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Issue 132, Sunday, May 9, 2009
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Black Sea Video

Did someone capture the Second Sun at sunset on video on April 21, 2009? This was posted on YouTube, from Chkalovsky, Russia, which is above the Black Sea and near Moscow and not far from the Russian astronaut center. The photographer must have seen something next to the Sun to have stood there for 23 minutes, filming. There are breaks in the filming, so he/she devoted more than the 6 minutes that is the length of the video to this process.


A lively discussion occurred on the GodlikeProduction message board over this impressive video. Finally, after hours of discussion, the long awaited debunkers arrived with an explanation. It was all a reflection on a window pane, as the filming was taken from behind or at a window frame. But there are problems with this explanation. The orb in question is clearly not a lens flare, though there is a flare that travels around as the camera is moved over the six or more minutes of filming. The orb in question sticks to its position just to the right of the Sun. I've taken some stills from the video. Lets take a walk through the evidence to see what you think. What I noted was the following:

At :35 the video has no filter, so we only see the Sun.
At :41 the video has been stopped so that a glare filter has been added. We now can see the muted Sun and a bright orb to the right of the Sun. What the photographer is apparently trying to show is that normally, without a filter, this Second Sun cannot be readily seen.

Then for a minute, the photographer moves the camera around to show that the orb is not a lens flare. The lens flare is all over the place during this process, but the orb follows the Sun, in the same position.

That's not lense flare! While the camera is shaking and moving, the object does not move, seems to be as fix as the sun is. [and from another] You can clearly see the lens flare moving around in the video. The object near the sun seems to physically be there, [and from another] I'm in gfx design industry and I know how lens flares work and look.The object to the right is not a lens flare. [and from another] Clear enough it's not a flare, the actual flare that is also present in the picture is a good example of what these look like. The observer's eye would have noticed the anomaly before filming, which would be the reason for taking the video. [and from another] The cameraman is moving the camera around to show you the difference between a lens flare and the the planet next to the sun.

At 2:18 the orb moves with the Sun when the photographer zooms out and then zooms in again. During a normal sunset, the orb would be hard to see, apparently, as it disappears into the Sun at a normal distance from view. The photographer is apparently trying to show us this fact.

At 4:25 the Second Sun drops below a cloud where the Sun has no such obstruction. This shows that the Second Sun is not a reflection as any glare on a window pane would stand in front of the cloud, not behind it.
At 4:31 the Second Sun drops further behind this cloud when the Sun is half hidden by the horizon. The Second Sun has no such block, is not half hidden by the horizon. This shows the Sun and Second Sun having independence from one another, which would not occur with a reflection.

At 4:42 the Second Sun is almost as large as the fading Sun, but has become a pale orb, not bright. However, its size has increased. The Zetas refer to this as a Monster Sun, and explain the process by which it becomes huge in appearance.

ZetaTalk Monster Sun 11/16/2003: The Monster Sun is light that has moved in all directions, bent back toward Earth by the gravity trap it represents, from a broad area, so when arriving at the viewer represents a broad orb. The Monster, or Mega-Monster as Nancy likes to call it at times, has also been seen recently by naked eye, astonishing the viewers. This is of course not the actual size of Planet X, and because the light forming the Monster is so readily disbursed, it is a dim persona, always.

At 5:13 the Second Sun is halfway down the horizon, but has an object in front of it which the Sun itself does not have, again showing independence.
A 6:37 there is another break in the filming. The Second Sun has set, but the Sun has not completely set as yet, again showing independence.

So what do the Zetas have to say about this video? A real capture, a fraud, or some sort of a reflection. Genuine, say they, and here's the reasons why.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/4/2009: This video from the Black Sea area is a genuine capture of the Second Sun, only visible when a lens shield is used to reduce the glare of the Sun. The light reflected off the Planet X complex, which includes its immense dust cloud, is as bright as the Sun, when it appears, because it is sunlight, deflected. This capture of the Second Sun morphs, during the process of the sun setting, to include times when the Second Sun drops behind the clouds. Reflected sunlight would be on the window pane, and thus stand in front of the clouds in the captured image. Just as it is about to disappear, the Second Sun morphs into a Monster Sun, which we have described during the 2003 sightings as very disbursed light, spreading outward from the dust cloud and then being bend back toward Earth, thus giving a monster appearance. The photographer obviously saw something next to the Sun that caused him to stand for many minutes, filming the sunset.

After all, they warned us this time was coming.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/3/2008: The Second Sun is caused by sunlight reflecting off the massive dust cloud shrouding Planet X and thence bouncing toward Earth. This occurred in 2003 when Planet X entered the solar system from the opposite side of the Sun from where the Earth was at that time in her orbit. Such a reflection will be possible again when Planet X is somewhat to the right of the Sun in the line of view from the northern hemisphere.

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/17/2007: We have stated that the common man should look to the skies, particularly at dawn and dusk, for a return of the Second Sun. We have stated that chemtrails are being used to fog up the view, this pace increasing, so the common man does not see what the elite have no explanation for, the presence of Planet X in their view as they gaze toward the Sun. If the establishment does not want you to see this monster approaching, coming at the Earth in a retrograde orbit most often placing it to the right of the Sun, out near the orbit of Venus but four times the diameter of Venus, then look!

Swine Flu Fizzle

As predicted by the Zetas, the swine flu epidemic emerging from Mexico did not result in a pandemic, although the World Health Organization moved the threat to level 5, one level below the pandemic level.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/25/2009: Who benefits from this engineered outbreak, which will not become a pandemic despite the hype. Note that where vacines are not available, two flu drugs - Tamiflu and Relenza, are reportedly effective.

