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Troubled Times
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Clicking on the icons below will explores those offerings within Troubled Times that encompass settlement living. Those who prepare for the coming pole shift will most likely find themselves faced with setting up gardens and temporary homes after the cataclysms, from seed stocks and items like lumber and concrete they have set aside at a survival site. Temporarily they will be living off food stocks, but eventually gardens will be in place and drinking water distilled or boiled. Many settlements will have domesticated animals, or be eating fish, worms, or insect larva as a source of protein. Schools of some type will be operating. Settlements may be forced to be their own doctor or dentist. The settlement may have electricity, but this may be faulty and limited such as from a bike generator. The settlement may have short wave radio communications with other settlements, perhaps powered by crank-up electronics. Those who plan a high tech lifestyle in the Aftertime will use many settlement solutions as a base, or may be forced to fall back into a settlement life style.

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