic trimester is being disrupted by the presence of Planet X, which marches on in its sling orbit toward the Earth.

ZetaTalk Take 1/20/2007: Obama will have a catalyst effect on the race, but will not, obviously, win. He is black. He has Muslim roots. The Democratic party will not allow itself to risk losing in this manner. But as a catalyst, which he understands to be his role, he will drive the discussions in certain directions, force issues to be on the table, and demand an open face from other candidates. We wish him well on his ambitious plan! [and from another] Can the Zeta's comment on this statement compared to last week when they said he was the Abraham Lincoln walk in?

There is no conflict in our statements. We have stated, in explaining the success of Nancy's mission, that 19 out of 20 contactees we engage to support their efforts do not succeed. The mission fails, or deflects to some lesser agenda. Nancy succeeded beyond our expectations such that we had to divert some of our resources from other missions to support her. Obama could have succeeded, as he did, or only have achieved a lesser mission which was, as we stated, to act as a catalyst during the campaign. None of the possible outcomes was written in stone.

My question: What do you have to say about the Amero? The G20 are meeting. The debt on the dollar is getting too large. All the numbers are false (inflation, GDP) Where is the economy going? [and from another] Watching the news clips of the G20 meet and hearing about all the fine food the big shots were eating gave me a sick feeling; what are they really talking about? I can't believe they have a clue as to how to "fix" the global economy. With all the smiling they were doing, I couldn't help thinking about the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

The Amero, as we have repeatedly stated, will not become the currency of N America, despite any plans that have been laid. What should be understood is the role of central banks and of banks in general. They cannot "fix" an economy. They can only lend funds, and be lenient or strict about payback terms. We stated at the start of ZetaTalk that the world would suffer crop shortages and due to the devastating Earth changes, the economy would likewise suffer, worldwide. This has occurred, the essential depression we predicted having arrived. Banks and bankers cannot "fix" this, but will attempt to minimize the effect by lenient terms.

I've liked Obama from day one and am a strong foreign supporter of him but Obama wants to increase the Nato force in Afghanistan. What happened to his dialog and diplomacy stance?

His stance has always been to increase forces in Afghanistan, to chase Bin Laden. Obama cannot succeed as a president and could not have won the office without having what seems to be a rational approach to ending the war in Iraq and ensuring that another 9.11 does not occur. Regardless of what those aware of the insider hand in 9.11 might think - the false premise that a bunch of Arabs caused this problem - Obama must walk a middle-of-the-road line that ensures the American public will be behind him. Else he is ineffectual, and fails. Would you have him fail?

Leading geologist warns some regions are quake-prone. Pointing to the geology of the Indian subcontinent, a leading geologist on Saturday warned that some regions of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh near Nepal could be prone to an earthquake.

Stating the obvious! What does he think caused those high mountains in the Himalayas?

Nebraska is seeing a rush of people giving up there children mostly teenagers. Is this really because of the chidrens behaviours or are parents using it as a 'get out free' card not having to take care of anyone other than themselves because they sense the future?

Those dumping problem children in Nebraska are not sensing the future. They are trying to get out of their responsibilities.

Can the Zetas at least tell us if the planet is gonna have huge earth changes in the next 5 years? They seem to know a lot about politics but not much about real life.

Perhaps you are new to ZetaTalk. We have stated the pole shift will occur before 2012. For a description of the pole shift, read the pole shift section.

Is knowledge the ultimate weapon to protect my lessons on this plane from being interrupted? Is doing the best way to grow spiritually? I know Jesus did not really walk on water but is it still possible to walk on water by manipulating particle flows with the use of technology?

Taking action is a better expression of intent than any philosophical meandering. We decline to discuss how to "walk on water". Are you planning on attempting this?

What if anything is up with the wildfires in California? It seems to be hitting the wealthiest areas hardest. Is that a message to the obscenely wealthy? Will wildfires hit the rest of the world or just the western US?

Each part of the world has its own geological or climactic problems. Some have flooding, some drought, some extreme cold, others entrenched disease. California has extreme drought by nature. It is man who disrupts the cycles and attempts to prevent fire, so when it does break out it is more horrific. In that weather extremes will get more extreme, this type of thing should be anticipated. This will not be the last episode, nor will it be the worst.

Why don't the Zetas heal you Nancy, with all their advanced technology that should be a simple thing for them. Why don't they make you wealthy too?

Nancy has been healed from several life threatening conditions, else she would not be alive and typing away tonight. Wealth is not something that would assist Nancy's mission. You are putting your personal goals into Nancy's situation. She is not you, nor would you be she, as you do not have the right priorities.

Is it true that 500,000 people a week are losing their jobs and 80,000 a week their homes? What is the future of that in the US before Planet X. If people are not working now, is it that important to keep the society thinking all is OK? Even with the breakdown of civil order isn't it more important to save lives by moving people to Nebraska?

We are asked questions about moving the populace from the coastlines, for instance, or moving people to Nebraska. This presumes that those territories controlled by a state would welcome the delivery of masses of humanity into their state. States will find they cannot feed and house their own citizens, and are not interested in adopting more, in the main. The federal government cannot simply dictate to the state or local governments. This would be resisted, and not succeed. Unless individuals take action, by finding a safe place, making their own arrangements as we have relentlessly suggested, there will be few routes for those desperate to leave the coastlines when the time comes. Move to rural areas. Learn how to garden and save seed. For this, most need to sacrifice their comforts and pleasures, something they are unwilling to do. Do not expect government rescue, as it will not be forthcoming.

As it stands now, when do the Zetas say the main earth changes will be completed.

We have described the steps to the pole shift, which are:

  1. an increased wobble with consequent sloshing of oceans and violent winds
  2. a lean to the left moving rapidly into
  3. 3 days of darkness and
  4. 6 days when the Sun seems to rise just west of the N pole
  5. a few weeks of slowing rotation and then
  6. 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, followed by
  7. the hour of the pole shift.

After the shift, the melting poles and glaciers and rise of the oceans due to heat generated by the shifting crust will cause the oceans to rise to 675 feet above the current sea level. Aftershocks from the magnitude 9 quakes that occurred during the pole shift will continue for hundreds of years.