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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 22, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

An amazing fireball in Canada. I guess these are going to really pick up the pace, and I don't mean picante sauce. [and from another] So has the foretold increase in meteors begun or are we not to that point yet? I haven't noticed a lot of meteor's in the news lately. [and from another] Witnesses: Large meteor streaks across Canada sky [Nov 22] University of Calgary planetary scientist Alan Hildebrand called it one of the largest meteors visible in the country in the last decade. [and from another] Meteor lights Sask. sky It was visible from Edmonton, east from Lloydminister and into Saskatchewan, and as far south as the Regina area.

This is just the start. In 2003 and 2004, when Planet X had zoomed close to the Sun and then put on the brakes, the tail of Planet X wafted far and wide and there were many such fireballs being reported in the news. This seemed to slack off only because the tail coalesced again around Planet X, which acts like a giant magnet for the charged dust cloud which is the main component of its tail. The tail at present is hosing directly out from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X, and as this points more directly at the Earth, such debris will increasingly drop through the atmosphere of Earth. This is one sign that the days when the severe lean to the left and 3 days of darkness are not far in the future. .

Does the government know something specific regarding the timing of the new madrid quake? They are really beating the quake drum lately. [and from another] Government Warns of "Catastrophic" U.S. Quake [Nov 20] People in a vast seismic zone in the southern and midwestern United States would face catastrophic damage if a major earthquake struck there and should ensure that builders keep that risk in mind. FEMA predicted a large earthquake would cause "widespread and catastrophic physical damage" across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee - home to some 44 million people. In Tennessee alone, it forecast hundreds of collapsed bridges, tens of thousands of severely damaged buildings and a half a million households without water. Transportation systems and hospitals would be wrecked, and police and fire departments impaired. The zone, named for the town of New Madrid in Missouri's southeast corner, is subject to frequent mild earthquakes.

Since the devastation that would occur during great quakes in the central US has long been known, it begs the question - why are they only now warning of this potential with more specifics on expected damages? The answer, of course, is that they realize it is right around the corner. Quake prediction is not an exact science, though several predictors are known. Restless pets and static on the radio are two such predictors. The New Madrid area has had more than this of late - booms in Texas and Missouri accompanying small quake bursts. At times the booms are accompanied by flashes of light, indicating methane gas has been released and exploded. By issuing the warning, FEMA hopes to at least put itself in a better light, able to say "we told you so".

Will Obama be able to stop things like chemtrails or are his hands tied here?

Chemtrails are not a product of the US government. It is a private affair, planes and chemicals and all. The US government is aware of who is doing this, or at least the insiders are aware, and thus they could make this a prosecution matter. However, since those who are aware of who is responsible are in on the scheme and are not sharing this information with others who might wish to stop the practice, evidence is unlikely to fall into the hands of those who might prosecute. In time, and not that long in the future, this maneuver will no longer work and evidence of Planet X will be before the common man, undeniably.

Over the past week 3 out of Australia's 5 capital cities have been hit with out of the ordinary weather. The worst was Brisbane being hit with 3 massive electrical and hail storms causing major damage in successive days . Sydney has been very windy for a couple of days now and Adelaide has also been windy for a few days but has now died down. Has the wobble increased of late and is this the cause?

Nancy has recently documented a swing on the N American continent where the equator was a dozen degrees too far to the south and then swung to be a couple dozen degrees too far to the north - a total of over 30 degrees within hours. What do you suppose this does to the land moving under the air mass? It gets windy! And of course, this is not just a N American phenomenon, as the whole world participates.

What do they have to say about frozen water being found on Mars?

We stated at the start of ZetaTalk that the water on Mars had been diverted underground to wash gold ore the Annunaki were gathering. This is now being born out. As the atmosphere disappeared, no longer able to be maintained because surface water had been removed, the surface of the planet cooled. Thus, the ice.

Melting water from ice caps in Antarctica and Greenland, and that from mountain glaciers worldwide, has replaced warmer temperatures as the main force behind rising sea levels, according to a new study. Satellite-based gravity measurements of the Earth revealed that the Greenland ice sheet is losing about 150 gigatons of ice each year. [and from another] Is this how they plan on explaining tidal surge?

It has been calculated by human scientists that the oceans of the world would rise 200 feet if Greenland and the poles melted. Now that both are happening, this will of course be the explanation given to the common man. The question to be asked, of course, is why these glaciers are melting, often from the bottom up! It is not from a degree or two of warmer air.