Although the deaths in Mexico approached the 5% afflicted mark that pandemics such as the 1918 bird flu pandemic incurred, this percentage did not hold for the spread to countries other than Mexico. In other countries, the swine flu seemed mild, and no deaths other than a toddler from Mexico City visiting the US occurred outside of Mexico. Swine flu in Mexico also seemed to have become mild.

What the New Swine Fu Might Do
May 1, 2009
Field investigators at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it appears the new H1N1 virus outbreak may be more widespread and milder in Mexico than it first appeared. So far the swine flu virus has behaved like seasonal flu as it has spread to 14 countries, carried mostly by travelers from Mexico. The World Health Organization says it cannot be stopped, but has no immediate plans to declare a pandemic - a global outbreak of a new and serious disease.

Per the Zetas, this is because the bio-engineered virus that the makers hoped would become a pandemic was not done with the skill required, so the stronger virus in the mix was not passed person-to-person but rather was killed by the immune systems of those first infected. The virus passed on, person-to-person, was a milder cousin, and is no worse than the flus that ravage the Earth seasonally each year.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/2/2009: It is very obvious that outside of Mexico, this flu outbreak is not fatal. In fact, it is described as being a very mild flu. Even the toddler who died within the US was Mexican, came from Mexico City on a visit, and has been described as being in poor health even before the infection. Why the difference between infections in Mexico and elsewhere? Cloning activities do not always succeed, due to man's clumsy steps and lack of knowledge. This bio-engineered virus was sliced and slammed together. Flu virus is notorious for mutating, and this one has, in a reverse direction, becoming less lethal as it passed from one to another. All deaths in Mexico have been as a result of being infected directly by the virus from a test tube, including the Mexican toddler who died in Texas. Those who were directly exposed but did not die passed the virus on, but in a modified state. Second hand infections were the passing of modified virus which survived the immune systems of these individuals, and this virus was only one of many in the original mix. What we are telling you is that the strong virus, the one capable of killing people, inciting a 1918 type of response, did not survive in the human body, and thus was not passed. What passed was a second cousin in the mix, which was mild.

Outside of Mexico, the deathrate from this mild flu is 2/10 of 1%, .002, less than the death rate from annual flu outbreaks. Even within Mexico the flu seems to have become mild, so the death rate has moved from the original 5% of those afflicted to 3%, and falling. Mexico has eased its restrictions and life is returning to normal there. A second death within the US has occurred, this one involving a woman with chronic health problems as was the Mexican toddler who was visiting the US from Mexico City.

2nd Swine Flu Death in Texas; Mexico Set to Reopen
May 5, 2009
Mexico emerged from its swine flu isolation as thousands of newspaper vendors, salesmen hawking trinkets and even panhandlers dropped their protective masks and joined the familiar din of traffic horns and blaring music on the streets of the capital. There were still signs, however, of the virus that set off world health alarms. A Texas woman who lived near a popular border crossing was confirmed as the second outside Mexico and the first U.S. resident to die after contracting the virus. Mexico's Health Department later announced three more confirmed deaths, raising the country's total to 29. The Texas woman, the second confirmed person to die with swine flu in the U.S., lived not far from the Mexico border and had chronic medical conditions, as did the Mexico City toddler who died of swine flu last week during a visit to Houston, Texas. With 942 people sickened in Mexico at last count, public celebrations of Cinco de Mayo were banned. Swine flu has now sickened more than 1,700 people in 21 countries, including more than 600 in the United States.

Crop Circle Season

Most of the UK crop circles emerging during the 2009 season have been a reminder of what our normal seasons or magnetic polarity look like, because in contrast what we have been experiencing has been so aberrant. The Claford crop circle, however, is different and complex. This takes what the Zetas have described as a timeline shape. The bars side-by-side indicate a magnetic alignment.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/18/2004: We have explained that the magnetic alignment of Planet X or the Earth, either along the magnetic flow lines of the Sun or in a side-by-side arrangement, are represented by the bars along the time line. In asymmetrical diagrams, likewise, diverse placements of these instances represent the drama to come as different placements of the planets during the dance of the passage. Where two bars exist, this is a single side-by-side arrangement for a single planet, but dual bars represent two planets in a side-by-side arrangement. Likewise, horizontal bars indicate more than one planet aligned end-to-end along the magnetic flow lines of the Sun.

Dual bars are indeed shown on the Claford crop circle, so a magnetic dance is being diagramed.

ZetaTalk Analysis 5/8/2009: The Claford crop circle is once again showing the steps we have outlined for the passage. At first, Planet X and the Earth are in their own sphere's, barely influenced by each other. The first undeniable sign that Planet X is in the vicinity will be the prophesied 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere. This is where Planet X is pointing its N Pole almost directly at the Earth, and to evade this hose of magnetic particles, the Earth tips its N Pole almost directly away from Planet X. After this, Planet X prepared to pass through the Sun's Ecliptic, standing straight with its N Pole pointing north. This allows the Earth once again to gain its balance, doing the same. But following this period these two planets are drawn closer in a side-by-side magnetic alignment. This is represented in the crop circle by the dual bar arrangement. In that the Earth is the lesser in bulk, it is drawn closer to Planet X during this phase, causing the appearance of Planet X to increase in the sky and terrifying the populace. Finally, there is a pole shift and Planet X moves off to continue its journey.

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