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Troubled Times
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Surviving the Shift
High Tech
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Clicking on the icons below will explores those offerings within Troubled Times that encompass high tech solutions. Those who have the finances or know-how might prepare for the coming pole shift with the goal of retaining a high tech life style. They have protected their technology so that it, too, survived the cataclysms, and are prepared to rig replacement parts when needed. Due to windmills or hydroelectric generators, the lights are on. Communication with other high tech groups is in place via radio or Internet via dishes setup on hill tops. Garden's include hydroponics and are intensive. Sewage is treated and recycled into gardens or fish ponds. The high tech survival group may or may not have domesticated animals, but they will probably include aquaculture as a protein source. Medical treatment may be assisted by an Aftertime Internet, with questions posed to remote doctors and dentists. Homeless survivors or those in settlements may move up to become high tech with assistance from high tech groups, who can disseminate know-how and act as a model.

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