"Say it ain't so!" Obama hasn't made an announcement yet about them, but the media is reporting that Bush DoD appointee Robert Gates is likely to stay on as Sec'y. of Defense, and the DNI and Director of the NSA are talking up themselves as 'apolitical' and 'available' to remain in their positions. Will Obama be "updating his mind" soon and find fresh faces for those positions, or are these trial balloon media reports correct in that Obama intends to leave them in place? If so, it certainly isn't "change we can believe in"!

Gates has been acknowledged on both sides of the aisle to be competent, and in conversations between himself and Obama has proved to be amenable to Obama's agenda. What others wanting similar treatment may be doing, self promoting themselves, is irrelevant. Do you think Obama allows those wanting a position to get it, based on noise? Gates will be encouraged to clean out any remaining elements in the DOD who were responsible for invading Iraq on a lie, and will cooperate. His tenure will also not be a long term matter, but to facilitate the transition.

How are the other intelligent beings doing with the earth changes caused by Planet X? I'm talking MIB, Sasquatch, Reptilians etc.

All intelligent races on Earth are being informed of the pending pole shift, including man, when they make inquiries. The MIB do not have the ability to submerge reality into their subconscious and use denial like humans do, and this is true of all the other intelligent life forms resident on Earth. Thus, by passing information from old to young they have recorded pole shift experiences in the past, and this is graphically registered in their literature and history. They know what is coming, whether or not they are giving the Call and being guided. The MIB expect to live on in their underground caverns and not move to 4th density with humans. Sasquatch, the Bigfoot, expects to be relocated to another compatible world to continue their self-imposed sabbatical, and the reptilian race in deep underground rivers expects to move to other worlds as their current lives expire.

I read on a UK News site last night that Hillary aides said it was "done deal" that she was accepting the secretary of state position. You said she would be offered it and decline, I thought that was fishy. I couldn't see Hillary turning that down especially when she knows Planet X is coming and there will be no 2012 election. What's the status of this? Did Obama and the Zetas not correctly assess her intentions? I just can't see her turning that down with especially with her insider information on Planet X.

Our prediction on human behavior is, as always, in the hands of man. The reaction and mindset of Bill Clinton up to the point where we predicted Hillary would decline was such that he would refuse to cooperate with the Obama White House. This changed because Bill saw the immense benefit to himself, to his legacy, and saw what a fun time he would have accompanying Hillary around the world. They are already wealthy, so any need to continue his speaking tours in an unbounded manner is not necessary. Obama knew this potential existed or he would not have made the overtures. He well knows how to make lemonade out of lemons. He will utilize the Clinton team and their vast political skills in a way that will astonish the world of doubters.

You said you can't fly around visible to humans until they are ready. What percentage isn't ready? I would say over 60% is ready.

It is not percentages, as the percentages differ in different countries, different regions, and even between small neighboring communities. This is why we have said that contact, conscious contact or sightings, will occur at a different pace in different locales, depending. Because media reports can be broadcast worldwide at present, this is a deterrent to full conscious contact in one place, while another might be cast into anxiety over such reports and images. Thus, until the pole shift disrupts media reporting, there are many places ready for such contact which must wait.

How do the Zetas keep warm, if they have to? Do they wear coats or is there another way used?

Most people see our skinny bodies and imagine that we are either nude or wearing skintight outfits. The latter is the case, though our bodies indeed would have the same appearance if nude. Our planets were not warm because our suns were not intense. This is why our eyes are so very large, able to take in much light just as your night prowling creatures must do with their large dark eyes. We are comfortable in your cold weather.

Is the economy going straight downhill to oblivion in one and one half years, or are there going to be any plateaus reached with some apparent stability for months at a time? Obama just said millions of jobs will be lost next year. I think 500,000 jobs are being lost per month now, and 20,000 homes foreclosed a month now so is that going to slow down or increase?

Obama is being honest. The depression that we stated was gripping the world's economies has finally become apparent, but has been in place for years. What delayed the bankruptcies and job losses was the US national debt, where so much money was being pumped into the housing bubble and the war bubble. This has limits. We stated in the past that the Dow was being maintained because the Plunge Protection Team was asking military industrial companies to buy bad stock in order to keep the price up. Then these same corporations would be compensated by the Department of Defense (DOD), which would allow these corporations to raise their prices. This practice can only continue with cooperation, and when these corporations fear for their own future, they refuse! Likewise, mutual funds and brokerages were leaned on to hold their sell orders until buyers could be lined up, but this practice does not hold if all fear they will lose out. Control of the Dow has obviously been lost. Since the war in Iraq will end, this being the handwriting on the wall, those corporations supplying the Iraq war are more cautious about increasing their inventory. Likewise, those corporations that were involved in the housing boom have become cautious, and all this caution affects every other industry. The US as an entity is bankrupt, unable to do anything but print money which as anyone with a historical perspective knows will only devalue the dollar. The hot air supporting the supposed US economy is gone, deflated, and the truth is laid out for all to see. Look to the Great Depression to see what is ahead.

In reading Oahspe, it appears that it wasn't the "hands of Man" that put Lincoln into power, but "angels": "20. Jehovih said to his Embassadress: Take thine own inspiring host, and go down to the earth, to Washington, to Lincoln the president, and hold this matter up to him, that he may understand Me. For he is not bound in doctrines. For which reason My angels made him president, and for this purpose which I have in hand." Are the "angels" spoken of in Oahspe aliens and E.T.s or just human souls that have gone through a number of lifetimes on earth? And are there currently any "false gods" such as Looeamong, Kabbalactes, Enochissa and Thoth currently holding sway today over humans?

The Oahspe had many terms for the many manifestations of spirits - those incarnated, those disincarnate, those immature, those highly evolved, those given to good works and those given to mischief. As with the process going on today on many fronts, it is a team effort by incarnated humans, souls incarnated into alien bodies, and disincarnate spirits. We have stated that the term "angel" should not be taken literally as a spirit who embodies in a human form with wings. What is an angel but a soul who wants to do good? This could in fact be a human, could even be you, who is an “angel.”

A lot of Obama supporters seem disappointed Obama is not cleaning house top to bottom, but instead picking a mixed bag of experienced hands. Is it because, being a unique situation, no one, absolutely no one, knows what to do?

Obama is highly skilled in picking the best person for the job, and being able to delegate to teams formulated the ability to cancel out any negative aspect to an appointment. You must wait for the result to understand whereof we speak.

I've been seeing the same 2 stars in my window every day, is this an indication of planet rotation stoppage? Also been seeing a red sunset. Is this part of Planet X?

Red sunsets can occur quite outside of the presence of red dust from Planet X, though this red dust should begin to be more noticeable in the near future. Rotation has not slowed, nor is this the first sign you will sense. A worsening wobble is the next sign that will present.

Earthquakes are becoming increasingly stronger and more violent. How is the Madrid fault fairing in all this movement?

The New Madrid Fault area, which encompasses land between Texas and northern Mexico to the Great Lakes, is showing signs of stress, with methane gas released during minor quakes lately. Rock layers are sliding over each other, giving way, and quakes everywhere are increasing in frequency and magnitude. We have stated that the New Madrid will be the major quake to affect the continental US prior to the pole shift, though more minor quakes may afflict the West Coast before this hits. It is in your future, only a matter of time, and not that long a time either.

What will come of the indictments of Cheney and Gonzales, and will that spread from the Texas courts to federal court?

This lawsuit will obviously not bring either Cheney or Gonzales into court. Their involvement will be dismissed, because the link is tenuous. They are being accused of owning stock in companies that benefited from private prisons, but the reach is long and not direct. The same could be said of suing the stockholders of any corporation found guilty of misconduct. The law does not work this way.

I gotta ask. It seems that all this downturn in the economy and the distress so many are going thru are making a lot of people (myself included) to be more open and caring toward strangers. This gives great joy. I hope this is not a passing fad, but the true nature of our race and the caring that we will need to continue into the future to survive as a species and learn from our mistakes. I personally thank Barack Obama for his leadership to opening a great many minds and hearts. Will you comment?

The distress of the downturn is the number of people becoming homeless or without the funds to maintain a household. Thus, people move in together, and homes that were bleak and lonely suddenly have lots of life! People learn to make do, be more resourceful, and discover that junk is useful. They feel creative. They work on the barter system, exchanging services for food, for instance, and all this is so much more real. More home gardens, more hands to help on small farms emerge. More home entertainment instead of video games and travel to resorts. All to the good, and a good practice for what is coming after the pole shift.

How do we know that the claim that Planet X will pass before the end of 2012 isn't just another white lie by the Zetas to Nancy (and all of us), exactly like May, 15th 2003 was?

You don't, with certainty. Since we have given you so much data on the steps and stages of the last weeks, and told you that the pole shift will occur at the end of a magnetic trimester and that the sum of the last weeks will occur within that magnetic trimester, you have signs to look for. As we said going into the 2003 date, anyone making moves to a safe location, a rural location rather than a city location, will have no regrets. When the time comes, those who waited, unnecessarily, will have deep regrets.

How bad will the water be? Will we have to distill all sources - even rainwater? And is it true that drinking distilled water over a long period can leach nutrients from your body. I've read that adding a small amount of sea salt can help this.

Sea salt has many minerals, but there are many sources of minerals besides drinking water. One needs to be aware that volcanic ash will fall over a wide area, and be around for a couple decades after the pole shift in the atmosphere which wafts worldwide. Of course, this will be heavier downwind from volcanoes. Ground water can be polluted with lead due to fracturing of rock, where the lava can push up toward the surface during the pole shift. We have explained that this type of lead gets washed well underground during repeated rains, but for the short term, well water can be polluted though looks completely clear. Lead poisoning, in order to be avoided, requires distillation of drinking water.

I listened to a video where the 8 year old boy was being questioned about killing his father and the live in. He said he shot his father because he felt like he was suffering. My question is why won't he just tell them what happened to him? And neither mother nor step mother want him probably because they feel they will be next.

The boy is the victim of pedophilia, and as we explained such victims often refuse to divulge their status. They are made to feel that they brought this on themselves, that they were bad somehow, or asked for the abuse. In this particular case, both the family priest and the extended family were aware of his abuse and did nothing. He felt boxed in, and still feels that he can trust no one. Many abuse victims develop amnesia over their abuse, and truly do not remember. In this case, he is painfully aware and thus took the steps he took to end his suffering. But he is still not trusting.

This week both CNN and MSNBC ran specials on Jonestown over and over. Is this part of a preparation to decry sources such as Zetatalk as possible "cults", so that the common folk won't be stirred to panic? And also the week-long special on CNN next week, called "Aliens"; shoring up the Coverup or truly trying to help brace the public for the truth?

CNN's specials are part of the increasing disclosure that many stations are broadcasting, CNN being the largest channel to do so lately during prime time. We have long predicted that the establishment would gradually capitulate, admitting the alien presence, realizing that to do otherwise puts them in a bad light. They cannot stop contact, and by refusing to admit it, endlessly, they prove that a cover-up has been in place. An emphasis on Jonestown is likely to be due to a fear that as the common man is economically depressed, and senses that the End Times are near, they will join such cults hoping for rescue. This is an attempt to discourage such actions, but the type of person who would be inclined to join such a cult will not be deterred. If they cannot cling to other family members, or to the government, they will try religion or a strong and domineering father figure.

Is Planet X positioning itself to be seen as Second Sun again anytime soon?

We have stated that the Second Sun will be evident during the last weeks, without question. We have also hinted that signs in the skies may surprise the establishment, but have not given dates as usual. We are restricted from giving you any date information, frankly, by the Council of Worlds. This is not even our choice! Thus, other than the sequence of events we have detailed, we must remain mute.

I was wondering if you could clarify a 'Sparked' and a 'Walk-In' soul? How would somebody know if they went through either of these processes? If an entity goes through a traumatic event in their life and at some point they realize they are not the same entity they use to be does this mean the soul has been sparked or a walk-in occurred? Would missing their 'old self', whom they were before the traumatic event, be a sign of a soul change in the body or would it just be physiological and how do you tell the difference? Is sparking a soul meant to be a positive action or can it be negative as well? Once a soul is 'sparked' does it stay that way through the rest of its future incarnations? I believe everything we go through is meant to develop the soul and reach higher planes of conscious so even the very bad events are meant to lead to a future positive outcome; from pain will come pleasure. However, soul development seems to be a very long and emotionally and physically painful process.

If one has a high degree of curiosity, that person is surely a sparked soul. This is also true of anyone with drive, with motivation to achieve a goal. Unsparked souls frankly do not ponder such issues, but drift along with what society delivers to them like flotsam on a river. Those humans who have had their original soul depart to then allow a Walk-In to take over the body often recognize what has occurred because they have more drive and motivation, and no longer are anguished over their life circumstances but instead find themselves taking advantage of these same circumstances to accomplish goals.

Will there be any more shoes to drop on the economic front?

Many more shoes. Things will get worse, in all countries. As we stated, look to the Great Depression for what to expect.

I presume that not many questions are asked by Europeans. I'm from Holland. I'm aware of the coming shift and I'm aware of what's going on in advance. I know that it is necessary to be STO. I don't know if I am, although I want to. My way of life now is a kind of boring and not very stimulating for STO. Do I have to force myself into STO or will I be invited to it eventually.

You are not invited, you choose. You demonstrate that you care about others as well as yourself, on an equal basis in fact, by your actions. There is misery everywhere, and if you are bored and not taking action, then you're likely not Service-to-Other.

Are any of the New MJ-12 known to Obama? Does Obama even have time to learn the truth about ET's or get to disclosure about former presidents' ET findings and the alien presence?

He has worked this into his schedule, as Nancy is aware. About this we can say no more.